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    What is the HSRL?

    The High Speed Retro League (HSRL) is a melding of two of the great leagues on TecmoBowl.org: the High Speed Tecmo League (HSTL) and World Tecmo Federation: Retro (WTF:R). The short version: The HSRL draft and season will run in a way very similar to HSTL, but players from WTF:R seasons will be used as the player pool from which we draft. More details: Each season a new Google Doc will be constructed by taking the players from the Week 1 ROM from one season of WTF:Retro. We will begin with the 1970 season (the first season of WTF:Retro) and advance by one year each season. In many ways the next season will feel similar to the previous one, but there will be noticeable and significant changes. From one year to the next, new players (rookies) enter the league, current players will either retire or have their stats increase / decrease due to the performance gain / aging system in place in WTF:R, and players sometimes move teams from year to year, so tandems should vary. These changes will not hurt/benefit any player, however, since each season we do a complete redraft. Therefore, the dynamic of the league will change from season to season, but the changes will occur gradually. My hope is that this league incorporates the best aspects of HSTL and WTF:R. Namely, the redraft gives everyone a shot at a good team each season, we play to win and not for gains, we don't have to worry about drafted players busting or Player A trade-raping Player B, we get to play with the great players of the 70s and 80s, and each season's draft brings new challenges of figuring out which positions/skills are most highly valued for that year. For the first season I would like to run things the way I have envisioned them, but I will be open to making modifications in future seasons if there is a strong push in one direction.
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    Gill Byrd Question

    Seahawks are not happy about having been infiltrated by an imposter Gill Byrd. They blame MrT for it.
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    What is the HSRL?

    this league is a sweet drop of water in the WTF crack whore of a desert we call online tecmo, i'll say that right now....... viva, el libertador toolie!
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    1993 - Get your alignments set

    I will be posting the first two roms in just under 3 hours.
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    I have your shirt from last year bud you left it in my car private message me your address and ill get it to you I'll also be at Madison this year
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    the waiting listers are pleased lol
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    Good to be here, look forward to denying trade offers from Mig (oh wait, that's already happened)....carry on
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    My OCD/Drafted player names

    My first born will be named Maple Syrup.
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    Found this in my wallet today if anyone needs the number....38 days and counting!
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    1993 Schedule - Week 12

    Alright, due to the fact that there is no previous cycle 4 schedule, I had to hammer this out myself. The easy part was replacing the teams, but the hard part as you can see was inverting the schedule and swapping home/away. What I did was just make it to where the team on the left is home team, I'll go through and remove all the @ symbols soon, but regardless we'll be ready to roll over soon. Cycle 4 is the same as cycle 1 except inverted and mirrored. Home Away WEEK 1 Washington New York Giants Houston New York Jets Detroit Tampa Bay Green Bay San Francisco Buffalo New England Kansas City Chicago Pittsburgh Seattle Denver Cleveland Cincinnati San Diego Indianapolis Phoenix Los Angeles Atlanta Philadelphia Dallas New Orleans Minnesota Oakland Miami WEEK 2 Atlanta Cleveland Seattle Cincinnati Tampa Bay Green Bay New York Jets Buffalo Philadelphia Washington Chicago New York Giants San Francisco Pittsburgh Detroit Minnesota Indianapolis New England Phoenix Los Angeles Denver Oakland Miami Houston Dallas New Orleans Kansas City San Diego WEEK 3 Oakland Green Bay San Diego New York Jets Los Angeles Tampa Bay New Orleans San Francisco Dallas Phoenix Cincinnati Pittsburgh New England Kansas City New York Giants Miami Cleveland Buffalo Philadelphia Detroit Denver Seattle Minnesota Chicago Washington Indianapolis Houston Atlanta WEEK 4 New Orleans @ Cincinnati Tampa Bay @ Chicago New England @ New York Jets Phoenix @ New York Giants Washington @ Dallas Kansas City @ Denver Green Bay @ Detroit Atlanta @ San Francisco Cleveland @ Los Angeles Seattle @ Oakland Buffalo @ Philadelphia Pittsburgh @ Houston Minnesota @ San Diego Miami @ Indianapolis WEEK 5 New York Giants @ San Francisco Philadelphia @ Seattle New York Jets @ Miami Tampa Bay @ Detroit Green Bay @ Kansas City Atlanta @ New Orleans New England @ Buffalo San Diego @ Chicago Washington @ Phoenix Cleveland @ Cincinnati Denver @ Minnesota Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis Los Angeles @ Dallas Houston @ Oakland WEEK 6 Chicago @ Atlanta Buffalo @ Miami New York Jets @ Cincinnati Detroit @ Green Bay Phoenix @ New England Oakland @ Kansas City New York Giants @ Philadelphia New Orleans @ Cleveland San Francisco @ Washington Seattle @ San Diego Minnesota @ Los Angeles Indianapolis @ Denver Dallas @ Tampa Bay Houston @ Pittsburgh WEEK 7 Miami @ Dallas Buffalo @ New York Jets Tampa Bay @ Oakland Atlanta @ Green Bay Pittsburgh @ New Orleans Denver @ New England Chicago @ Detroit Phoenix @ Minnesota Washington @ Philadelphia San Diego @ Kansas City Indianapolis @ New York Giants Seattle @ Cleveland Los Angeles @ San Francisco Cincinnati @ Houston WEEK 8 Cleveland @ Houston Cincinnati @ Miami New York Jets @ New England Green Bay @ Chicago Detroit @ New Orleans Buffalo @ Pittsburgh Phoenix @ Washington Dallas @ New York Giants Seattle @ Denver San Diego @ Oakland Minnesota @ Tampa Bay Philadelphia @ Los Angeles San Francisco @ Atlanta Kansas City @ Indianapolis WEEK 9 San Francisco @ New Orleans Oakland @ Seattle Chicago @ Tampa Bay New York Jets @ Phoenix Miami @ Buffalo Pittsburgh @ Cleveland New York Giants @ Washington Denver @ Kansas City Los Angeles @ Detroit Green Bay @ San Diego New England @ Indianapolis Atlanta @ Philadelphia Minnesota @ Dallas Houston @ Cincinnati WEEK 10 Oakland @ Minnesota New Orleans @ Los Angeles Miami @ New England Detroit @ Chicago Phoenix @ Dallas Seattle @ Buffalo Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati Washington @ Atlanta New York Giants @ Green Bay Cleveland @ Kansas City Philadelphia @ San Francisco Tampa Bay @ Denver Indianapolis @ New York Jets San Diego @ Houston WEEK 11 Atlanta @ New York Giants Miami @ San Diego Seattle @ Detroit Kansas City @ Tampa Bay Minnesota @ Green Bay Houston @ New Orleans San Francisco @ Chicago Philadelphia @ Phoenix New England @ Washington Cincinnati @ Cleveland Oakland @ Denver Buffalo @ Indianapolis Los Angeles @ Pittsburgh Dallas @ New York Jets WEEK 12 Indianapolis @ Miami Atlanta @ Cincinnati New Orleans @ Phoenix New England @ Dallas Chicago @ Oakland Green Bay @ Washington Kansas City @ Seattle New York Jets @ New York Giants Cleveland @ Pittsburgh San Francisco @ Los Angeles San Diego @ Denver Tampa Bay @ Minnesota Detroit @ Philadelphia Buffalo @ Houston WEEK 13 Kansas City @ Oakland Phoenix @ Miami Houston @ Seattle San Diego @ Tampa Bay Los Angeles @ New Orleans New York Giants @ New England Cincinnati @ Buffalo Pittsburgh @ Atlanta Washington @ Chicago Cleveland @ San Francisco Denver @ Green Bay Minnesota @ Detroit New York Jets @ Indianapolis Dallas @ Philadelphia WEEK 14 Dallas @ Washington Miami @ New York Jets Seattle @ Kansas City Tampa Bay @ Phoenix New Orleans @ Atlanta New England @ Pittsburgh Chicago @ Denver Detroit @ Buffalo Philadelphia @ New York Giants Indianapolis @ Cleveland Cincinnati @ San Francisco Green Bay @ Minnesota Los Angeles @ Houston Oakland @ San Diego WEEK 15 Minnesota @ Kansas City New England @ Miami Tampa Bay @ New Orleans Chicago @ Green Bay Phoenix @ Philadelphia Washington @ New York Jets New York Giants @ Dallas Houston @ Cleveland San Francisco @ Detroit Pittsburgh @ Denver Indianapolis @ Buffalo Atlanta @ Los Angeles Oakland @ Cincinnati San Diego @ Seattle WEEK 16 Dallas @ Indianapolis Miami @ Washington Green Bay @ Tampa Bay New Orleans @ Philadelphia New York Giants @ Phoenix Kansas City @ Pittsburgh Cleveland @ New England Detroit @ Atlanta Denver @ San Diego Chicago @ Minnesota Cincinnati @ Los Angeles New York Jets @ Oakland San Francisco @ Houston Buffalo @ Seattle
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    Introducing the High Speed Retro League

    The High Speed Retro League, a combination of ideas from the HSTL and WTF:Retro, has officially been launched. Follow the link attached to read about the league and sign up if interested. High Speed Retro League
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    text files

    http://tecmobowl.org/topic/11106-tsb-editor-tsbtool-supreme-season-generator/ Use this program - load a rom and view the contents you should be able to cut and paste whatever you need to there
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    1993 Schedule - Week 12

    Roms are out for weeks 1 and 2! Thanks for a great '92 season, now let's get '93 rolling!
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    My OCD/Drafted player names

    Been meaning to post on this all day once I saw Sacamano's OCD post. I wish we would have gone with the Surname idea from the jump, but since we didn't , I think it's great to have the flexibility to change these, especially for rookies coming in. Obviously since my guy Locker went down, I had to resort to retort vs Vindemort giving Johnny Tecmo his true surname, the latest in Afghanistanimation. This season's rookie class has been of the Myrtle Beach jet setting flare. Next season, I'm thinking of doing all kind's of my favorite Will Ferrell characters. We'll see. I like the creativity in this. O'dell, I get you. And for the most part feel the same way, but I guess you can say i'm with the dark side on this.
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    No love for bottom 10?
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    Minn vs. NYG ham vs Dolo

    big fumble early to kill your drive and a fumble advance by me too seal it .. tough loss man. im trying to right the ship after bad start GLRTW Ham
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    My OCD/Drafted player names

    Should have done the Jr. thing like I suggested or have some with Jr. some with the numerals and some with different first names but the same last name. Joe Montana Jr. Troy Aikman II Steve Brady Just say'n
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    1992 Hall-of-Famers Posted

    Congrats to these two... if I snubbed anyone, I'm sorry. http://wtfr.puretecmo.com/main/hof.php
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    My OCD/Drafted player names

    I actually enjoyed Maple Syrup the best out of all his OL names, lol. I think it's fine to name them however you want as it helps personalize made up re-incarnated players.
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    1992 Rookie of the Year votes

    Winners are posted in the phile
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    1992 Rookie of the Year votes

    Thanks to those who posted. For those who didn't...
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    1992 MVP Votes

    Thanks to those who posted. For those who didn't...
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    28-team 7 on 7?

    here's what to do. open a hex view of the 28 team rom (like the original NES TSB) open your 16 team rom. http://tecmobowl.org/topic/54998-removing-teams-from-a-rom/#entry361635 go to this post and look at all the address ranges he lists and then copy/paste the hex code from the 28 team to the 16 team rom, for each address range - double check every time you make a move so that you don't screw something up. I did half of them in the last 10 minutes and I was able to "open up" the missing teams from the team data and preseason select screens. you will still hvave to deal with graphics and stuff like that on your own. so, i bet you can do it all in a day, just check out that post I linked above.
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    I understand. Im not gonna threaten to quit a la whats his name..all love homie