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    This makes a lot of sense. I talked to Joe when he walked in. I introduced him to my wife and he says not your typical meet-and-greet. "Wow. Holy Shit.", shakes her hand and walks away. Thanks for that, Joe. Not awkward at all. lol
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    No. If you don't want them I can re-accommodate them to a stand-by prize winner.
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    WHAT: Iowa Tecmo 4 WHEN: November 11th, 2017, 12:00pm CST WHERE: The Keg Stand, 3530 Westown Pkwy, West Des Moines, IA 50266 https://www.facebook.com/thekegstand Buy-in: $20 and Military Veterans get FREE ENTRY Registration: Please pre-register at http://www.iowatecmo.com/registration.htm. Registration allowed same day but we'd prefer to know who is coming to pre-seed each pool. Rules: http://www.iowatecmo.com/rules.htm Format: Pool Play then Double-Elim Tournament Prizes: Top finishers receive cash money Live Stream: Likey depending on venue internet connection. https://www.twitch.tv/iowatecmo Website: www.iowatecmo.com Live Google Doc update of scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fwdyfVnZmSWmBdF5Y6_mhpbgATaR1Q07SxlGQuGjOdk/edit?usp=sharing Past Champions: 2016 - Kyle N. (thegamer1185) 2014 - Ira M. 2013 - Jeremy S (Hawkeye98)
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    Chicago Tecmo meetup

    https://www.meetup.com/Chicago-Tecmo-Super-Bowl-meetup/ I talked to a few of you guys at Madison about having a monthly get-together and play Tecmo. I also put it on Meetup as I had a friend use it successfully to gather a lot of traffic for his group. Anyways if you live near Chicago or just want to come we will be having our first Meetup in the first or second week of May. Right now we are shooting for a ride, wed or Thurs night. 6 to 10. Tom has a potential location that we can use and we will confirm an exact date. If your interested and can bring equipment send me an email to fbuennagel@gmail.com. Also if you have any questions. Also take a moment to sign up for the group on MeetMe. That will help recruit new people.
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    I know some of us from MN play online but was also wondering like Louis in Chicago if anyone would want to get together and play some Tecmo Super Bowl sometime or have a tourney again in MN sometime in August. I know it was a good turnout when Tom (8-Bit) had Millard's Mayhem. Maybe we could do it again. My basement is pretty big for just some downstairs pick up but we could do it again at the Buffalo Wild Wings again or somewhere else for sure. Lets get hopping on this! SammieSmith33 aka Kris aka The People's Champ's Brother (lol)
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    Better you didn't hear what he said when he left the table then.
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    I'm a little late to the Thank You Party, but here goes: Dave, Casey, The Crew, The Ladies ... You were all fantastic in keeping this thing alive and prosperous. I won't knock the bar right now, we all know it had flaws (basically space), but they were still accommodating and if it wasn't for the pitchers of water and instant-pizza, I probably would have to have been put on an IV in a local hospital by late afternoon. I was going to make this my last competitive tournament. I know I'm not a great player, merely average-to-competitive (at best) based on matchups. But then I had to go and start 2-0, just one win from advancing out of group play for my first time in four Madison's, and lose to Noonan twice in a row. So... Now I think I'll play another year. Without going into detail on any of my matchups, I'll just list off some of my personal favorite memories from the weekend: -Performing life-saving surgery on a TV Friday afternoon on the patio - successfully, I might add -Whatever the hell happened in my NHL elimination game, because it went to OT and I was very loud (so, sorry about that) -Play-by-play/Color commentary with Beef Juice of the dude playing Contra on Friday -Segathon's face while trying to shift through 8 sheets of brackets for two tournaments Friday night -"Mark Duper! Party" - The People's Champ at morning brunch -Watching Moskwa dump about 5 shots of Fireball into his one cup of hazelnut coffee before venturing to High Noon on foot -That feeling of winning (and soundly) my first game in Madison in over two years -God damn Jets-NO, and having my entire starting lineup on "bad" after the first quarter. Thanks, Noonan -Pizza On Demand -The skinny brunette bartender's smile -(at The Plaza) "I'll take a pitcher of Pabst." "How many glasses?" "Uh.... One?" -Cardboard Kevin Mack hanging out at The Plaza -"61" It was a fabulous weekend. As always, it was great to see everyone again. Tecmo weekend is my favorite weekend and I look forward to it every year.
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    Update: Working on potential Cleveland Browns player appearance from TSB-era - more details to follow. Get excited!
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    PHL. 85' Title Run

    12-4 on the season, second best in franchise history, w/o many stat leaders, the birds still put together some nice wins. The D has been the big story in Philly and continued to limit the damage to less then 200 yards per game for consecutive seasons, points allowed <19. The offense lead by a Young QB who had a pretty off year still managed to get things done despite having low total yards per game, the points per were near league tops at 28.3> again reflective of the D and them turnovers generated in the oppositions territory. CIN the div rival was the biggest challenge for the birds this season, PHI won a blood bath of a 2nd matchup in wk 11 on a 4th quarter FG, and managed to eek out the div title based on the 184th nfl tie breaker rule.. literally it came down to the wire these teams were identical, good run BAX although I'd have loved that championship game to have been our rubber match. Anyway on to the playoffs: round 1 OAK and world champ J.Gatz, I went into this one knowing I had already clipped OAK in week 1 pretty good 28-14, but knowing that I got a few bounces the luck would probably run out. On paper the 63ms WR/ 44ps 50pc QB seemed like Gats had the perfect O for the PHI secondary, but the game would tell a different story. PHI gets ball drives and puts up 7. OAK gets stuffed on 4th and short on run 3 dive tackle. PHI drives gets 7 more. OAK turns it over again in own zone pretty sure fumble or int, but either way w/ time running out PHI FG gets blocked and OAK nearly takes it to the house. Halftime scoreboard 14-0 PHI. Not sure who got ball but basically PHI shut down OAK O, few non jump JJ attempts and another fumble but late maybe down 21 already blah blah, OAK total offense 43yards, the only 7 points came off a called play fumble rumble like 60 yards. This one was all PHI. GG Joe get that OL. PHI v GB in 2nd round unlike the OAK game was nothing like the reg season blowout 31-14 PHI tagged GB with. This was basically a back and fourth game in which PHI got the ball last and got the 1 point victory. Big play was on a 3rd and short in PHI zone in 2nd when Elway overcycled or didn't see the RB covered and tossed a short doink when could have easily ran for it, Stall opted for a FG, this was the difference in the end. GB got stops in 2nd but only came away w/ couple FG's. Also the PHI DL Millard was a HUGE factor in this one, along w/ manned LB's getting to Elway before he had time to find Rice burning the weak PHI secondary. GG Stall well played. The Super bowl would bring the NYG and PHI together for a second meeting in 1985 as well. Despite PHL having the roster advantage, Dolo is known to control the game and limit my impact playmakers, and I'm still thinking you don't go 6-0 in double headers w/ these 3 GMs. Well not the case. PHL LBs did the damage in this one, shutting down the NYG O early getting stops, and the O posted 21 points in the 1st half. NYG had a wide open WR1 down 14-0 on a 4th down short of midfield and w/ no defender in site QB tossed OB... That play could have been the difference. The Gmen weren't going softly though, they came out after the half and posted 14 points to bring the game back to 1 score and had PHI shook ready to blow a 21 point handicap, but the O would cap a final drive w/ 7 more to seal it. GG Disc. wtfBOWL.nsv SB NYG 8619.nsv wk19 GB 8518.nsv wk18 OAK
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    The MVP of the entire tournament might have been @arncoem and his universal remote. Switching TVs from Coax to AV so we could use more Retrons = Legendary.
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    What's up guys, just wanted to let you know (if someone hasn't talked about this already) that you made the front page of Twitch at one point and had something like 850 viewers. But, I think because the stream went offline and there was some downtime, it dropped off pretty heavily from there. Not sure if you want to/have the time to put more effort into the stream, but seems like there's an online audience for Madison.
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    Here's a writeup from Jimmie. I had spent time with him early and had no idea he was sick. Great guy. http://thebig1070.iheart.com/onair/jimmie-kaska-36883/retro-esports-a-day-at-the-15725875/
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    @davefmurray Thanks to you and the team again for keeping the Tecmo Main Event alive! And thanks to Josh, Chet, and the previous organizers for helping with the transition. Question for ya Dave - I just remembered that there was that "top 12" set of prizes. How are the finishing positions 9-16 determined between the 8 people that got bounced in the round of 16?
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    Dude, heck yea! It is a massive undertaking, but hey man, do it for the love of Tecmo. At no point was I discouraged. Pretty sure I was perma-smile all day. Honestly, the worst part was unloading the truck into the storage unit at 7am Sunday. If Casey and his brother weren't there, I would have died and left it all in the street.
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    On another note, I was asked like a dozen times about my nicknames and handles. There are many to list and many stem from high school. So in case you are wondering I am the following: Just "Diaz" Shaq Diazel (b-ball) Dick Vital The Big Mexican (bc I'm half Cuban smh) Cubanrocks/cubanrocket Diazzhole (Thee-Ass-Hole) Mattrick Swayze and OL' Dirty Tecmo If you missed me... I'm so sorry for your loss lol.
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    Thanks Dave and congrats Joey!! Dave, I'm so glad to see your spirits are high. You're the man. I told a couple people I wouldn't blame you one second if you had 2nd thoughts moving forward. I'm so thankful for us that you are the way you are and am looking forward to next year already. Even though I'm EXHAUSTED. I can't imagine how you and crew were vertical and functioning on Sunday. A million thanks, seriously. My one regret, is not harassing your wife. I was far too gentlemanly bc of the mayhem. Next year however, tell her to expect the full swayze. You guys are awesome. I legit love you. Full homo.
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    Thank you Dave and Team I dont beleive anyone could have taking over the worlds largest tecmo tournament and ran it for the first time better than that. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Congratulations once again to joeygats!
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    Dude. Amazing job, and in year 1! If that is what you brought for year 1, plus the things you learn along the way, the future of Tecmo is extraordinarily bright. Kudos to you Bailey, Casey and the entire crew. Just down right awesome!
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    DUDES - what a wild ride. Tecmo Madison XIII was a resounding success. We had a record number of players, in-venue spectators and live stream viewers. First of all, thanks to @sonofpatbeach, holzy11 & the rest of the Tecmo Madison for the trust they put in me pull this off. Secondly, the new ladies of Tecmo killed it. Casey established solid branding and set us up great for the future. Bailey fixed the impossible day of (Thanks, no shows.) while casting tournament directing wizardry and J.D.'s broadcast is a great skeleton to work off of for the future. Special shout-out to Jimmie, the new voice of Tecmo. I have so many highlights to mention, but want to keep it short. Every one of you who came to play = awesome. If you watched, just as awesome. If you are a live stream viewer, yep, still awesome. The weather was amazing. The Tecmaraderie still is very alive and well. Those who yelled at us and shit posted, we forgive you. We hear you about the venue. It was a blessing and a curse. We had pleenntttyyy of room for the players, some spectators and all the gear. The reality is we did too good of a job marketing in the local area because we had ~140 local spectators from 11am-2pm, which is insane. We were over capacity of the venue and had a billion NES setups at the same time. Once they cleared out, it was smooth sailing, albeit with a lingering mist of manstank aroma. I 100% understand your concern and will tell you unequivocally it will not be at High Noon Saloon for Tecmo XIV. (Whoa, weird. First time typing that.) Scorekeeping is never going to be 100% when you have to rely on some self reporting. In my opinion, we took too long trying to satisfy everyone about the play-in bracket by doing some recounts. If we didn't have perfect weather, a humongous patio and killer food I would have been worried, however, we had all three and everyone had an outstanding time. Thanks for your patience and understanding. The stage and stream took a hit when some equipment was broken from people moving the security barriers to jump on stage to goof off, which sucks because it ruined it for everyone. Drunk + selfish are never a good combo. Next year, the stage and broadcast will be on supreme lockdown. Problem solved! All in all, love you guys. This was great. Thanks for the encouragement for year one. Expect communication. Expect changes. Expect awesome.
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    A friend sent this tournament to me. It is the original Tecmo Bowl so I probably won't be attending but thought I'd share. Nice prizes for the winner (32" Smart TV & NES Classic). You can read about it/sign up here: http://staydriven.org/tecmobowltournament/
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    I didn't get around to posting about this tourney due to the long drive back to Omaha, and my Tecmo/RBI event the following weekend. Of the 5 straight Tecmo Bowl tournaments I've won, this was by far the easiest. They had a field of 32 players, and they used 8 NES mini systems. Ran very well, and even got free food! Pizza and chicken sandwhiches. I was the only 1 of the Big 4 in attendance, so it was going to take a monumental effort from someone off the street to win this. The closest anyone came to beating me was 28-6 in the semi-final game. Won the title game 27-0, and shut it down in the 4th qtr. 1st place was a 32" vizio and a NES mini. Here's a pic of me with Roy Hall, the Driven foundation president. Hall played in the NFL for a couple years with Indy and Detroit. This is supposed to be an annual deal. Hall is hoping to increase the turnout. I think with their reach in the Columbus area, they can push this to perhaps 40-48 players. I played a guy in exhibition shortly before the tourney started and won 28-0. I thought his game was pretty decent and complimented on the stuff he did well. I think that was message enough to the field. He ended up reaching the championship game against me. He was clearly one of the top players from the field, and I think he knew that, or was confident about his game coming in. He had talked me up during the event, and the fact that I easily handled him really set the tone for the whole event.
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