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    Here we go! Here are the first 7 bounties announced for this years tournament. Make sure you have volume turned on. Part 2 (#6 through #1) will be posted same time tomorrow.
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    OK gentlemen, play time is over. Part 1 had a lot of pop culture references that resonated with all of us. It's my favorite of the 2 parts, I'll admit. It was cute.. it was fun. But now its time to get serious as Part 2 reveals some bad ass muthaphuckers. It's time to graduate from the kiddie table and earn a seat with the big boys this holiday season.
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    War Machine

    Thunderdome X: Bounty Details!

    Thunderdome X will add a new element to the tournament. A way for everyone to earn a little cash by eliminating 13 of tecmo's finest. Here are the quick details. 1. There will be at least one bounty in each group giving everyone a chance to knock one off. (As of this post, we have 13 groups. If this goes to 14 groups, then I will cross that bridge when i get there). The bounties will be revealed countdown style via youtube video with link shared in this forum thread. 2. Each person selected as bounty will have a dollar amount on their heads. This will be varying depending on the person selected. 3. You earn the bounty by eliminating the selected bounty from the tournament. If the selected bounty is eliminated in group play with multiple losses then the person who defeated this bounty by widest scoring margin earns the bounty. If you beat the bounty in group play but he advances, then you dont earn the bounty. He must be eliminated. For example, if I had a bounty on my head and i go 1-2 in group play, the player who beat me by biggest margin of my losses will earn the bounty. If it was same margin, then they split the bounty in half. Another example, If i'm a selected bounty and i go 2-1 and advance, then the person who beat me does not earn the bounty since I moved on to bracket play. 4. If a selected bounty wins the tournament, then they also win their bounty. For example, if i'm a selected bounty and I win the tournament, whatever my bounty was is added to my winnings. Have fun!!! Bounty Tracker: Stalltalk wins $15 (Hoff) Nos wins $15 (Drake) Kamphuna wins $25 (Odell)
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    What a great end to an awesome Northeast Tecmo season. Nice to meet guys from all over the Tecmo globe. Final 2 games were intense and that burger would make Guy Fieri proud. Congrats to Matt D and big thanks to Erik for organizing the whole thing.
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    HSTL Housekeeping Items

    First, I want to thank all of those who voted in the two polls I had posted. I'm going to use my commish powers and keep Round 0 implemented. If anyone is passionate enough to have it removed, I'll put it up for a vote again. Secondly, we are going to go with the same draft format in S43 since that vote was a lot closer. However, I'm open to making modifications to accommodate those who feel strongly about hating it. Before I make changes, I'm going to see how this season plays out a bit. Thirdly, I'm relatively annoyed with the incessant use of the league tag. I'm going to give the habitual abusers until a week from today to reign it in. If I see the league tag used in a manner I find incredibly annoying, I'm going to disable it and only make it usable by me. Lastly, thank you all for making HSTL the best league in Online Tecmo.
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    Points by Talent Diaz 10 Hank 7 Points by Luck Diaz 14 Hank 35 Points by Men Without Hats Diaz 0 Hank 2
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    War Machine

    Thunderdome X: Groups (POSTED)

    Groups have been released! Time to go play and make a name for yourself! (Players are listed alphabetically in each group. Not seeds) Challonge link here: http://challonge.com/ThunderdomeXGroup (Click the image to enlarge)
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    Philadelphia Eagles HSTL S42 Recaps

    Week 2 vs Rob PHX. B Hump goes out on 1st carry I think... PHI down but not out w 38ms backup doing work, but this game was anything but slow paced. Bills to Givens was absolutely dirty early and often from the gate. A back and B bomb from Rypien to Sanders 100 yards closed out the 1st quarter 14-14!!! PHI thought it was end of half! Crazytown. Back and forth game, I'm pretty sure PIC fumbled it away in PHI red zone then got a turnover, and they also got a stop the forced a FG, otherwise it was a who's gonna have the last possession type game. Gg Rob looking forward to round 2, this PHX team makes me play totally outside my comfort zone.
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    S42 Sig Warzzzzz

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    Rico r33 Yes I can host Central Time Best time to play me is after about 14 beers
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    Had a good time despite a poor showing! Will try to make it out again next year. As well, someone hit me up if there are ever any RBI Baseball oriented tournaments in the area!
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    I am by no means a Giants fan, for obvious reasons. I take great joy in taking shots at the Manning legacy in the NFL. This all being said, Ben F*ckadoo benching Eli Manning is a disgrace. F*ckadoo and Jerry Reese clearly care more about their positions than honoring a career that has brought the Giants more success than the majority of their quarterbacks. Gino fkn Smith... F*ck you, Ben F*ckadoo and Jerry Reese. May the Giants not reach the playoffs for the remainder of their tenure.
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    Stalltalk vs. Barletti Group A Stalltalk won toss Stalltalk called Chiefs/Bears Barletti picked da Bears. This was an absolute sweat fest of defensive effort from both teams. The Chiefs started with a fumble on their first possession, but the defense held on their side of the field for a turnover on downs. De Berg and company marched down to the Bears goal line, but had to settle for 3. Trailing 3-0, the Bears were setting up for the tying field goal, but they couldn't spike the ball in time to stop the clock, half. DT came up with the play of the game with an interception in the 2nd half, leading to the Chiefs' first TD. The Bears put together a nice scoring drive in the 4th quarter, but it was a long one and the Chiefs recovered the onside kick after a Neal Anderson TD. Stalltalk wins it 10-7. TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns7
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    The Road To Tecmo Madison

    That 4-6 weeks is an understatement Two points here which applies to everyone who considers coming to Madison: #1 The idea that we don't dig deeper on players just isn't true. We take the available information and decide what information is applicable to that player and the tournament generally, which leads us to point #2 #2 The Equalizer as a tournament had an interesting format with several stated goals that Tom potentially met (he would be the best judge of that). The player referred to above started in a group with 3 other players who are bottom seeds in groups at Madison, I do not know what his record was there because...he was able to take Flo's place because flo left early. This adds another layer of complexity to analyzing this particular player's tournament experience and play. The Road to Madison serves two very different yet equally important purposes: First, it gives some added juice to some tournaments who already stand on their own and maybe exposes some of their players to the possibility of heading to Madison for a first time - those players then have a knowable record of games against known competition in a standard setting. Second, it actually simplifies the seeding at the middle tier of players by giving those players common games against like opponents. I can compare two players who happened to have played two or more of mort, Reg, Gats, Flo, Lou, the gamer, noonan, etc instead of having to guess at potential results. Those 4-6 weeks are intense and involve many spreadsheets, many hours just sitting and thinking about players, and trying my best to keep the tournament interesting and fair (and to screw over @Rod Woodson somehow), this allows me to reduce that time just a little bit. And if no one goes to these tournaments other than the regular players, no biggie, I've had to seed tournaments on less information and Madison has plenty of historical information to give me a good start.
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    Tournament Abundance

    This is a hard question. Its a double edge sword more tournaments means more exposure. I think the key to this situation has already happen, Having Madison Majors puts up that boundary. Its getting to the point that the small tournaments feed the Majors. If all we had was the Madison Major tournament the Tecmo Numbers and Madison number would decline. I think we kinda need those little tournaments. An average or newer player may have some success at a smaller venue and then feed into the bigger ones. Without the little guys not sure we keep getting bigger and bigger numbers.
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    Here is Bloomington Tecmo's save the date video for this year's tournament. The theme is based on Star Wars the Last Jedi. We've taken New England Patriots running back Mosi (M0-SIGH for the purpose of our theme) Tatupu, added their colors, and altered their old logo to incorporate a lightsaber. It was our first attempt at making a video. I thought it turned out ok. Let us know what you think. Thanks!
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    S42 TOP 5 & BOTTOM 5 - ON PAPER

    Disclaimer This post is for motivation and building hype purpose only, please do not be offended TOP 5 1. Cin - Weakness = None 2. Pit - Weakness = LB 3. Kc - Weakness = OL, RB 4. Nyg - Weakness = QB, WR 5. Phx - Weakness - DL, OL BOTTOM 5 1. Chi - Weakness = DB, LB, QB 2. Hou - Weakness = QB, RB, OL 3. No - Weakness = QB, DB, OL 4. Was - Weakness = RB, OL 5. Sd - Weakness = QB, DB
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    I will check my Burning Mort Box O' Shit this weekend. One tub of junk is at my house. However, it is entirely possible that it is still at the Conjurer's Dreamland, because I still have a tote of shit and two tube TVs under a tarp at the sacred grounds. It is also possible that it will never be found again, because it was Burning Mort after all.
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    Tournament Abundance

    This is true, my kids need a father anyways. But seriously you and Lou are welcome to stay here anytime.
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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Brady's performance in ATL super bowl last season alone was enough to make him the undisputed GOAT. That was like four joe Montana super bowl games in one....except without rice or taylor. but then factor in his amazing career...and he better be having trophies, stadiums, awards, streets, buildings, etc named after him in honor of Brady's exclusive greatness.
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    We'll be talking with retro sports legends - professional, Tecmo Bowl, NBA Jam and otherwise podcast-style. We will stream as many as possible on Facebook live on the official Tecmo channels. Find us on all the socials: http://twitter.com/retrosportscast http://instagram.com/retrosportscast https://www.facebook.com/retrosportscast
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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    If this happens, the halftime show absolutely 100% has to be...
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    TTL currently has 14 owners and 7 owners on the waiting list. As Madison approaches the interest in TTL grows as everyone wants to prepare for the biggest and baddest Tecmo tournament around (TECMO MADISON XIV) . This year seems to be even better than last year! Looking forward to it again as all or most of you are as well. As players prepare for Madison I'm expecting more interest in the league since we are the only league that uses the unmodified ROM that Madison also uses. That being said, with our current format off a max of 14 owners we would not be able to handle the number of owners interested in the league. Therefore to accommodate more owners we will be doubling the capacity of TTL29 by going up to 24 owners. There will be two TTL leagues with the same format and as the playoffs begin we will merge the brackets into one. It will be similar to the NFL format of NFC and AFC as the best from the two leagues play each other for the final TTL championship game. Players will be ranked and equal talent will be put into both leagues. If interest continues as expected we will keep this format all the way up to Madison. If needed we will go up to 28 owners but time will tell if that will be needed. Exact format and divisions will be announced later as we firm up the amount of owners for TTL29. Right now that leaves only 3 opens spots for next season. If you know a reliable player that is interested have them sign up on the TTL waiting list. Good luck to all on the current season and looking forward to the next season!!! DarthRockman TTL Waiting List Link
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    We are pumped to announce a new format for FNR! Coming? Let us know https://business.facebook.com/events/285065528673534/(Yes, 2v2 TSB. This will not be a prized tournament. Proceeds will go to charity.)
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    College Football Chat Room

    1. Clemson 2. Georgia 3. Oklahoma 4. Alabama
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    Group M bruddog won toss MIN-WAS kamp takes MIN Good game here. Kamp grinds his way down but the defense comes up with a hold around the 20 or so. 3-0 kamp. I get a big 15-10 outtap on a run 1 and byner takes it in for the score 7-3. Kamp takes most of the rest of the 2nd qtr to drive down but settles for a 4th down pass instead of a long FG but it fails and gets picked off in the endzone. Washington has a chance for one bomb...millard blitzes...sanders is running free at the bottom but its airmailed out of bounds. SMH. However rypien would atone as the redskins drive down the field on some nice running again. On a picked pass 4 rypien somehow avoids the rush and finds byner for the TD to make it 14-3. Kamp has a solid drive powered by Walker and a long carter catch. A good Walker punches it in to make things close. 14-10. Rypien throws into deep to Clark and it falls harmlessly off the dbs. The second try was a charm as Rypien leads CLark on a deep bomb and Clark dives for it to secure the win. 21-10. Wilson gets picked on a JJ attempt. Byner is tackled at the 1 trying to add on extra points. Final 21-10 GG Kamp GG Bruddog Youtube Below
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    Duece vs Barletti Group A Duece wins toss, calls PHX-DAL Bar selects DAL A back and forth game for both teams. I got the ball first and took what felt like a lifetime to score and Barletti gets the ball two passes later its 7up in a cup. Fast forward to 3rd qtr its tied 14-14 I believe. I got ball and went down to score then got a stop forcing a punt only to throw into coverage deep and get picked. Game comes down to the 4th 21-21 game winning drive by phx led by johnny. We get to the one and fumble the ball which looks like it went oob and shouldve been a touchback but luckily ended up staying my ball. Few plays later we punch it in to seal it. GG Spaghetti sorry it had to be you lol
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    Group C, ptitteri wins toss, chooses Bears v Chiefs. Toolie takes Bears Back and forth battle, featuring two fumbles taken to the house. Toolie wins the toss in OT, but the Chiefs come up big on D to force a punt, and a "good" condition Okoye is too much for the Bears D in OT, leading to a 27-21 win for the Chiefs. Great game Toolie, and good luck the rest of the way. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/205718968
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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Yo Maynard, I saw that you downvoted my proclamation of Case Keenum's ELITE quarterbacking skills. Are you afraid of him possibly definitely outdueling Brady in the Super Bowl? Before, you know, Brady gets carted off the field after being destroyed by Everson Griffen, Linval Joseph, Tom Johnson, and Danielle Hunter?
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    Dista, Not a quality write up. You forgot to mention your Nostradamus skills that game and how you picked 50 percent of my plays. You also didn't mention T-Zack's supreme accuracy that game, and your Barry Sanders'esque moves behind the line of scrimmage with Neal. This just my two cents added. It was a fun game none the less. Thanks, Kris
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    Group L I won toss PHX vs DAL jebigred took DAL tadaos (PHX) vs jebigred (DAL) PHX 25 DAL 7 thunderdomeX_poolplay_game1.nsv TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
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    Stalltalk vs. Dueceloose Group A Stalltalk won toss Stalltalk called Vikings/Redskins Duece picked the Redskins Duece fumbled 3 times in this one. The first time on his long opening drive in the Vikings' Red zone. The next fumble was on the ensuing punt after a 3-and-out by the Vikings, which was housed for a TD. The Redskins later on fumbled near their own goal line to give Minnesota another short field. The teams traded scores in the 4th quarter to make this one 31-14 Vikings (Stalltalk). TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns5
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    I've been scouring the internet for NBA JAM stuff for last few months. I've found a few resources / rom hacks / mods. There is a player editor out there but having some trouble using it. Here are some files of stuff I've found. This is all SNES stuff and I DID NOT CREATE any of the stuff.. Just putting together for other interested parties Old School Edition is a mash up of NBA JAM and NBA JAM T.E rosters and a few extras. Has JORDAN! Only tweaking I personally would have done is Penny Hardaway was not included on Orlando.. NJTEPE is the roster editor program similar to the TSB Supreme NBA JAM TE Roster mod plus has two ips files. Lite includes all the Unlockable characters as if you beat all 27 teams. Plus is the mascots replacing the rookie team NBA JAM 2k17 menu fix is an ips patch that someone made to make the game not crash while going to settings NBA JAM T.E Unlocked I just put the ips patch on the rom for all players unlocked NBA JAM 2k17 is an updated roster game. Lets pool some of our resources together and see what we come up with! NBA JAM OLD SCHOOL EDITION.sfc njtepe036.rar nba_jam_te_roster_mod_plus10.ips NBA Jam 2k17 Menu Fix.SMC NBA JAM T.E. UNLOCKED.sfc NBA Jam 2k17 Menu Fix.SMC NBA Jam 2k17.SMC
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    WHAT: BLOOMINGTON TECMO XV WHEN: January 27, 2018 at NOON (PRACTICE PLAY BEGINS AT 10AM) WHERE: 409 Olympia Dr. BAY #2 Bloomington, Illinois 61704 (warehouse building) BUY-IN: $25. Buy in includes all food, drink (alcoholic and non alcoholic), and custom koozie REGISTRATION: Registration is open now. Secure you spot by sending payment to Bloomingtontecmo@gmail.com. Deadline to enter is January 13, 2018. RULES: Madison rules. FORMAT: Round robin group play with the top finishers placed in a double elimination tournament bracket to battle for the championship belt. The individuals that don't qualify for the championship bracket will be placed in the double elimination beer league bracket to battle it out for the Bloomington Beer Keg. PRIZES: The winner will receive custom playing cards with their picture, and stats. The winner will also take home the championship belt (must return to defend title the following year to keep it), and a free entry into Madison's World Championship (paid for by Bloomington Tecmo). Trophies will be provided for other top finishers, along with some raunchy prizes for our competitors who don't fare as well. LIVE STREAM: The Retro Sports Gamer will be providing the live stream. Here is the link for the channel the stream will be on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_b9V5HP0eJZyLuhuEmDf_g IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT THIS LIVE STREAM IS TO BE CONSIDERED NSFW!!! Bloomington Tecmo is a self funded event, and because of this we don't do cash prizes. We play for the love of the game. I realize some people only play for money, but at our event the atmosphere is equivalent to a Madison after party the whole time. Bloomington is a no pressure tournament that wants everyone to enjoy a game we all love without having to worry about whether or not you will win enough money to cover your tournament expenses. To help provide stress relief we provide an abundance of beer, hard liquor, and food to help spruce up the party. The warehouse that we rent out is 100% our's for this event. With that being said we are still responsible for people's actions at this warehouse. Anybody wishing to play or attend must pay by January 13, 2018. We will not allow walk ins and You must be 21 years old to attend!!!! Each paid person will then be placed on a guest list, and must check in upon arrival. Once you check in you will receive a Bloomington Tecmo rubber wristband that you must wear for the duration of the tournament. All non invited guests, or anyone not on the guest list will be asked to leave. I hate to be that way, but due to liability issues with the business we rent from this is a stipulation that we must enforce. Any other questions, comments, or concerns can be addressed by emailing me at Bloomingtontecmo@gmail.com. Thanks, and I hope to see you there!
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    College Football Chat Room

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    QB Lions

    Hard Knocks Season 2 "The Lions Den"

    Getting the thread started as Ol' Dirty has sent me some questions to kick things off! We are off to a 1-1 start after the move to the uber competitive NFC Central. Was last season a fluke or the beginnings of a consistent winning franchise? It's been a journey since joining online tecmo earlier this year. I think alot of it will depend on the draft. The owners in this league fall into 3 categories. The elite, the competitors, and the door mats. While the elite can usually excel with subpar teams and the competitors will really depend on a good draft. I fall into the second category, 6-10 or 10-6 depending on the teams talent. What have you been doing to improve your game so quickly? Getting alot of games in and watching streams. Playing in GTFO where we get a season done in 2 weeks has done wonders for my game. Regularly playing against Nos, Prime, Odell and picking up little tidbits here and there. Also asking alot of questions, brudog, ol' dirty, toolie all have been helpful when trying to figure out what defender to use against certain plays and why. Who else do you think has a similar playstyle to you, and what is it? I would say my playstyle is similar to Ptitteri. I consider myself a plus runner and still working on my passing game. Have no issue at all tucking it with the QB and taking 4 yards rather then chance a deep bomb. I would rather grind out a 17-14 game with you and play the possession game then get into a shootout. One of the hardest things for me to adapt to is JJs. Outside of halftime and being down a ton late this was always frowned upon live growing up. Usually resulted with someone getting slugged in the arm for completing a JJ. What do you like/not like about your team and chances this year The defense should be good overall, and like my running game with Bailey. However I wasn't planning on running with Jay Schroeder and this will probably keep me around the 6 win mark. I ate alot of sacks in my first game due to completely being afraid to get rid of the ball with Jay's PC. I think my D will keep me in alot of games but against certain opponents I will be in big trouble. If I sniff .500 this year I would be more then happy.
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    The Road To Tecmo Madison

    I completely understand all your reasons, but for seeding a world championship you cannot have random seeds and random rules influencing an outcome. It artificially inflates or deflates for no reason other than randomness. I am all for changing things up, but not when it comes to seeding a ~300 person tournament. 👊
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    WEEK 11 Pickem

    Let's get to it. patriots are boring. (That's all you need to know.) Enjoy the calm, while we drop anchor. @Knobbe... hustle on back to Redemption Island Thursday, 11/16 8:25pmE.T. Tennessee @ Pittsburgh -------------------------------------------- Sunday, 11/19 1:00pmE.T. Jacksonville @ Cleveland Tampa Bay @ Miami Baltimore @ Green Bay Detroit @ Chicago LARams @ Minnesota Arizona @ Houston Kansas City @ NYGiants Washington @ New Orleans 4:05pmE.T. Buffalo @ LAChargers 4:25pmE.T. Cincinnati @ Denver New England @ Oakland {Mexico city, Mexico} 8:30pmE.T. Philadelphia @ Dallas -------------------------------------------- Monday, 11/20 8:30pmE.T. Atlanta @ Seattle Re-cap of WEEK 10 Borgger picks: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69964-week-10-pickem/?do=findComment&comment=486421
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    REVEAL #5 - THE TECMO CHALLENGE: This year, we are introducing a new, separate gameday event: The Tecmo Challenge. Anyone is able to participate in this separate event. For a $5 entry, if the player gains a 1st down within 4 offensive plays (with IND/NE/SEA versus any COM team), without turning the ball over, they win a PREMIER EDITION 1992 NFL Collectible Playing Card - only 54 cards are available to WIN! Your NFL Collectible Playing Card may be connected to selection of BONUS PRIZES and NFL Memorabilia, like an AUTOGRAPHED JERRY RICE CUSTOM 49ers JERSEY, and much more!
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    @War Machinethat was fantastic
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    Here are the complete results: http://challonge.com/theequalizer Better late than never.
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    Philadelphia Eagles HSTL S42 Recaps

    Week 1 vs NOS Saints at home in Philly. PHI played small ball w/ B Hump clipping 4 and more here and there pretty much entire game staying true to the run. Meanwhile BJT ensure that every drive NOS put together would be sandbagged at critical moments. Rickey Sanders caught one deep ball when in good. That's all I remember. GG NOS
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    The Road To Tecmo Madison

    Did someone call for someone that has stream equipment? Beef Juice, if your venue has greater than 1MB upload speed internet... I can do it.
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    Hankthetank Yes Central After 10PM Monday-Wednesday Anytime Thursday-Saturday After 8PM Sunday
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    "Chip" Tanaka Album

    OG Nintendo chiptunes composer Hirokazu "Chip" Tanaka put out a new chiptunes album. You can hit it up on the link below. He did the music for Metroid, Earthbound, and Dr Mario among others. https://chiptanaka.bandcamp.com/releases There is also a video for one of them
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    HSTL S42 Draft

    Oilers take Miami DL and Special teams.
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    Groups: Group 1: Chris B. Pat B. Danny K. Group 2: Leif Powers Ricardo I. Jim T. Group 3: Erik M. Greg L. Dave Group 4: Tadaos Jimbo Dave P. Group 5: Anthony M. Brian R. Tom C. Groups Subject To Change With More Entrants***