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    I think it's pretty cool that Flo's brother has continued his legacy by attending tournaments and posting to threads after Flo's untimely death at BurningMort. He's not as good at Tecmo or nearly as good looking as Flo, but you take what you can get. I didn't catch his name at Green Bay, but he seemed like a good guy.
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    Team Review: Green Bay Packers

    Green Bay Packers The 1990 Packers went 6-10 and dropped to 4-12 in 91. Thankfully for Packers fans it was the end of a long period of futility between the stand out play of the 60’s and 1993 onward. The teams best player is Sterling Sharpe. One of the best wr’s of the day but his career was cut short by injury. Never forget Sterling Sharpe is always open. His hands skills are so great that he even caught himself upon exiting the womb. Green Bay is an offensive powerhouse on the lower end of the game. Yet they have little on defense. Key Players QB Don Majkowski 25 Ms and 50 PC RB Keith Woodside 44 Ms RB Michael Haddix 94 hp WR Sterling Sharpe 50 ms, 75 rec DL Bob Nelson 69 RP, 38 ms, 56 hp LB Tim Harris 50 RP 50 MS 56 HP DB Jerry Holmes 44 MS 50 int DB Mark Murphy 44 MS 50 int Team strength running the ball, QB mobility, Sterling Sharpe. Team weaknesses lots of bad drones, weak ol and not too many good choices for manned defender. Best matchups. Vs Sea, Cle, No, Nyj Other possibilities Ne, Atl, Ind, Phx Stretching it Pitt Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Lions. View the full article
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    Team Review Detroit Lions

    Detroit Lions Part of an ongoing project to do a write up each team in Tecmo Thanks to Tom (The Retro Sports Gamer) for doing the videos. Please give me some feedback on the write up and video. Also follow Tom’s channel as we broadcast these live. Next Wednesday we will review Minn and TB if time allows us to do two again. I want to keep the write up short but have the key information. The 1990 Detroit Lions featured in TSB went 6-10 and then won the NFC Central in 1991 with a 12-4 record. They featured Barry Sanders who is in goat conversations for the RB position. Barry is the second best RB in tecmo and it’s hard to stop the Det offense when Barry, Rodney Peete and Mel Gray get in a groove. Key players QB Rodney Peete 31 Ms and 44 PC QB Andre Ware 25 Ms but 38 pc RB Barry Sanders 69 Ms RB Mel Gray 56 Ms WR Richard Johnson 75 rec but only 19 Ms DL Jerry Ball 69 hp LB Michael Cover 50 to 56 Ms, 50 hp LB Chris Spielman 44 rp, 50 ms, 56 HP DB William White 44 rp 56 Ms 56 HP 56 int Team strength running the ball, QB mobility and several usable defenders. Team weaknesses lots of bad drones, weak ol, bad kicker, low QB PC, very little HP in skill positions on offense and slow wr core. Best matchups. Vs Minn, Mia, Rams, Wash, Cin Other possibilities Den, TB, Dal, Phi Stretching it Oak, Chi, Pitt Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Lions. View the full article
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    Nintendo Switch Reveal

    I got a SWITCH bitch
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    Nintendo Switch Reveal

    I've definitely been on a gaming kick for the last year. I've really enjoyed it. To supplement that experience, I'd have to have the kind of lifestyle necessary to provide me the time. To wit: No kids; don't want any. Little TV watching; don't care. No theatre; not currently interested. No projects; started a new job recently and my 10-6 time spent in my working brain is enough. That being said, I need to make more time for working out. I recently turned 37, and my body has long since forgot about what a natural metabolism is. All of this adds up to having the kind of time to play some video games, and I fucken love it. I've been playing The Division lately, and the game is fun as fuck.
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    (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    Thanks. They weren't all easy wins by any means. A few comebacks and last second finishes. I like the challenge of tecmonsters ROMS. The enhanced AI with the play calling and pass game for the computer etc. It makes it a whole different experience.
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    Nintendo Switch Reveal

    I can't take this guy's voice and annunciation. This may be shallow of me but I cannot watch this. lol sry
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    Week 4: Colts @ Rams

    Final: Colts- 21 Rams- 7 It is no easy task to stop Bo Jackson, but the Colts defense was as solid today as constipated shit running through ones butthole. Rams begin game clawing away, but too many jukes and moves has Bo running into a Colts defender and he plants i on the ground. Colts recover. 7-0 Colts on the legs of Linda Blair/ Blair Thomas/ The Blair Witch Project. Rams get ball, Rypien Farts overthrows the TE on a 4th down by a tad. Blair gets another go ahead TD. 14-0 Colts. Rams get ball before half. Called play, slide catch convert. The Third Reich hits up Reed before half. TD 14-7 at the break. Halftime- Girls jumping on trampolines Colts receive. Moving the ball after Ivey Joe Hunter somehow scampers to mid field. 4th down and 4. Mitchell runs for the first...barely. Johnny Starship Hector gets the ball. TD. 21-7 Colts. Rams get ball. Colts defense holds. Mike Harden gets the INT. Colts run clock to end the game and do not put any more points in the board, because they are classy motherfuckers. GG to my good friend Gerald. Always fun to play vs him and just chat. GL to him on his season with Bo. I think the God's were just on my side tonight. Bob Golic was the key difference maker.
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    TSBToolSupreme Virus?

    Very sure this is a false positive with Panda.... that or the creator of TSBToolSupreme has been messing with us for YEARS!
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    For Friday Retro Night NHL 95 Tourny- Top 4 ways to Score
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    Classic Tailback Highlights

    If @buck was an NFL running back, this is who I'd imagine he'd run like. Decisive and tough.
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    There are a few things I think you can work on vs the computer: Running the same pass play over and over to get comfortable cycling through receivers and timing routes. Dodging drones on long runs. Making sure that if you win a grapple or the MAN defender gets blocked or bounced that you will take every run for as far as it can go. Changing the computer's plays to reflect a tournament player's playbook and trying to defend different plays from different positions. Knowing who isn't blocked on run plays and what positions drop in coverage. You can also practice tapping. Maybe try tweaking your technique while in game vs computer. I think something that people sometimes forget about being a good tapper is having a good jump when the tap battle starts. You want your first press to be as close to the beginning of the tap-off and switching your grip from running a ballcarrier/defender to how you tap fastest might make you skip a beat. Practicing on a ROM or with Track and Field or some other game is also a good way to track how fast you are tapping. Oh, and kicking field goals. Play on a ROM and do a save state before you attempt, so you can quickly reload your save state and attempt a kick over and over. Outside of that, I don't think there is much you can work on without having a person there.
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    TSB’s Secret “Juice”

    My favorite Jstout story - People into stat-tracking were getting annoyed that tackles after a TD could cause fumbles, which would reset the stats to 0 for that play. I realized that I had never seen an out of bounds tackle result in a fumble, so asked Jstout if there was some boundary logic that could be switched to include crossing the end zone after a touchdown. He looked at the code a few minutes, tried a few things out, and before I knew it he gave us a hack that prevented lost stats from ever occurring again! It took him about 15 minutes, and all of the leagues (and I think even TPC) adopted the hack very quickly. It was one of the more minor hacks ever created by Jstout, but I still thought it was so cool how he took a basic idea and turned it into reality in a matter of minutes!
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    Fernando 49

    (SNES) TSB3 NFL 2016

    Ok. Final version is up. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
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    Nintendo Switch Reveal

    Ok, fine. I'll keep it on the DL. I showed you mine, you showed me yours.
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    Nintendo Switch Reveal

    Indeed. I have access to more information than most, but I still don't know shit. There is supposed to be a big virtual console announcement coming shortly.... I'm not gonna mention that other thing we talked about Dave.... just yet....................
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    Nintendo Switch Reveal

    He forgot to mention a small fact here.... just that he WORKS FOR NINTENDO!