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    Worst Possible Playbook

    Back then I was actually running the run 4 reverse but the one in run 3 is a better play, especially with the rest of the motion runs in there. But it sucks having to go without the standard run 3; worth it if you have a fast wr (63+) and a slower RB (44 or maybe even 50). Getting yards / scoring TDs with the reverse is great for laughs! I had a blast gaining Sam Graddy in WTF Retro by racking up the rushing yards.
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    TECMO DALLAS – AUGUST 5TH, 2017 – DALLAS, TX Max field of 64. Double Elimination. Top finisher will have their entrance to Tecmo Madison XIV and their flight to Madison, WI paid for by LPGE & Tecmo Madison! INFO WHAT: Tecmo Dallas presented by Tecmo Madison WHEN: Saturday, August 5th, 2017 Starts 9:00 AM. WHERE: Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas 500 W Las Colinas Boulevard Irving, Texas 75039 Buy-In: $35; includes entry to the Let's Play Gaming Expo event Registration: http://smash.gg/tournament/low-tier-city-5/register Rules: http://tecmomadison.com/rules/ Format: Double elimination Prizes: Top finisher will have their entrance to Tecmo Madison XIV and their flight to Madison, WI paid for by LPGE & Tecmo Madison! Live Stream: ‪http://twitch.tv/tecmobowl Website: http://tecmomadison.com The Let’s Play Gaming Expo will be held at the Irving Convention Center in Los Colinas. Just minutes from the DFW International Airport, with almost 100,000 square feet of meeting and exhibit space, the building’s unique architecture, vertical design, and interior finishes create a new niche in the marketplace. Ideally situated on 40 acres in the heart of Irving’s Las Colinas Urban Center with dozens of unique restaurant options for expo breaks. Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas 500 W Las Colinas Boulevard Irving, Texas 75039 To sign up, head to Smash.gg , go through the checkout process and select Tecmo Super Bowl as your event. The TMXIV Qualifier will be on Saturday, but LPGE is a Saturday & Sunday event. We’ll see you in Dallas on August 5th, 2017! We have some Tecmo heavyweights coming out to this event! Joeygats – Tecmo XII & XIII Champ Regulator – Tecmo X Champ @Matty Ice – Madison Elite 8 Finisher @Ones11fahzu – Madison Elite 8 Finisher @suicideking81 – Top Online Player @Nos – Top Online Player Big Hock – Top Online Player @duecethasa1nt – Top Online Player @Neerrm - Top 3 Madison Finisher @ImFlo - TSB Great and Party Connoisseur Do you have what it takes to compete? Now’s your chance, Texas!
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    WHAT: 2017 Midwest Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament (10th Annual) WHEN: Saturday, July 22, 2017 WHERE: Rick's Tavern & Grille, 5955 Boymel Drive, Fairfield, Ohio 45014 Buy-In: $35; includes a tournament T-shirt; prizes and giveaways; 1991 NFL memorabilia Website: http://mwtecmo.com Rules: http://mwtecmo.com/tournament-rules/‬ Format: ‪http://mwtecmo.com/tournament-format Live Stream: ‪http://mwtecmo.com/watch Prizes: Top performers will take home cash and trophies SIGN-UP: http://mwtecmo.com/purchase-tournament-entry Here is a tentative schedule: ‪http://mwtecmo.com/schedule‬ WHAT'S ON TAP: 1.) The Main Event 2.) Whoever throws for the most passing yards with Boomer Esiason will win a prize. 3.) Whoever rushes for the most yards with James Brooks will win a prize. 4.) The "first out" single elimination tournament. Players to be eliminated in the early stages of the main event will participate in a single elimination tournament for a prize. 5.) Women's Tournament (tentative) If you have any questions regarding Midwest Tecmo, please drop us an email at ‪chris@mwtecmo.com‬. We look forward to another GREAT time in Greater Cincinnati! The Midwest Tecmo Team @MWTecmo | #MWTecmoX
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    Hi, all! My name is Keyz and I am addicted to "Bad News Baseball" (Hi, Keyz!!). I am also a huge fan of Tecmo Super Bowl and have enjoyed the mods for many wonderful hours. The work that has gone into that project has inspired me to modding and it is time for me to give something back. That I am doing in the form of a guide for team replacement for Bad News Baseball, which has been deemed by many to be not only the most enjoyable baseball video game on the NES, but in video gaming of all time! When it comes to changing stats, several members have come up with a comprehensive thread covering that located here (http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/51349-player-statsabilities-for-bad-news-baseball/), so I will not be rehashing that myself. This is purely for replacing team names, graphics, color, and player names. I will be posting (for lack of a better term) articles throughout the coming weeks as I am still working my way through my first complete mod. With that, here we go. STEP 1 - I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER This is something I really wish I had known before I started. It pays to PLAN! Before you change a single bit of hex code or change a single pixel, you will want to plan your new participation and how they are organized. Here is a spreadsheet I came up with for just that purpose. This is essentially the information you will want to have at the ready before you dig into the ROM. Here is a breakdown of what is going on here. POSITION - This is the number of the team position on the select screen. Position 1 is San Francisco (S.F.). When you press down on the cross, the Position 2 team is Toronto, Position 3 is Detroit, and so on. TEAM - This column lists the teams you are adding to the game. REPLACE - These are the original teams you will be replacing as they match up with their Position in the team select screen. 8 CHAR. NAME - This column give you a place to come up with an 8-character version of the team name that will represent the new teams in the game. HELM. COLOR - This is the descriptive term for the players' helmet color as well as the color of the sleeves and shoes. You want this to be the darker of the two colors as it also represents the color of the "outlines". HELM. CODE - This is the hex code of the helmet/sleeves/shoes color according to the standard NES color palette (see below). UNI. COLOR - This is the descriptive term for the players' uniform color UNI. CODE - This is the hex code of the uniform color. When you review my spreadsheet, you may ask "Why do you have new Toronto in a different position than the original Toronto". Originally, this was because I noticed, when it came to coming up with the graphics for the "scoreboard", Tecmo though it was best to save bytes by recycling the first block over an addition team several times. Apparently, the game would have burst into flames had they done it any other way. Mmm-hmm. Anyway, there are 3 pairs of teams that share first-block scoreboard graphics: Toronto/Texas, Detroit/Boston, and Oakland/Chicago. THEN I also noticed that Detroit and Oakland share the second block graphic. C'mon, Tecmo! Quit trying to make things harder for us enthusiasts! Anyway, it turns out that it is a lots simpler to just alter a few graphics that aren't used and change some hex code than it is to try to plan the team placement around the graphic allocation. And about the Toronto question, I just didn't feel like reorganizing considering that changing team name text takes about 30 seconds anyway. Sorry, I tied sort of a long tail onto that kite. One last note about planning: When it comes to team colors, don't feel inclined to match player uniforms with the real life ones. Real life clothing is rarely anything other than white, gray, or black. With helmets being the only real distinguishing color left, there is a good chance you will end up with 2 teams that have the same color scheme. With that in mind, be creative. Incorporate teams' tertiary colors when needed. No one will fault you for not creating true to form counterparts. Leave that for the next-gen consoles. That about wraps it up for planning. My next article will be replacing team names, and after, planning and replacing team logos.
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    Bad News Baseball - Team Replacement

    wow... just WOW! (And thanks!)
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    Worst Possible Playbook

    Yeah you a run 3 WR reverse with Rice in HSTL effectivly. I think if that play could be in run 4 spot it would get used more.
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    I was able to clean some of the graphic bugs up. Will work this weekend to fix the rest. It will be done...
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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    When you say Millennial babies, I hope that you're just talking about athletes. Because let me tell you, I don't think that I know a lot of people that, like me, have to work long 40 hour weeks on top of attending school before they turn 20, would appreciate you calling them babies.
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    This is the first of several articles on Tecmo101 which will show how the player ratings can be used to dictate strategy. This involves but is not limited to play selection, defender selection, matchups, offense, defense, special teams and techniques. These articles are in depth and involve a lot of aspects of game play that has been previously mentioned or has not been mentioned. At the same time it is important to keep in mind Tecmo is a game of luck. Basically these articles help you put the odds in your favors. The ratings in many cases result in probability calculations. At the same time it is important to remember that not all gambles will work. There is always the chance of a very negative result. Yet hopefully these articles will show you how to minimize that. The Basic Concept In the game of Tecmo Super Bowl most defenders are below average. This flaw includes the defensive back position which has many slow defensive backs. Our goal is to exploit those slow defensive backs with faster receivers. Therefore we can risk throwing into coverage as the coverage may not be there when the ball arrives to the receiver. Keep in mind that probability determines the results of a pass. You do not need to know the exact equation. You do need to know that an open reciever has good odds of catching the ball. Those odds get better as QB PC, receiver rec and receiver MS come into play. Also lets note that there are only two outcomes. Catch or drop. If the defender is in coverage there is a third option. Interception. DB int is important as a risk factor. Yet our goal is to have our receiver open when the ball arrives. At the same time when the ball is snapped we want the receiver to be covered by a drone in man to man coverage. We do not want the manned defender anywhere near the mismatch. Plays Now for a lot of you reading this I am sure it is still confusing. For now keep in mind that we have a mismatch in the favor of the offense. I prefer to throw deep routes to WR 1 on the top of the screen. I get better results with wr1 and it fits my playbooks better. At the same time this can be done with the bottom WR. Now I am going to list several pass plays with a deep route for wr1 at the top of the screen. Pass 1 pro t screen l, play action, R and S Flare C Pass 2 pro t flare D (the deep route can turn on an angle into the field nor does it have to go all the way down the field.) Pass 3 Pro T Flare C and Shotgun X drive Pass 4 R and S Y up, Shotgun Z s in. (x out and fly often curves out of bounds so do not use.) First Matchup Min vs Det DB 1 Leroy Irvin 25 ms(38 int), DB 3 Bennie Blades 38 ms (44 int) vs Anthony Carter 56 ms (QB pc 44) Min vs Det is my favorite matchup call and this concept is part of why its my ace in the hole. The important thing to keep in mind that the risk of an int is higher against Blades. Yet at the same time both of these defensive backs are out matched by my WR. In many matchups one defender will be bad and the other defensive back will be good. At the snap you have to find out who is covering your WR1 as soon as possible. What we are looking for Now several other factors are important. You want the human defender to guess pass. You want your top WR1 in man to man coverage with the weak drone at CB1. If there is another deep route you need it to be covered by a drone as well. Hopefully there will be someone wide open on a short route. These are critical factors to distract the human defender. At this point one of two things will happen. On the screen your WR will beat his DB1 and you can throw a pass on a diagonal to him when you see the WR running past the defensive back. At times it will almost look like the DB is hunched over or standing still. Regardless now you have a wide open wr that your opponent thought was covered. Throw it now and its just a matter off that diagonal pass connecting. Keep in mind that if you throw it over the top there is a good chance the DB will just jump and deflect the ball. The risk though that since this is on the screen there is a chance that manned defender is watching for this and will move back to cover you. With this type of mismatch this is not what I am looking for. Despite how bad the mismatch is not every time Irvin covers Carter will Carter beat him on the screen. Which is good because I want Carter to run past Irvin off the screen. Through experiment I know that on each route the receiver will outrun the drone only one time if at all. It will either happen on the screen or off the screen. Therefore if Carter and Irvin run neck and neck on the screen I know there is a good chance Irvin will be smoked off the screen. Cross Diagonal Throw This is what I call this type of pass in practice. Keep in mind that just because my wr is open does not mean I can throw him the ball on a straight line. The odds are good that pass will be deflected. Nor can I wait too long. The defensive back might catch up with Carter later on. Also with Wade Wilson’s low PS the longer I wait the more chance I risk the ball being deflected by a jumping DB. I want to throw the ball about 30 to 50 yards down the field. At the same time I need to get the diagonal so I have to throw from the bottom of the field. Lets go back to the play. Remember Carter and Irvin are neck and neck on the screen. I scramble down and outside the pocket moving towards the line of scrimmage. I need to be as close as I can get from down there. At the same time the human defender is covering a short route and accounting for my scramble. This all happens in about five seconds. Carter now goes off the screen and is one on one with Irvin. All I do now is move the QB in the direction of Carter, switch to him if I am not already on him and then throw the ball to him while moving on an angle towards him. Now if there is a good throw I got good chances that Carter pulled ahead in the black screen. On this angle the drone is out of the picture. Meaning most likely the pass will either be caught, often diving or fall incomplete. Often diving. Getting it to Work Its not going to work every time. Yet there are other factors that can increase the odds. Higher pass control, higher MS and RS of the wr are key factors. Conditioning is a big factor. I find often that a WR in Good or excellent or one with high RS has a few more steps to grab the ball. I personally use this in a CHI vs KC matchup. Neal Anderson destroys the KC DB 3 and is often open deep due to his 50 RS. Higher pass speed helps if that qb has a good pc number. Marino can be deadly accurate at times. Say in a Mia vs Cin. Then of course if nothing else works it does help that often misses result in incomplete passes. The most important factor is practice. The more work you get at somethingthe better it will become for you. Teams with weak DB1 or DB3 KC, DEN, Det, Phi, PHX, NYJ, CLE, IND, NO, ATL, RAMS Its important to keep in mind for this to work you have to know which player, db1 or db3 is the slow one. Video Example 1: Fast Forward to 1:22 to see a real time example. >http://youtu.be/UqH9rfW8SJY Of course later in that game I went for it again and it failed. Its not without risk. Yet the reward of an easy touchdown pass or forcing the manned defender to watch deep routes can force openings in the pass defense. View the full article
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    BONUS 1 - WHO'S ON FIRST? Now that we have tackled the game graphically, it is time to head to the front office. When it comes to changing players, you are limited only by your willingness to dig deep into the roster. Our past efforts have set us up with the skills we need already so let's see how we can change the players' names. This is going to be very similar to the method we used to change team names in Step 2. Open your ROM with FCEUX, open the Hex Editor, and view the ROM file. Load the "teamselect.tbl" file again. You kept that, right? If not, go back to Step 2 and recreate it with TBLater. Now scroll down to line 004110. On the right, you will see "STEVE" this is the first player of the first team, S.F. From here, all of the players are in the order they appear in the game. "STEVE" down to "JERRY" are the 14 S.F. fielders, then "MAC" through "TRAVIS" are the 6 S.F. pitchers. Following that, you have "SHAYNE" through "CEASAR" (the 14 L.A. fielders), then "CARLOS" through "MATT" (the 6 L.A. pitchers), and so on. After all of the boys names, you have the girls names in the same order (Yes, let's not forgot that BNB has a girls mode. Even Trump can't take away a woman's right to play baseball)! When it comes to editing the roster, you alone can determine the depth of your changes. In its simplest form, you can change the names and call it a day (Note: just like the team names are exactly 8 characters, the players' names are exactly 6). If you want to go a little deeper, you can plan out the players based on the positions they play in real life. You can also arrange them based on batting average, home runs, ERA, and on, and on! If you want to go full BNB psycho on it, you can edit the actual skills in the hex editor. I won't go into that here but if that is your thing, check out this guide (http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/51349-player-statsabilities-for-bad-news-baseball/). Since roster management is such a massive effort, I am providing a spreadsheet with all of the players and stats. Printing it out and using it to plan your team should make it significantly easier than bouncing around from screen to screen looking for stats in the game. I put a lot of work into that so, as Kevin Costner said in "Bull Durham", when you speak of me, speak well. BSB_roster.xls
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    Grogan Season

    Well it was a fun ride, and I made it to the Super Bowl, but Carter and Cofer were hounding me all game and there was almost never an open receiver, resulting in the 49ers crushing me 31-14 in the big game. In the three previous playoff games the defenses were not stingy and open receivers were aplenty. 12-4 regular season. Lowlight (or highlight) may have been the Mike Prior JJ INT.
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    Dear MRTECMOSUPERBOWL, I am sorry I deleted your rap lyrics in NTL. I wanted you to stay. But if you did not want to stay, I wanted no part of your raps. I lament when I'm at work and have to browse puretecmo.com and knobbe.org with my cell phone and lamely attempt to post on my pain-in-the-ass Blackberry smartphone keyboard. I have to beg on aol messenger for someone to txt me when my TSL CTF pick is up and link me to google spreadsheets. My HSTL drafter tool sits idle because I will not share my tecmoworld.com password with DAMFNDRZA, nor do I care to spend time to re-enter new users myself. Though, it probably would've taken less time for me to do that than it did to type this sorry letter. I would like to use what little leverage I have to lobby for a message board for all leagues that does not get filtered at a draconian workplace. Regards, bgboud2
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    http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/nes/file/587686/44195 similar chart here