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    (Tecmo) Kickers are People, Too!

    Since @segathonsov asked this on twitter this is the perfect FG arrow location... you want the arrow aligned with the holder regardless of what hashmark you are kicking from. And the supporting code...
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    Just not the same feel, kind of a purist. For the record I bounced out of an online league for introducing in game playbook mods. Just something about the original, just because you can tamper with it doesn't mean you should. Online is fine for such things but I dislike playing them regardless of in person or online. I also think it opens up the door for a world of things not meant to be played at in person tournaments. This includes modding something that has unintentional impacts on the game itself, even if the original mod is not involved with gameplay at all. I think you'll have a large amount of complaints about it and likely have reduced player interest, however, I've no real idea the impact of doing such things and it should be noted I've no real world knowledge of anything, at any time, for any reason, anywhere. I guess in my mind I likely wouldn't travel to something that could easily be done online (despite my dislike of online lag) and I don't know if simply sitting next to your opponent is a big enough draw. A Large part of that is playing original carts, on original controllers, against others. It's mainly a nostalgia factor I think, at least for me. All of this should be taken with a grain of salt, it's just an opinion and likely has little basis within the confines of this plane of reality. As for the NES classic, it still feels "sanctioned" by Nintendo...Original Nintendo hardware. It's weird I know and likely not quantifiable in any sort of tangible way....just a gut feeling.
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    Tecmo Super Bowl kickers are like a car’s thermostat: you only notice when they don’t work. (Quick side note, anyone know how to fix a car’s thermostat? Asking for a friend.) Also like auto parts gone bad, most TSB kickers under-perform because they’re not being used correctly. The logic controlling TSB‘s special teams is self-evident. The higher a kicker’s “Kick Ability” rating, the farther and more precise their kicks. (Thanks for the update, Captain Obvious.) But the finer points of kicking deserve note, especially when many TSB tournament games come down to 4th-quarter Hail Marys and miracle kicks. Dave Brude, resident Nobel Laureate in Tecmo-ology, has dug the kicker calculation charts from the TSB rom. Bruddog, as he is known online, has previously unearthed the secrets of penalties and hidden songs from the TSB cart. Now he’s returned to the TecmoBowl.org forums to shed light on Tecmo’s most exciting players: kickers. For example, the arrow controlling a field goal/extra point kick has 29 discrete points. The following chart illustrates how those points interact with kick distance and a kicker’s rating. The numbers in each cell represent the modifier subtracted from a kicker’s accuracy in any given kick. The green areas are straight down the middle field goals. The yellow areas are kicks that deflect off the upright but still go in. The pink areas are doink-and-miss kicks, and the red areas are the appearances of everyone’s least-favorite dinosaur, the Shankasaurus Rex. Remember, the kick accuracy arrow only moves from hash mark to hash mark. Brude’s chart shows how much difference a few pixels make when kicking from greater differences. Another way to look at this data is to examine the percentage of good outcomes vs. distance and KA. Again, Brude has graphed out this precise relationship. Even though your cousin’s friend has said a million times he kicked an 80-yarder with the Dolphins, the chart suggests otherwise. The game’s best kicker, Chiefs K Nick Lowery, has a Kicking Ability of 81. This means you can reasonably expect him to hit from 60 or even 65. But 80? No way. The data shows an 80-yarder is the same as the one kid who swears that King Hippo will get up and burp and then fall down again in Punch-Out!! The other surprising bit of knowledge in these charts is that literally every TSB kicker can nail a 50-yarder. TSB‘s worst kicker, San Diego’s Mike Lansford, has a KA score of 19. A perfect Lansford boot, even from 51 yards, is a guaranteed three. Of course, catching a perfect Lansford kick is like locking eyes with a unicorn, but that’s another matter entirely. Kickers may not be the sexiest Tecmo players, but knowledge is power. In a 1-point 4th-quarter game, a Hail Mary is a coinflip at best. A 55-yard field goal, on the other hand, gives better odds at pulling down a W. Checking up on your kickers can prevent your Tecmo Super Bowl car from stalling out on the highway of Tournament Play. The post (Tecmo) Kickers are People, Too! appeared first on TECMO BOWLERS. View the full article
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    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_4fNJh1cysixVA2iY9cztkmk8rYFf1Zs Hopefully that link actually worked. I know I screwed up some of the voice narration, the editing is horrific/nonexistent, and so on. But, it did take me a relatively small amount of time to set these up, so that's a benefit only for me. There are a few of these that have strategies that not everybody knows, but I wouldn't call them advanced videos.
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    Madden-Tecmo Calculator

    Pretty cool tool as a starting point. Might want to incorporate a few more of the madden ratings that don't translate at all to tecmo make up for speed being almost everything in tecmo. It would probably make the formulas more complex. Example for WR's you would lower their reception value if their route running rating and awareness was poor. Vlookup tables/formulas in excel would likely let you use a .xls file to mass convert ratings without having to spend a lot of time coding a CSV importer and converter.
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    Baron von Lector

    Madden-Tecmo Calculator

    Borrowing a quote from one of the greatest minds of our time, Adam Sandler: "Monkeys don't like to eat dirt... but they will if you make them."
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    This is what I figured. The NES Classic is a Linux emulator. As for the other stuff, it boils down to a live competition vs online competition. There is so much more to these events, not to mention the fact that the pressure is real. If live events aren't your thing, then yes, I'm not sure how to keep convincing someone to participate. This year we'll have former player involvement, but even that has a shelf life. I brought up this discussion to talk about change or growth. We get asked the same questions all the time on stream. Who is the better tapper? How many yards was that last play? We could have this info be displayed and viewable for the larger audience, which adds to the narrative. You would have a visual representation that Regulator is a freaking juice machine. You would see that Skunker just bombs for 30yds every play. Who knows if any of this ever changes, but I sure think it is fun to discuss the possibility or the options.
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    Baron von Lector

    Madden-Tecmo Calculator

    I hate to admit this, but in the realm of Visual Basic programming, this is beyond my expertise level. I don't take Advanced VB programming until next semester.
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    Baron von Lector

    Madden-Tecmo Calculator

    Using my calculator, only three RBs will have a REC of 63 or 69: Theo Riddick (69), Danny Woodhead (69), and C.J. Prosise (63). Like I said on my first post, this is only a tool and is not the end-all-be-all to ratings. Use the calculator, use the eye-test. It's up to you.
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    Baron von Lector

    Madden-Tecmo Calculator

    Indeed. He's the John L. Williams of this generation, in a smaller package. EDIT: Actually, not so much. 6'1" 225 vs. 5'11" 230 isn't much of a difference.
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    Baron von Lector

    Madden-Tecmo Calculator

    Here's the scale I used (The number in parenthesis is the Madden rating, the number to the left is the associated Tecmo rating). In Madden, the highest CTH (catch) rating among running backs is 75, and in the original TSB the highest Receptions rating among RBs and FBs is 69. Same with the lowest ratings of 42 (Madden) and 19 (Tecmo). From there, I grouped ratings accordingly. This is the process I'm using for the entire ROM.
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    Every AFC team has played one-another with a same for the NFC. Here's how the stats/standings stand
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    JJs aren't a style; they're a state of mind
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    If you want to make your own by all means do it.... tecmo super bowl manager or tecmo super bowl tool supreme are your friends.