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    The Legend of Zelda

    Just hopping in to let you know about another LoZ hack called Legend of Link. It is perhaps the most technically impressive game ever made for NES. Tons of fun. Light /Dark work mechanics like Link to the Past, all built from the original NES Legend of Zelda. Check it out. http://acmlm.kafuka.org/board/thread.php?id=7308&page=1
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    AFC Central Week 2 battle between the Giants (Discdolo) and Falcons (War Machine). >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI2XQzxU9To
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    Top-Ten Favorite NFL Teams

    I don't have ten favorites, there is only ONE team:
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    15 yd XP try

    Since the NFL is going to 15 yard xp's this year SET(0X246B0,0x1C) SET(0X24E38,0xE4)
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    Buffalo Showdown 8/29/15

    Anyone up for a tournament? I got the day off. Who: At least me and Louis. Anyone else lookin to knock off a couple playerz from the Tecmo capital of the World? When: Louis has a few things to take care of that day he said, so maybe late afternoonish? Where: I mean, we'll find a place... What's at stake: Chance to measure up against the best. Chances are you DON'T, unless your name is Mort, and even then MAYBE NOT. C'mon yall. This calendar is more dead than a Sean Landeta punt landing inside the 5 yard line. Let's squeeze something in before the season starts. Where my Buffalo Brethren? My Ohio Players? My Stroudsburg Strugglers... Where's all the mad tappers at? It's like a jungle in this habitat. Let's get it on.
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    I'm sorry, but this whole vote is kind of a mess IMO. What about the people who voted for #1 and #5? Should they be changing their vote, too?
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    Weeks 9 and 10 are out and everyone is playing the #1 hit My Ding-a-Ling! Summer (in RL) is almost over, so hopefully people stop playing with their ding-a-lings and play some Tecmo! You know that new sound you were looking for? Well listen to this! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaEC-lWSlmI Chuck sure knew how to work a crowd.
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    Mike Gordan

    Top-Ten Favorite NFL Teams

    Okay, might as well cover my ten least favorite NFL franchises: 1. Philadelphia Eagles (hated the people there my entire life, and I hope they never know true happiness; by far, to say that I wish for them to be the last team ti ever win the Super Bowl would suggest that I would want them to win someday; the only NFL team I thoroughly despise). 2. Oakland Raiders (I don't hate them, though as a Bronco fan, I am not supposed to like them either; that, and I am not a big fan of us-against-the-world-type teams). 3. Cleveland Browns (I was first introduced to the NFL back in 1997; the Browns were disbanded in 1995, and then brought back in 1999; how am I supposed to flip a switch and become a Cleveland Browns fan when all they know how to do is find new ways to suck arse? Unless Johnny Manziel truly is the answer, I'm not buying it). 4. St. Louis Rams (once upon a time, I actually did enjoy this football team; back when it was the Greatest Show on Turf. Thought they were fun to watch, and hey? They were a regional football club as well alongside the Chiefs. But I just can't stand head coach Jeff Fischer, and I do not like the fact that he has turned a bad team into a franchise whose sole function it is to go out of their way and destroy opposing quarterbacks, regardless of the final outcome; this guy makes Bounty-Gate look like Day-care Center, and that's saying a lot). 5. Chicago Bears (I have several reasons why I never liked this football club--except for the '85 Bears; that was a lot of fun to watch; all I need though is one big answer to justify it's placement: Jay Cutler is the single most overrated NFL quarterback in history. Period). 6. Seattle Seahawks (like with the Oakland Raiders back in their glory days, I never really liked NFL teams that embraced the us-against-them-mentality; that, and in spite of my respect for the players, I cannot stand the people over there, either (though Eagles fans make the Seahawks look like good samaritans). 7. New England Patriots (I like Tom Brady. I like Bill Belichick. I like most of the players over there. And I find every accusation of cheating directed towards them to be utterly absurd (especially since Spy Gate was nowhere near as bad as the '72 Redskins, and Deflate-Gate was a completely fabricated scandal based entirely on false data and corruption from the front office mixed with sheer ineptitude (since Roger Goodell is nothing more than a puppet at this point); so, why do I not like them? Because unless they are playing in a Super Bowl, they are boring. It is boring to always watch them win games and always make the playoffs. At least the 49ers had quite a couple of off years in the 1980's). 8. New York Jets (eh, I always liked the Giants a lot more; besides, aside from a select few seasons--most specifically '68-'69, the Jets have been nothing short of losers). 9. San Francisco 49ers (regardless of what might have happened back in '89, I never really cared about this team at all. The dynasty is respectable, but even when they got good again from 2011-2013, I was never really sold on anybody over there; said a lot when I knew full well that the Baltimore Ravens were going to win Super Bowl XLVII, and for a while, it'd look like an epic blow-out). 10.Tampa Bay Buccaneers (at least they got rid of those ugly orange costumes, though why are they so systematically uninteresting year-after-year? It was fun watching them embarrass my three other teams on my least favorites, though back in 2002). Though number 1 is the only team on this list that I thoroughly despise. Oakland nowadays is far too pathetic to hate, and most of the rest ranges from mild dislike to disinterest altogether.
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    Best GIFs

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    Best GIFs

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    Best GIFs

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    never said it wasnt allowed so its as true as blue if i said votes cant be changed then it be another story
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    This is not a true vote. Option 2 won but then guys recast their vote. That's not a true vote
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    Best GIFs

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    War Machine

    1980 Week1: TB @ Atlanta

    Great game! I made some mistakes early on that cost me. Look forward to our next one!
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    1980 Week1: TB @ Atlanta

    The Buccaneers kicked off their WTF2 franchise history in a division battle in Atlanta. The young squad was built with the future in mind, but also enough talent to be competitive right away. The defense would be the first on display after winning the toss. Tampa kicked off and got to good fortunes right away. A couple drone tackles close to the line of scrimmage on runs and a drone sack the Falcons would be forced to punt deep in their zone. Wilbur Jackson would get the first ever WTF2 Buccaneers offensive play for a nice 7-8 yard run. The drive would be capped off with a long pass attempt that was guess right for the offense. The defense was covering short hidden and Hart hit Art Monk for the first TD in franchise history. The Bucs good fortunes would continue with the teams first fumble recovery! Jim Hart would throw the franchises first interception a couple plays later though and it was Atlanta ball. Second quarter Falcons go on a solid drive and march into Tampa territory. Billy Sims would beat down the door for the TD and bring the game even. With under 40 seconds left the and at the 30, the Bucs bring in an excellent condition Preston Brown. His 50ms is nice for the low JJ timing and he hits it right at the end of the half to give the Bucs the lead, 14-7, and the ball coming out of the half. Tampa Bay's coach has a famous weakness and that's a lead and the ball to start a half. Not to disappoint the Bucs immediately have a bad return and are pinned inside their 10. Two players later they wait to long to toss the ball and take a user diving sack for the safety and complete loss of game control. Bucs defense saves the day again and forced a 4th down stop to get the ball back. Fourth quarter the Bucs used a little Wilbur Jackson, he would get some lazy drone defense love and tap off a user tackle for a big run. Tampa would inch closer then cap off the drive with a need TD to TE Doug Marsh. Bucs kick it off and now have a 2 score lead....cover deep drones, that's the plan! First play Shotgun, I go onto a good condition Jacob Green...what do the drone DBs do? Cover all the short routes let both deep route go uncovered...Wonderful. Instant JJ, all alone 1 on 1 I'm a juke sandwich and its TD Falcons in 1 play . Bucs get the ball back and of course are called on play 1....that's expected....2 mess ups later its punt time Falcons can JJ for the win. Tampa's defense saves the day after giving up 35+ yards on a run up the middle right away. The Falcons simply ran out of time stuck at Tampa's 35. Got a play off and a good look but the ball went wide OB and the Bucs had won their first ever WTF2 game. - 21 - 16 GG War! GLTRW, the first of many close battles to come as division rivals.
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    I popped in a few times.
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    Soul reapage has occured....

    Don't do it, Brad!
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    Favorite actresses

    i really deeg Lafawnduh, too Seriously - that whole movie was exceptionally well cast.
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    Top-Ten Favorite NFL Teams

    Was that before 1976?... Seahawks have always been cool, mane
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    Top-Ten Favorite NFL Teams

    OK in truth there is the Cowboys and then there's anyone else on my list, and it's not close, but I do cheer for other teams. College allegiances play in here somewhat. I rooted for the Rainbow Warriors, who every year, brought in some national powerhouse and played them tough, but then lost (See Nebraska hate later). I liked Michigan back in the day (Wolverines! Red Dawn FTW) and I liked the Hurricanes, mostly because of that 1983 "championship" game vs Nebraska ( I HATED NEBRASKA ) where Tom Osborn (Mad respect for him) went for the win instead of the tie. 1. Cowboys. Growing up in Hawaii, there were two teams that were at the pinnacle when I started getting into football. The Steelers and the Cowboys. My stepdad loved the Steelers, Cowboys was an easy choice for me. Many of the teams I hate have to do with the teams that beat the Cowboys in the playoffs. My favorite Cowboys team of all time? It's close, between the 1991 team that was knocking on the door, doing what NOBODY expected, including the upset of the 11-0 Redskins at RFK including a successful onsides kick, an end of half successful Hail Mary (Aikman to Harper I believe), Aikman getting hurt in the 2nd half, and the Cowboys pulling it out in the end, and the 1992 team that figured out how to seal the deal. John Clayton was a local guy but already much renowned in these parts and he hated the Cowboys and LOVED to doubt them (he did come from Pittsburgh) and well, they pretty much owned after figuring out how to beat the Eagles (THAT D THO) and then beating the Niners and Bills. People always remember the Cowboys offense, but that season their defense was tops in the league as well. Oh and BILL BATES!!! 2. Seahawks - Living in or near Seattle for most of my life, I like the team a lot, and pretty much have since I moved here in 1988. LOVED Dave Krieg. Saw the epic TD pass where Dave Krieg eluded the grasp of Derrick Thomas, who had already sacked him 7 times, a then (and now?) record, and hit Paul Skansi in the end zone for the game winner. MUDBONE! Also in 1992, while my Cowboys were maturing into their championship form, the Hawks were suffering through arguably their worst season, but damn, their D was legit. I LOVED the 1992 Hawks D, Cortez deservedly won the Def MVP, and the rest of the team was just scrappy, making up for the pitiful, I mean by god the worst offense I've ever seen. 3. Browns - Confluence of events here. I got into studying NFL history pretty young. Otto Graham and Jim Brown. Just wow. Then they got the young QB from Miami, that Kosar kid. I LOVED Kevin Mack. And those corners in the 80s, Hanford Dixon and Frank Minnifield? They OWNED in the mid to late 80s. Two years in a row they lost to the Broncos in the AFC championship game. I was listening on my walkman radio as I was skating (skateboard) to my school for a basketball game when the fumble happened. JUST BRUTAL. Love the Dawgpound ethos. Just love the Browns. 4. Jets - Really the Jets of the early eighties. One reason. Freeman McNeil. well, Mark Gastineau and Joe Klecko too, but mostly Freeman. They had an EPIC OT loss to the Browns in 86 or 87. Always seemed to run into the Dolphins in the playoffs too. 5. Saints - kinda have to include them. Born in Mississippi, my family down south is mostly Saints fans, especially when they came back from the Katrina mess and won the whole damn thing. The passion that at least my family feels for them still tiny in comparison for the passion for them Tigers. GEAUX TIGERS, lol. 6. Bills - My best friend (we went to high school together, but we forged our friendship working together at Burger King over Tecmo, football, and the Beastie Boys) was a Bills fan from Western New York (Wellsville) via Alaska, finally finding himself down here in Puget Sound. We played the shit out of TSB, always Cowboys vs Bills. It always seemed to come down to who could get their run game going. Those Super Bowls were tough, I'm kinda glad they were blowouts, but I really felt for him. 4 losses in a row. The Giants game, the Bills dominated but lost to better coaching and game plan. The Redskins game I thought the Bills got jobbed. Sure the final score was 37 14 or something, but when it was still close, Andre Reed. Nuff said. 7. Packers - Something cool about being the only organization owned by the people. And being one of the Original. I've had plenty of reasons to hate GB, especially after last season's "non-catch" in the playoffs, but I respect their history, LOVED Brett Favre (who also always lost to the Cowboys in the playoffs until he got to Minny) and well I guess that's it. 8. Steelers - Also a bit of a conundrum, as I have PLENTY of reasons to hate the Steelers, but I respect their organization and history. I like cheering for them when they're underdogs, but it's been a while. Tough teams always too. There's something cool about that. 9. Giants - Similar to the previous 2. I loved that they beat the Patriots in 07 (not so much that they beat the Cowboys on the way to the SB tho) Tough teams, tough Ds, and they had Parcells, probably my favorite coach of all time. 10. Ravens - Former Browns team and... CAN YOU SAY DEFENSE? When I was a kid, I was a member of the NFL kids club. They would send you stuff here and there and one of my favorite things was this chart for the NFL standings that you could take the pictures of each team's helmet and move them around to show the division standings throughout the season. It was cheap stuff, but SO COOL for me as a kid. I also loved the USFL, saw the first championship while I was visiting family in Mississippi as a 10 year old (my first time in the south since my mom took me to Hawaii as a toddler). Loved Anthony Carter at Michigan and he was HUGE in that game. They had this QB too, that I would learn to love later in the NFL, the Cajun Cannon, Bobby Hebert. Top 2 teams in USFL are Michigan Panthers and Tampa Bay Bandits (Bandit Ball! So cool. Burt Reynolds, Nate Newton, Gary Anderson (yes that Gary Anderson, not the keeker) Bottom 10 NFL teams. 1. 49ers - The catch. Was coming home from a visit to family on the Big Island and heard the catch on the radio on the way home from the airport and saw the ensuing drive (yes the Cowboys had a chance to answer after the catch) and ensuing non Pass Interference call as we got home right as the catch happened. The Niners were pretty big in Hawaii too, Can't get over my hate for Joe Montana and the Niners. Deep wounds here. 2. Eagles - Honestly, the Iggles would probably be the next on my like list at number 11. Often known for their D, I love teams that play D. 1991 D was one of the best ever imho. But man, Buddy Ryan and then Andy Reid just did a number on the Cowboys over the years. My favorite Eagles victories were the ones after so many losses in a row. In 1991 the Cowboys travelled to the the Vet to take on the Eagles, who also were on a tear, even though they lost Cunningham in week 1 and Mcmahon injured as well, the Eagles started their 5th QB that season, Jeff Kemp. The Eagles D was no joke, and well, beating the Eagles seemed like it would never happen. It did! I went to my friend's house to watch this. He was huge eagles fan, and we were just about to embark on a huge rivalry in Tecmo Super Bowl (Eagles vs Cowboys was the other matchup I played the most). When Kelvin Martin returned that punt for a TD, I flipped my shit. Then later, the offense finally was able to punch it in on a short pass to Playmaker after a longer catch and run by 88. My friend since has flipped allegiances to the Seahawks ( I will never let him forget about that). I love the Eagles, but I friggin hate the Eagles. The other win that was my favorite was the 2003 game where Parcells finally got this team to play like a well coached team. Andy Reid tried to open the game with an onsides, a ploy that had previously worked during the Cowboys being 5-11 three years in a row under Campo. This time it didn't work, as the Cowboys caught it on the bounce and ran it in. I love Parcells. 3. Redskins - They would be higher on the list if they were any good recently, but they seem to really just be in shambles since the Snyder took over. Great rivalry, and if this were 1991, they would be close to tops over the Niners for hate. 4. Lions - 2 blowout losses in 1991. Regular season and then the playoffs, when I thought the Cowboys were the only team left that could derail the Redskins juggernaut. They went into Motown, and Beuerlein finally did what he had done a good job of avoiding, throwing those picks. He got pick sixed early, and people remember a crazy Barry Sanders run, but that was late after it was decided. Erik Kramer was the reason. He just picked Dallas' secondary apart. MURDER might be a more appropriate term. These two losses really hurt my feerings. Still bitter. 5. Broncos - Since those wins over the Browns in consecutive AFC championships, I hated the Broncos, and hated Elway. Moved to Seattle and got to see a LOT of them. People around here had some funny Elway put downs. The one time I remember cheering for them and Elway was in that Super Bowl vs the Packers. I am glad Elway won a title. I still hate the Broncos. Buck the Froncos. 6. Patriots - A close 2nd to the Eagles for my number 11 spot perhaps. I loved the 2001 team, underdogs beating the unbeatable Greatest Show on Turf. Belicheck, no matter the bad stuff, is a coach. A coach's coach. I love that defense was their forte. He was an innovative summammabitch. Plenty of reasons to hate the Pats, but mostly it's the reverse effect of success, kinda like I'm used to so many hating the Cowboys in the 90s. Cheating or whatever, I don't know how much their cheating really helped them to win. Belicheck is a great coach. All you need to see to know this is that last play of this past Super Bowl. He got a rookie DB prepared to make a play when it was needed most. A rookie DB saw, diagnosed, and executed. There's a reason it happened, or rather had a chance to happen, cuz regardless that was physically an amazing play, but he doesn't even know to make it without the coaching. Sounds like I like the Pats, but they're on my hate list here, lol. #success 7. Dolphins - Never liked them. Respect Don Shula and Marino and all, but never liked them. That year that "The Catch" happened, we got to watch that EPIC game in the playoffs vs the Chargers while visiting family on the Big Island. That game was so wicked! Kellen Winslow became one of my NFL heroes that day. Not only for the crazy catches he was making being so dehydrated, but also he blocked FGs! (at least one) 8. Giants - Divisional rivals. Won 2 Super Bowls in the last 10 years while the Cowboys have won zero. Eli Man. The 2007 playoffs especially. I was in Louisiana for my sisters funeral, got to watch that debacle while I was down there. I blame Wade Phillips more than anything, for starting Marion Barber instead of Julius Jones (Barber was the closer, save him for down the stretch when you need to run it late!) Eli made the plays. People place that on Romo, especially the last play which was an INT and some getaway with Jessica SImpson, but they are delusional to blame the last play on Romo, he had no time and needed to force the issue. The D gave this up late in both halves. 9. Steelers - History baby, history. 10. 49ers - just because #principle A final note. On my way down to Mississippi as a 10 year old, I had one other event strike me in a "you know where you were when" such and such happened, a la Kennedy got shot type stuff. I was on the plane when I heard from someone that Joe Delaney had died, trying to save 3 children from drowning, and he drowned himself. That really struck me because Joe Delaney WAS THE REAL DEAL! I heard about it on the plane probably because it happened in Louisiana and thus someone on the plane probably from those parts. It was just really sad.
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    Top-Ten Favorite NFL Teams

    This made me laugh. I got to remember this nickname when I talk to a falcons fan that I know.
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    I'm done....

    Sorry to do this to Toolie in the middle of a season, but I'm calling it quits. I appreciate all the work he and everyone else does around here (draft helpers, videos, Manyo's player stuff especially). This really is a great league. I just don't want to get behind in games played and I know it's gonna happen. I figure this way, the new owner can get 11 games in and maybe make a run at it with Tark. A second kid, new job, scheduling conflicts, and not being able to host have kinda zapped the fun out of it for me. Thanks for having me, it was fun. I'll still lurk during my downtime at work and who knows maybe I'll make a comeback some day if you'll have me.
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    we are at the closing of a season. no time for people who cant get the games in if you cant take 5 mins to register for the site after i asked u and u responded 5 times to me how u gonna get in 4 games before deadline