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    Week 1: Oilers at Broncos

    It was a fun defensive battle for sure. I think that was the most punts I have forced in all three seasons combined.....lol It is nice taking the field on defense knowing I can stop something for once. You called the perfect plays on your final drive to beat me. Without my Sharpe heroics, I would have been shutout....lol I was playing a little scared vs Haddix. Should have tried to run a little more then chucking it in the 2nd half. GG!
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    Week 1: Oilers at Broncos

    Two defense heavy teams squared off in Week 1 as the Oilers met the Broncos. Haddix and company started off with a 3-and-out, a nice way to start Season 39. Butts fumbled a long pass completion out of bounds and Miller brought Houston down into the red zone. This is where the sloppiness began for the Houston offense as a near interception fell incomplete, FG. 3-0 Oilers JJ Birden made the first nice play of the game for the Broncos with a good 20 yard catch and run. Houston held, but Denver completed a bomb on 4th down to Sharpe inside the 20 setting up the tying FG. 3-3. With Miller in bad, Tupa got the call, but it was all Butts who eventually found the end zone for the first TD of the game. 10-3 Oilers. After half, the Broncos forced a 3-and-out of their own to force a punt. Fourcade gave it right back on an interception to Haddix though. And on the next play, Butts went down with a broken leg. My sources tell me that he'll be back for Week 2 though. The Oilers would punt two more times in this game before the Broncos would tie the game up at 10 with a Hilliard run. Running the two-minute drill, Tupa would finally make a play. With Fryar running wide open down the side line, Tupa hit him in stride for the go-ahead TD. 17-10 Oilers. The Fourcade bomb fell incomplete and Houston held on for the win. GG jebigred
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    All Time NBA top 5 at Each Position

    PG: Magic Johnson, Bob Cousy, Stephen Curry, Isiah Thomas, Jason Kidd SG: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Jerry West, George Gervin, Dwyane Wade SF: LeBron James, Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Scottie Pippen, Kevin Durant PF: Tim Duncan, Karl Malone, Bob Pettit, Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki/Bob Mcadoo/Barkley C: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O'neal. Notes: Curry is probably the most controversial, but I'd have to say that from all of the games I've watched of various eras, Curry is up there among the greatest point guards ever. SG looks to be set for the next few years. I can't see anyone challenging those five dudes for a spot in the top 5, now that Harden is a PG (and really has been for the last few years). Although I could argue that the traditional guard positions are dumb anyways. Kobe and MJ were basically PG's in the triangle, as was West later in his career. SF was difficult, since it's not really clear if Bird is a SF or PF, and there's great chance that Kawhi Leonard busts into this list. And you could make the case that Durant is a better player than Erving (skill only, not accolades or perception). PF is extremely heavy on the modern guys. The PF position was beyond stacked in the 00's. I'm not as high on Barkley as some, since he seemed to be a ball-stopper and played very little defense (Nowitzki was better than him on D once you take away the soft euro stereotype). Anthony Davis has a shot of making this list in the future. Center was pretty much Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and then the other four guys in any order. Center is without a doubt the most competitive position in the all-time list. And unless Joel Embiid stays healthy and can fulfill his vast potential, I can't see any change to this list either.
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    ~Tailback King~

    Factoids about TSB

    He means you don't have to worry about any factoids at all if you just use Johnny Johnson of the Cardinals.........He defies ALL factoids, skill sets, and stats.