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    A tourney so close to home sounds fun, but the format sounds awful. Playing niners games all day sounds like a skilless mess. I have no issues with deviating from madison rules or house rules or whatever, but playing gamrs with just the best 3 teams all day doesnt sound like a good time.
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    Week 7: DAL @ NYG

    The action packed game of the season perhaps, where neither D could make much of a stop. Both teams scored on every possession. The game featured 181 yards on the ground from Marcus and 225 from Neal. Joe was 8/9 for 188 with 2 TDs to Flipper. Haddix returned a KR for a TD (popcornarific) and 155 yards before going down on an injury, while Don Warren tallied 119 KR yards of his own. In all, there were nearly 1000 yards between scrimmage and return. Giants ran out of time in the first half and play it conservative with a FG to go up 17-14 at the half. The tables flipped in the 2nd half with the Cowboys winning it 17-14, a last second FG tying it all up at 31 to send it to OT. Coin is flipped...and it goes Giants! At this point Jesus declares GG, since whoever got the kick seemed poised to win...and I say well it's Tecmo you never know. Trying to pin me deep Jesus goes for the max...and...accidental onsides..whoops. Next play Marcus takes it 45 yards in for the game winner. Doh! GG, very fun, guns blazing match. Giants clear .500 for the first time in the season, now 4-0 when not losing a fumble (0-3 when losing one.) Box: http://hstl.tecmobowl.org/box-score.html?gID=14596 Juicy!
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    Butt-fumbling - When you get locked up behind or in the OL and get drone tackled. HP Factory - When your team's collective HP far exceeds their MS. (MS is for pussies) Playstyle - Offset til the day I dye. (Manyo, Bo, me I suppose) Gangnam Style - When you call run3 for every defensive play. (TSBGOD) I like to call popcorning and bucking... "Gettin a semi" Lippett before you Tippett - self explanatory Slip n slide - when you dive to stop a touchdown pass and decide to party instead. Rage Quit - Did we mention this yet? Contra'd - when you score by so far you have enough time to press up, up, down, down, left, right, left right (b, a, b, a, select, start) just to be a dick. Fucking Whore - When you call run 3 on offense 4 or more times in a row. Laces Out - missing an easy field goal Uncle Jessie - when you decide not to run up the score. ("HAVE MERCY"
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    I know a some people aren't ondiscord or don't follow my twitter account. Over the weekend I hacked the original rom to have the COM kick onsides kicks to each other over and over anad recorded the results in sram, While these results may be slightly different to man mode because of the man kicker i think it would be pretty close. I hacked the game so the COM would always kick at the same bar length. Here are the results. These aren't meant to be absolute numbers but rather a baseline. Obviously conditions/teams involved will make a difference. I ran this test in season mode and it got thru about 3.5 weeks worth of season games for about 5000 total kicks per run.
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    Tecmo passer rating requirement

    yes, bruddog, QBs with a passer rating "not equal to zero" are listed, regardless of attempts (although in my quick test I had two attempts). I noticed that a QB with a rating of "0" is not even listed. They are listed on the "Attempts" page, but not the passer rating page. so, add that to the "requirements". lol it's all good. thanks again, man.
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    Tecmo passer rating requirement

    @buck I think this should work SET (0x31cf7, 0xEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEA) This basically gets rid of this part of the function (8 * games played ) -1 and makes = games played Let me know if that works.
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    Team Review: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers The 1990 Buccaners went 6-10 and then went back to there normal performance with a 3-13. The one thing the Bucs had going for them that year was Wayne Haddix. He had seven career interceptions and three TD’s. Which was just enough to make him the best defensive back in Tecmo Super Bowl. The only other notable is Vinny Testaverdeto who would have a long NFL career. Twenty one seasons in the NFL as a QB. Key Players QB Vinny Testaverde 31 Ms 56 Pc RB Gary Anderson 50 MS 50 REC RB Reggie Cobb 94 hp Wr Mark Carrier 44 MS 63 REC Te Ron Hall 38 MS 44 HP 44 REC K Steve Christie 69 KA 75 AKB DB Wayne Haddix 56 RP 75 MS 75 INT Team strength QB mobility, interceptions and Wayne Haddix Team weaknesses bad drones, run defense. Best matchups. Vs Dal, Wash, Pitt, Rams, Den Other possibilities SD, Minn, Det, Mia, Ari, Atl, Stretching it Phi Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Vikings. View the full article
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    [Tourney Discussion] Glossary of Terms

    I'd to double up on the "involuntary dive" in pass defense. Super annoying. There's also the "perma-grapple" when you grapple with a drone and can never break out of it (usually after a diving CC). Funny that you mention "buck" @davefmurray versus popcorn. My brother and I always called it "bucking".
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    That may be the greatest poster I ever saw.