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    NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    He knows that anything over 2 pumps is a penalty
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    College Football 2016-17 Discussion

    I'm so excited about college football being back! I didn't start out so great tonight though. I bet some cash on Baylor-49 to cover over Northwestern State and the final was BAY 55-7! I hope my Gators and Dukes have great years. I'm pretty confident that JMU will be Top 20 and in the FCS Tournament at season's end. I hope the Gators beat teams they should and knock off LSU, BAMA or FSU but don't know if they can yet. I may make some early season predictions. I don't know how you can't bet on BAMA every year as it's such a safe bet. Eyeroll. For fun, I used my TSB NCAA 2016 game (download at the link in my signature) and simmed the big games of Week One. Here are the results...
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    COA Elway

    (NES) QBVIKINGS Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    Does it really??!!! Lmfao! They'll probably have four different quarterbacks this year, starting for them.
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    BO FB Offtackle Left

    NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    Yes, that's why he's kneeling now instead of just sitting. He talked about that, too, but I don't have the exact quote at my fingertips right now. He felt taking a knee was more appropriate. I've also heard him say he has friends and/or relatives in the military. I was also gratified to see other players on both the 49ers and Rams with a raised fist Tommie Smith/John Carlos style.
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    NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    Kaep's girlfriend is also Muslim. "The impact is just conversations that we constantly have," he said. “This is an open discussion that I have with many people, not just my woman. She is Muslim, her family is Muslim, I have great respect for them. I have great respect for people’s right to believe what they want to believe. And I don’t think anybody should be prosecuted or judged based on what their beliefs are." So he feels the need to bring awareness. The political landscape in America is very racially energized right now and people feel the need to take a stand. He's chosen to do it in the sports world. It's not the first or last time something like this will happen. I personally stand, but I will never be outraged by someone who chooses to sit. That's their right. Seems more like people are upset as to why he is doing it. He's gone out of his way to try and reach out to the Military to find a more respectful way to protest. So he's not blindly going about this. Honestly, the more outrage and hatred thrown his way gives me more respect that he hasn't backed down. Isn't that the real American Way?
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    NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    Nothing wrong with politics. Make a politics thread. As soon as it turns to personal attacks, bans are given and threads are locked. Pretty simple rules.
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    NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

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    I saw the KIA commercial (where he runs out of the stadium - nice RUN 2 play graphic tweak, btw!) like three times the other day. My wife was like, WOW! I said, "see babe, this TECMO shit is for real".
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    Completely agree. The last time I played a rom with 4-3 defenses was a few years ago and I thought it was heavily flawed from a blocking scheme standpoint -- too many holes to exploit -- and if that's what's causing problems with the TB.org rom, then removing that hack seems like a reasonable solution. The LOLB plays closer to the line of scrimmage than his counterpart on the other side (ROLB), so when translating a real-life 4-3 to the Tecmo 3-4, I assign positions like this: DE = LOLB DT = LE DT = NT DE = RE weakside LB = ROLB middle LB = RILB strongside LB = LILB Most NFL 4-3 defenses employ a hybrid defensive end/rush LB type, so that makes it easy when deciding which DE to slide to LOLB. Also, vs. the 1back set (far more common than the 2back set, at least in my rom), the weakside LB will have nobody lined up across from him on the line of scrimmage, which is the way it should be. The LOLB (real-life DE in the 4-3) WILL face a blocker at the line, so that works too.
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    NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    I joked with my Manager (big-time Pats fan) that the team should trade Tommy to the Vikings for a fifth rounder, since they obviously don't need him anymore. Her response:
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    NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    RG3 out for 8ish games.
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    NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    Belicheck (sp) yourself before you wreck yourself.
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    Seattle, WA - 09/04/16 - Pac-Rim III

    I was Atlanta in that Jets/Falcons matchup. Leahy for the win.
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    NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    Belicheck one again shows he is the true engine that makes the team run. No brady, no gronk no problem...on the road vs a likely superbowl contender.
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    Fernando 49

    NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    And the Cardinals won't get the SB this year either... Bellichick is still amazing with his team...
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    Bo plays as Bo in commercials -- Bud Light & Kia

    Here is the version with the Boz:
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    Fernando 49

    TSB3 NFL 2016

    Version 1.3.0


    FEBRUARY 17, 2017. THE FINAL VERSION OF THIS ROM IS HERE Accurate rosters Attributes according to the 2016 Season PRO BOWL 2016 Rosters and uniforms 2016 NFL RECORDS New FA Values (Thanx to DRUNKEN HONKEY) Super Bowl LI Season 2016 is here with TECMO SUPER BOWL 3. Changes over the league have happened and now the season kickoff is real. First of all Thanx to Drunken Honkey for all his advices, and help without you man this couldn't be possible. The TSB3 Bible. Tons of people that developed TSB3 Roms before. Pro Football Reference Bleacher Report ESPN NFL.COM Over the Cap The valuable information helped me to create the ROM, ttrying to be very accurate in attributes. Remember I'm not good at graphics, I do my best but I still suck... Fine. The game itself. 30 Teams as you know, hope a 32 version arrives sometime soon because there's people working in this so difficult task, but in the meantime we have this. The ROM contains every original team in TSB3 except for the Oilers. The Ravens are instead. A complementary ROM will come in a few days with the Titans and Texans, removing Ravens and Browns. Features: Real uniforms, including cut scenes. Attributes completely customized for every player. Rosters updated to September 08, 2016. Free Agency Points according to the salary of each player. (This means that you could have a very good player, but his FAP value is low). Playbooks customized for maximize the attributes of the offenses. Offensive schemes designed for obtain the best of the players. Defensive schemes according to real. 2015 Pro Bowl rosters and unifors (the uniforms shouldn´t take so serious). Real Free Agents in the pool. (Mark Sanchez is here because I suppose that Romo will be back, not for much; so he is in the Cowboys roster, and Prescott will be starter, so if you want to have Sanchez, go for him in the Free Agency). Complete new Hidden Players took from the 1966, 1976, 1986 and 1996 drafts. I took the best I could from every position from these 4 drafts. Just enjoy it and let me know anything you notice. Be happy... FOOTBALL IS BACK!
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    Got to collect my 3rd OG Tecmo Bowl title of the year in Houston at the retro world series. Met 2 really good TSB players that entered. The guy who used to put on the Louisiana TSB tourney was there(Chad), along a guy from Carthage Texas(David) who reached the round of 32 in the final madison this year. They gave us very tough games, and picked our brains for a few days. Very impressed with them. TSB players are known to bring it in original Tecmo Bowl tournaments. I tip my cap to them. Heres a pic of the hardware. Give my little guy about 6 more years and he'll be playing some serious ball at these tourneys. I had to go through a close friend in the title game to get this done. Won 9-3 with Indy over Seattle. I give tons of credit to my crew of Tecmo Bowl players who are all top notch guys. I play the best of the best all the time against them. That experience can't be replicated. Without them, I'm nowhere near as good. They deserve all the credit in the world for my 3 tourney wins. Easily could have been those guys going on this run instead of me. My crew is 34-1 in these 3 events against the field. Its not always pretty, and guys certainly get us on the ropes at times. So far we have gotten the job done.
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    Bump. Still can't believe how many heavy hitters are included in this event. Seriously one of the greatest ideas for retro gaming.
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    NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    Yeah, I agree that their timing was pretty terrible. I also think that the way they're protesting is not helping their cause. Do most people even know why the players aren't standing for the anthem? No, all most people seem to know is that they're "disrespecting America and should be deported (I've seen people say this)". I applaud the players for wanting to make a difference, bu they're going about it all wrong.
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    BO FB Offtackle Left

    NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    Why are Muhammad Ali and Jim Brown heroes but so many stupid people who love them hate Kaep? Fucking unaware right wing morons.
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    NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    I agree, it's the media (state propaganda machine) that is making the big deal, but that is their job (and that includes all media sources, they are all the same (fox, msn, cnn, etc), they just have varying "opinions" on their "official news stories" and narratives that they must "report"). but, regarding Kaep, in my opinion, it just not the time and place to try to make a statement like this. These guys, like Kaep, are making hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars to RIDE THE BENCH for the business they work for. They can protest and hold hands and shake their fists at God after the game or on their own time....not while we are saluting our great nation on Sept. 11th. but yeah, I guess the real reason I am mad is the state propaganda media making the big deal out of it. I'm sure that Kaep feels oppressed, just like everybody else in the fucking world, but Kaep is still a has-been and just looks like a fool to me playing this card like this.
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    NFL 2016-17 Season Discussion

    I did not appreciate Antontio Brown's dance. get that crap off my TV screen. who wants to see a juiced-up grown-ass man twerking? are there not other channels to absorb such "entertainment"? that kind of garbage is just one more step closer for me boycotting the NFL, and I am real close at this point. between the commissioner and all the constantly changing NFL rules and messing with the game in general, these clown-ass players (I'm sure Antonio was just having fun in his view, but that just ain't my kind of fun), and little pussies like Kaepernick, I am real close. I did appreciate the N.E. win, though. and the KC game was crazy. I love the walrus, Andy Reid.