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    Blah, Blah, Burning Mort. Blah, Blah, July 15, 2017. Whatever.
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    The set code should be SET(0x28360, 0xA53D293F1871AE38F13E300BC90E9007C93490064C0F844C84842036B1EAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA)
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    The set command looks right but the old code looks like it might have a bug
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    NHL95 updates

    Gens specifically, but I would certainly accept SNES... but anybody done any recent nhl94 era updates? I prefer 95, but to each their own! There are sooo many games with rom updates on the tborg site, but just can't seem to find an NHL one. I've looked on nhl94.com too. Thank you ahead of time fellas!
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    Newb question

    There's probably a season going and they are injured. Go to season mode and reset the season and u should be good to go.