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    Nintendo Switch Reveal

    The new Zelda game is getting its dick sucked across all reviewers. The metacritic score is unbelievably high. I'm happy, because I love Zelda. The original Zelda might be to sole reason why I love video games as much as I do. This new release game looks astonishing, no doubt, but to also back that up with what people are calling the greatest game in a generation, console defining, and genre breaking is a hell of a follow up series of statements. I'm so saddened by the fact that it is unlikely I play this game for a very long time. There is absolutely no way I will be investing in Nintendo hardware ever again. They haven't proven an ability to acquire serious 3rd party developer support since the Super Nintendo, and it's only gone downhill from there (despite the original Wii's "popularity" because of its peripherals). I don't expect much from the Switch support, either. Some day, when a Switch is laying in a bargain bin somewhere for $100 (sooner than you might think), then I'll pick it up purely to play this latest Zelda game.
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    I do this because they run to the endzone faster
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    For Friday Retro Night NHL 95 Tourny- Top 4 ways to Score
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    Totally Having your vanquished enemies sign your shirt after defeat is an ELITE idea.
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    Team Review: Green Bay Packers

    Green Bay Packers The 1990 Packers went 6-10 and dropped to 4-12 in 91. Thankfully for Packers fans it was the end of a long period of futility between the stand out play of the 60’s and 1993 onward. The teams best player is Sterling Sharpe. One of the best wr’s of the day but his career was cut short by injury. Never forget Sterling Sharpe is always open. His hands skills are so great that he even caught himself upon exiting the womb. Green Bay is an offensive powerhouse on the lower end of the game. Yet they have little on defense. Key Players QB Don Majkowski 25 Ms and 50 PC RB Keith Woodside 44 Ms RB Michael Haddix 94 hp WR Sterling Sharpe 50 ms, 75 rec DL Bob Nelson 69 RP, 38 ms, 56 hp LB Tim Harris 50 RP 50 MS 56 HP DB Jerry Holmes 44 MS 50 int DB Mark Murphy 44 MS 50 int Team strength running the ball, QB mobility, Sterling Sharpe. Team weaknesses lots of bad drones, weak ol and not too many good choices for manned defender. Best matchups. Vs Sea, Cle, No, Nyj Other possibilities Ne, Atl, Ind, Phx Stretching it Pitt Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Lions. View the full article
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    Team Review Detroit Lions

    Detroit Lions Part of an ongoing project to do a write up each team in Tecmo Thanks to Tom (The Retro Sports Gamer) for doing the videos. Please give me some feedback on the write up and video. Also follow Tom’s channel as we broadcast these live. Next Wednesday we will review Minn and TB if time allows us to do two again. I want to keep the write up short but have the key information. The 1990 Detroit Lions featured in TSB went 6-10 and then won the NFC Central in 1991 with a 12-4 record. They featured Barry Sanders who is in goat conversations for the RB position. Barry is the second best RB in tecmo and it’s hard to stop the Det offense when Barry, Rodney Peete and Mel Gray get in a groove. Key players QB Rodney Peete 31 Ms and 44 PC QB Andre Ware 25 Ms but 38 pc RB Barry Sanders 69 Ms RB Mel Gray 56 Ms WR Richard Johnson 75 rec but only 19 Ms DL Jerry Ball 69 hp LB Michael Cover 50 to 56 Ms, 50 hp LB Chris Spielman 44 rp, 50 ms, 56 HP DB William White 44 rp 56 Ms 56 HP 56 int Team strength running the ball, QB mobility and several usable defenders. Team weaknesses lots of bad drones, weak ol, bad kicker, low QB PC, very little HP in skill positions on offense and slow wr core. Best matchups. Vs Minn, Mia, Rams, Wash, Cin Other possibilities Den, TB, Dal, Phi Stretching it Oak, Chi, Pitt Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Lions. View the full article
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    Version 1.0.0


    1959 The last year that it is possible to put the entire NFL in an Original TB rom. 12 Teams Eastern Conference New York Giants Cleveland Browns Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers Washington Redskins Chicago Cardinals Western Conference Baltimore Colts Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers San Francisco 49ers Detroit Lions Los Angeles Rams Lombardi's first year as Green Bay Head Coach The rematch of the Greatest Game Ever played. Accurate Uniforms and Stats
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    Classic Tailback Highlights

    I've got VHS tapes, dude. my dad taped most of my stuff, and I have some very low quality copies of some of my team season highlight VHS tapes. in a box in the basement.
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    Tecmo Madison has partnered with the Let's Play Gaming Expo this year. They have sponsored our field to extend the tournament payouts further but also to add a bit more to our tournament circuit. The Let’s Play Gaming Expo is one of the most interactive conventions in the land, celebrating all of gaming, be it board, card, or video. Their third year will feature all the things you loved from the previous years, only bigger and better again! #LPGE has featured 85+ vendor tables, 80+ arcade cabinets, the national Smash Bros tournament Low Tier City, the only Classic Tetris World Championship regional qualifier, a Tecmo Madison qualifier, retro game tournaments, modern game tournaments, panels, special guests, and much, much more! Yes, you read right. We, Tecmo Madison, are taking our talents to Dallas! August 5th, 2017 will be the first qualifier of the Tecmo Bowl XIV season, kicking off with our first qualifier in Dallas. More details to come. If you'd like to keep up to date with the upcoming Dallas qualifier, please sign up to the mailing list by clicking below: http://tecmo.cc/TMDallasXIV_signup
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    Classic Tailback Highlights

    shaun alexander rarely if ever put his foot into the ground when making contact, weak af... SEA fans knew it in his heyday, but know it even more after the beastmode era... shaun had good vision, and was utterly seamless in his moves, but his gaptoothed smile should be a permanent mile wide in gratitude for the holes he received in college and the nfl... shaun alexander was chris warren 2.0: efficient system RB, albeit with more polished smoothness than the hesitating herky jerk of "warm it up" chris
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    Is that enough time to have a shirt made that says "NOOBSLAYER"?
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    All this advice is good, but let me offer something that's always helped me get through the day. First I wake up on Saturday morning hung over from enjoying Friday nights festivities. I then try to eat a little breakfast along with a white Russian for a little hair of the dog remedy. I then head to the venue where I usually drink my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd beer before I play my first game. After losing my first game I'm able to drink my 4th, 5th, and 6th beer before playing, and losing my second game. After I get eliminated I usually enjoy a fat ass cheeseburger with extra grease to help soak up some of the alcohol. I usually wash that down with some Crown Royal and Dr. Pepper. It's important to get that caffeine in you to keep that energy flowing. After I finish 3 or 4 mixed drinks I switch back to beer to help finish the gauntlet. As the night comes to a close I usually find some mexican joint that serves the biggest burritos known to man, and I smash it. I hope this information helps!
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    Sega usually brings a little tv to use in our room so no need for us to jack with the hotel one.
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    I'm at the Sheraton because, well, I got a smoking* deal and I hate all of you. I'll be over at the Hampton Inn causing trouble as necessary starting Thursday. For a non-smoking room. I am not a smoker
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    I'm booked at the Hampton Inn for at least Friday for sure. Looking forward to the weekend gents!
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    That was my fault. I started the rebellion. This year we should be more civilized and stay downtown. #HampStamp
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    Version Final


    Regular Season 10 Games. Actual dates from 1970 of actual games played and then I filled each teams schedule to get to 10 games. USC and LSU have 8 actual games. Post Season 2 Bowl Games Rose Bowl (Big 10 Champs vs Pac 8 Champs) Sugar Bowl (Big 8 or Independent Champ vs SWC or SEC Champ) Winners Play in Tecmo Bowl Thanks to Carther as I copied his 1966 NFL rom to get the postseason. Misc. Accurate 1970 Conferences. Complete accurate rosters for all teams. Sim data is updated to reflect what happened in 1970. I can't do helmets so I just blanked them all out. Intro Screen shows Jim Plunkett Heisman Trophy, Steve Worster All-American, Jim Stillwagon Outland Trophy All screens and field updated to show 1970, CFB, NCAA, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, or Conference. Updated Uniforms for each team. One team in white jerseys every game. All teams are based on TSB teams from Original rom so it plays like the Original rom. Be aware Alabama and Georgia do not appear in SEC standings or on any leader board. You can see their stats and record on Team Data page only. They also can not appear in the Postseason. The Battery Pack does not work on this rom. If you want to save a season you must create a save state. Thanks to Carther whose amazing 1966-69 NFL and Baron VL with his historic RBI roms inspired me to do this. I hope to create more.