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    Signup: http://tecmobowl.org/lincoln What: Tecmobowl.org Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament Where: Lincoln, Nebraska @ Barry's Bar and Grill - http://barrysbarandgrill.com/ - Located in Downtown Lincoln in the Haymarket - 235 N. 9th St Lincoln, NE When: Saturday, Feb 4th, 2017 - Tournament Check-in between 11-11:45am, game play to start at 11:45 am How much does it cost? - $20. Pay at the event. There is an ATM if you're the guy who never has cash. Tournament Limit - Tourney will be capped at 64 players Is there a payout? - Payout will be for the top 4 finishers based on the number of people that show up at the event. I'm working on a belt/trophy for this year. Will there be food? - Yes they have a great menu. Format 4 person groups will play world cup style to determine seeding into a single elimination tournament. The semi final losers will play for 3rd/4th place. The amount of people to advance to the tournament and/or available systems will determine Rules Team Selection & Coin Toss: A manual coin-flip will precede each game. The coin-flip winner will choose the matchup (i.e. the two teams). The coin-flip loser then selects either (a) one of the two teams or (b) his preferred controller. If the coin-flip loser selects his preferred controller, the coin-flip winner selects a team first. “One Matchup Once” Rule: The coin-flip winner can only select a particular matchup once throughout the entire tournament. For instance, if Player A wins the toss and selects Packers-Browns, Player A cannot call that exact matchup for the rest of the tournament. Player B, however, is free to select that matchup later in the tournament. Customizing Playbooks and Lineup Changes: Customizing playbooks is permissible. WR or TE at RB: A WR/TE cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse. You can insert a WR or TE into a RB slot for lead blocking purposes, but he cannot carry the football. To further clarify, players such as Ernest Givins, Ricky Sanders, and Andre Rison cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse. Ties: Although ties are permitted in the tournament’s “group play” portion, such are not permitted in the single-elimination portion of the tournament. If a game ends in a tie after overtime, a new game will begin, and the first player to score in the new game is the winner. Lurching: Lurching is prohibited. If you want to rush with a DL, you must either go outside the offensive tackle or “popcorn” someone on the offensive line. You cannot simply go around your blocker and dive. Note that this rule does not apply to LBs. Nintendo Malfunctions: If there is an equipment failure in the first half, games will be replayed from the start. If equipment malfunctions in the 2nd half, only the second half is replayed. In that event, the scores from each half are added together to obtain a final score. If the game was uncompetitive or the equipment malfunctioned due to human error, the tourney organizers reserve the right to declare a winner without replaying any portion of the game. Tournament Disputes: Matt Knobbe is the tournament referee. He will decide all disputes unless he is a player in the game. If he is a player in the disputed game, Travis Reinsch will resolve the dispute. Current registration list 1. Matt K - Lincoln 2. Chris W - Omaha, NE 3. Daniel S - Auburn, NE 4. Kyle M - Lincoln, NE 5. Chris E - Wichita, KS 6. Randy W - Lincoln, NE 7. Scott W - Fremont, NE 8. Josh D - Fargo, North Dakota 9. Brett E - Lincoln, NE 10. Kyle N - Exira, IA 11. Bryan P - Lincoln, NE 12. Adam L - Lincoln 13. John H - Omaha, NE 14. John K - Lincoln, Ne 15. Andy M - Omaha, NE 16. Justin E - Omaha, NE 17. Travis B - University Place WA 18. Richie B - Omaha,NE 19. Nick S - Omaha, NE 20. Phil D - Omaha, NE 21. BJ L - Fremont, NE 22. Shane S - South Sioux City,NE 23. Craig P - Lincoln, NE 24. Jason R - Lincoln, NE 25. Jacob H - Greenwood 26. Justin G - Hickman, NE 27. Derek L - Norfolk, Nebraska 28. Cory S - Johnston, IA 29. Luke C - Omaha, NE 30. Tony J - Granger, IA 31. Jeff E - Des Moines, IA 32. jeremy s - bondurant, ia 33. Michael W - Lincoln, NE 34. Mike P - Norfolk, Nebraska
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    I've been busy with a new job, but I still tinker now and then. Prolly be March before I can give it my all. It will be here by start of preseason next year. There are major graphical bugs I have to fix. But I know where it's happening so it's just a matter of finding time again. It's gonna get finished... I Promise!!
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    Version Unlimited-Sprites-3


    This is our own hacked version of Nestopia that is used by most everyone who plays online Tecmo Anti-Cheat Version also called Brudtopia If you have an error about missing/needing "d3dx9_42.dll", you need to install Direct X and can find it here
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    Let's play: Which Team Would You Pick?

    Would not call RAI-SF,HOU,NYG,BUF fairly big disadvantage in these matches Closest matches RAI-CHI - Both teams are gonna have a tough time passing in this match but RAI wr's all have speed and schroedy can get it to wide open guys quickly. And bo > neal. RAI-PHI - depends on how well the DL is controlling Randall. First stop probably wins this. RAI-MIA - Marino can wreck the weak Rai secondary and you have two safety options for defending BO Would def take RAI if called RAI-KC KC defense makes this tough as you can run at Snow and Thomas. RAI-CIN Put a high HP player at bottom WR and you can run at Fulcher all day with down runs
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    The trap is on you...I feel like the Raiders are one of those teams that are kind of in their own tier. Chicago is probably one of the closest matches though.
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    I fancy myself to be OK on defense, so there are probably several teams I'd prefer over the Raiders if I thought about it: DUH: SF, NYG, HOU, BUF MAYBE/PROBABLY: MIA, CIN, CHI, PHI, KC YOURE PUSHING IT: RAMS, MIA
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    Bo Jackson Trap Games What match ups would you call so the other guy picks Bo and the Raiders? I have been surprised how well the Bears D in the right hands can shut down the Raiders. About every Pass from a Raider QB is susceptible to an INT.
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    I figured as much brother - hope to see you up here next year. I'll catch up with you at Madison in April.
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    Just added...the official coins for each flip of Tundra Bowl IV!
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    Which means now you can come to Tundra! Make your triumphant return sir...
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    This thread was from last year and not being used this year. Everyone is on discord now and your discord handles will be used for brackets and communication.
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    I'm coming Bud, that's all you need to know!
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    Baron von Lector

    Super Mario Bros. Update

    Taking a break from the usual Tecmo/RBI update, I've decided to give the original Super Mario Bros. an update by applying a new coat of paint on it using Super Mario Bros. 3 sprites.
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    Thank you guys for hosting the tourney. Next time we should have some baseball stars side action
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    AZTSBVI Results: A champion dethroned 20 Players Round Robin 5 groups of 4, two advance to 10 man double elim. 1st place: Mike B. (BasementNemesis) dethroned the 5 time and only Arizona Tecmo Super Bowl Champion disastamasta142. Mike B. pretty much destroyed every one else at the tournament as well. Congratulations. --------1st h2h game (winners bracket championship); disasta(falcons) 28 over basement(saints) 16 - disasta recovered some fumbles, and millen threw all 289 passing ----------------yards to Andre Rison. --------2nd h2h game (championship): basement (chiefs) 9 over disasta (bears) 7 --------3rd h2h game (final championship: basement (steelers) 17 over distasta (redskins) 7 2nd place: Isaac W. (disastamasta) - lost that killer instinct after quitting online tecmo in August. Champion of the first 5 arizona tournaments, he vows for vengeance. 3rd place: Phil S. - playing in his first ever tournament. Possibly played in the toughest group, where he had to eliminate his brother Tim who got 2nd at last tournament in order to advance to elimination play. In the losers bracket he won 4 straight games, 2 over burkhardt brothers, in order to take 3rd place. http://challonge.com/aztsb6
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    Definitely a very powerful play that many people myself included use often. The R&S Pass 4 does have a few edges over redgun not enough for me to use much but: 1. in gaining yards/throw away in called play situations. 2. an additional play where you don't know if a run or pass is coming 3. has some good burn routes (matchup dependant) if you force defense to respect burn routes- RB is usually open for consistant yardage. 4. it somewhat isolates the TE for a deep JJ
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    If this guys first post can be this bullshit, can my first post be to tell him to gtfoh with that crap. Seriously fuck you, unless you have blessed the internet some quality work and hours of time and effort. im highly annoyed. This project looks jaw dropping. I checked in and seen the progress and im absolutely hyped all over again!! As a geek and as a player...just wow.. Take your sweet fucking time and make a donate page so I can buy you guys a beer Back to the shadows....