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    The tecmo "bible" by Leif Powers has what you seek http://tecmobowl.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15044
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    Howdy, streamers! To set your stream to being shown on all of our sites/servers/communities, you'll need to set up three things. First, go to https://www.twitch.tv/dashboard and login if you haven't. then scroll down to set your... Community - start typing tecmosuperbowl (all one word) and it click it. Game - head to Now Playing and start typing Tecmo Super Bowl. Click "Tecmo Super Bowl" - Be sure to click Update Information to save both options. See the next post for setting up Auto Hosting.
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    Let's play: Which Team Would You Pick?

    this matchup was already looked at a page or two ago (in a string of DET matchups), but again DET for me.
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    shit he scammed me for $20 to sign my Tecmo Cart at the NYC tourney- want a $10 Leif Powers gift card to use at a later date to make up the difference!
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    I heard only $10 for autos this year too!
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    TSB2017 on the PowerPak

    The loopy mappers worked. Thanks!
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    I have one more strategy question. Is there a diagram somewhere that maybe bruddog made that shows where each wr and rb is lined up preplay? I know I should probably know this already and eventually I will, but sometimes if I want to throw to a particular receiver I'm not sure of which route they were on to start the play, thus not knowing exactly who I'm throwing to. For example, does WR1 always lineup at the top of the screen in every formation?
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    Auto Hosting - Next, go to: https://www.twitch.tv/settings/channel Scroll to Auto Hosting, click ON and then in your host list start adding other Tecmo streamers. Below is a list of them. (if you are missing from the list, add the other hosts, reply to this post and I will add you (but will also delete the comment once added.)) We want to auto host because it helps all of our channels grow by alerting all of each other's followers that a Tecmo streamer is live. List of Tecmo Streamers to Auto Host: TecmoBowl bruddogtecmo darthrockman gamingtrucker1 gatstecmoboys hawkeye98 iowatecmo justinpeters51 kamphuna8 luckytool mort1237 mwtecmo neerrm northeasttecmo OLDirtyTecmo pixelrampage punkyqb red98sethuthut retroworldseries ryan11p segathongsov stalltalk suicideking81 tecmodetroit tecmolegacy tecmomanyo the_tecmo_psycho trojan1979 tundrabowl vogtcd11 war_machine0323
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    Upset city! My Bengals upset DT's Seahawks and then Kamp's Cowboys for the win! Highlight in the championship game was me thinking I was down 14-13 instead of up 14-13 and trying to kick a field goal with 10 seconds left. Was blocked, but my kicker Ric Flair picked it up and the game ended. I give my MVP to Henry Ellard, who JJ'd his way into my heart and into everyone else's nightmares.
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    This is a good one, because there are arguments for any opponent. Is the opponent better than you? Take Rison with the punchers chance, or take NYJ where you can potentially control the defensive side a bit better for that 1 stop/turnover you need. Worse than you? Take Falcons to take out the Rison bomb factor, or take NYJ to potentially dominate on D? I could see this going either way against virtually anyone. This one is 100% who I'm playing at the time its called.
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    Butt-fumbling - When you get locked up behind or in the OL and get drone tackled. HP Factory - When your team's collective HP far exceeds their MS. (MS is for pussies) Playstyle - Offset til the day I dye. (Manyo, Bo, me I suppose) Gangnam Style - When you call run3 for every defensive play. (TSBGOD) I like to call popcorning and bucking... "Gettin a semi" Lippett before you Tippett - self explanatory Slip n slide - when you dive to stop a touchdown pass and decide to party instead. Rage Quit - Did we mention this yet? Contra'd - when you score by so far you have enough time to press up, up, down, down, left, right, left right (b, a, b, a, select, start) just to be a dick. Fucking Whore - When you call run 3 on offense 4 or more times in a row. Laces Out - missing an easy field goal Uncle Jessie - when you decide not to run up the score. ("HAVE MERCY"