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    Fantastic weekend in Detroit; thanks mainly to a lot of hard work from O'Dell, with myself and a few others playing supporting cast, we were able to pull off a very fun event. Bringing it back downtown, specifically to the Detroit Beer Co., was a good move. We had a very nice space (the third floor of the joint to ourselves) and enough equipment / tech to keep things moving and people in the loop. Facilities could not have been better. As far as my day: I played OK during preliminary rounds, but nothing to hint that I might walk away the winner. My first game I lost to Moskwa 21-10 (14-10 with a fumble TD on a last play punt), then bounced back with a 21-0 win over a fellow from Cleveland and a 14-7 win over Jaimen Allison (thanks to the Allison Bros. for making it from Ontario) where I had to hang on late. Then I got smoked by Louis and finished with a pretty comfortable win over Ryan McKay (who called kind an outside the box matchup in NO/DAL). If I had lost that last game I would not have finished in the top 16. Winning that game got me up to #7 overall. This is where things broke my way. I got a pretty good draw as the #7, as the #2 was a local player who found us on Craig's List and showed up to our pre-Kumite event and had a 4-1 day beating Diaz soundly, Rico closely, and then getting waxed by Coco. Jaimen as my first opponent was no pushover, and Rico or Hendershot were the known guys I could face in the semis. The other half of the bracket was more stacked, IMO. Then the unthinkable happened and the Raiders fell to me as six teams were chosen ahead of them (SF, BUF, GIA banned to begin with). I think the order was HOU-WAS-KC-CHI-PHI-MIA-RAI. Plus the local guy took the Skins, so if I could get past Jaimen I'd at worst be playing against WAS. From here the games were not incredibly memorable. I got up big on Jaimen (CIN) with some stops and big plays. Round 2 I faced Nick D. with his Skins and won 24-7. Against Rico (KC) I got a stop right away and then built a 10 point lead. He kicked a FG with about 2:30 to go and got me to punt, but I was able to get an interception and took a safety to hang on 17-12. This game was the closest I played in single elimination. In the championship, I won the toss and took P1, Diaz took the Vikings. Had we not done the pre-determined final match-up of MIN-DET we would have played CHI-RAI, so still a very even game. We traded stops to open, then I got a TD, a stop, and hit a FG before the half. The second half opened with a sack-fumble-TD to all but seal the deal. Diaz got a TD at the end of the 3rd quarter to make it 20-7, but then a strange play happened. I broke a long run with Barry where his defender appeared to get chop blocked by the WR, but neither of us thought he touched one of my guys. When watching the playback the stream messes up there, so it must have been some "Contact"-esque alien intervention. Shortly after I punched it in. It was funny, because I was handling a lot of the mic duties all day and had been ribbing Diaz over the P.A., so it was funny we had to play in the final. Watching the stream games with the chat replay is hilarious. People made fun of my "tap face" (the face I make while tapping), which is ridiculous. I think everyone should have a candid shot of their tap face posted to the site. <-------------- dude, you're not going to win; you may as well stop making that face... The event on the whole was a blast. O'Dell put together a really sweet raffle portion that sent a lot of people home with some goodies. Thanks to Dave Murray for hooking us up with some Retron systems that allowed us to add a couple of stations. The venue and all their staff were lights out and we didn't get squeezed by ravenous Pistons fans this year. They had great setups for audio and visual and a nice WIFI connection for the stream. If we can have next year's tournament in the same place I'll be thrilled. Many thanks to all that made it out and those who watched on the stream (I hope you make tap face for your next drivers license photo). One month to go until Madison, the ultimate Tecmo party.
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    Detroit, MI - 03/04/17 - Detroit Tecmo Kumite V

    What a great time at KumiteV! Definitely our best tournament to date, with a beautiful spot overlooking downtown Detroit on the 3rd floor of Detroit Beer CO Two weeks prior to the tournament we sat at just 13 players, which was very discouraging to say the least with all we had done in preparation of the date. With walk ups, and further promotion we ended up with 31 players, each with at the very minimum, 5 games played, and sending many of them away with some great raffle prizes to boot! Matt O'Toole walked away with his 1st Kumite Cup title, after two previous runner-up finishes, and our first Michigan champion - which is just crazy to think about! Matt Diaz was our runner-up, with Rico and myself taking home 3rd and 4th place honors. Mark Nutter ousted Ryan McKay in the consolation tourney final on a JJ at the buzzer! Madison Tecmo Director, Dave Murray helped out the Kumite shipping over 3 Hyperkin RetroN 1 systems. They were so helpful in the tournament cause, as they nearly got us to 1/2 NES stations to Kumite participants, which would have allowed us to breeze through the tournament. We didn't quite get to the half way point, but the systems worked out awesome, as they seem to be much more reliable compared to some of the old Nintendo's out there. Louis B. and Nick C. took home RetroN systems as raffle prizes. So to Dave, thank you so much for that man! Lastly, a tremendous thank you to the great people at Detroit Beer Co for making us feel right at home the whole day. It can be a long day, and everyone there was just fantastic throughout, and for that we are so grateful, and hope to be back again next year! A big personal thank you to Matthew O'Toole, Chas Claus, and Jason Ley for your contributions to the tournament cause. We couldn't have made the day the success it was without you guys! See you guys in Madison, and hopefully next year at Kumite VI!
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    Man people are getting pretty friendly around here!! In my first Madison I didn't get any help!! Even though you're in my group Lincoln, I think most of this information is solid and a big help. My recommendation: If you win the toss against me, call SEA-SF. The game has a glitch that allows for SEA to get almost any fumble/INT against Joe Montana. Truly strange.
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    1985 Recap (Retirement, Record watch, etc.)

    This post will be a yearly occurrence where I will discuss everything from gains, retirements, and WTF record-book keeping. Notable Retirements This year saw a slew of running backs call it a career in the WTF. Most notability Chuck Muncie of the Miami Dolphins: Muncie spent five seasons with the San Francisco 49ers where he was elected to five straight Pro Bowls. He also achieved All-Pro three times (82, 83, 84). After the 1984 season, Muncie was traded to the Dolphins for a first round pick in 1986. This pick was later used to help the Niners acquire Dan Marino. Muncie was heavily underutilized in his final season in Miami, rushing for 470 yards on 78 carries. His constant clash with head coach Don Shula surely was a main cause of his retirement, although he would have been heavily sought out for via trade in the off season. Chuck rushed for 10590 yards in his career, which is good for third all time. He also ran for 108 touchdowns (2nd all time). Another big-name RB to call it a career was Franco Harris of the Kansas City Chiefs. Still battling in the playoffs, Harris has a shot to add another Super Bowl ring to his finger. He helped the Bills win the first two WTF bowls in 80 and 81. Harris was also named to the Pro-Bowl and All-Pro teams in 1980 and 1984. Like Muncie, Franco was traded from his original team after five seasons and promptly retired. Harris was involved in the blockbuster trade that saw Marcus Allen arrive in Buffalo. But unlike Muncie, Harris was a shell of his former self in his sixth season. Now only 44 max speed, Harris ran 21 times for 184 yards for the Chiefs. Harris is currently seventh all time in rushing yards and sixth in touchdowns. The Lions saw two of their running backs retire in Mike Pruitt and Joe Washington. Pruitt, an original draft pick of the Lions, had a serviceable career after starting at 50 max speed. Pruitt, a pro bowler in 1981, currently sits at the No. 10 spot on the rushing yards and touchdown list. Washington, a change of pace back for the Lions, was acquired from the Patriots for two draft picks. In his last season, Washington actually outperformed the faster Pruitt, averaging more yards per carry and running for one more TD. Washington's best year came with the Patriots in 1981, where he rushed for 1315 yards and had 16 total touchdowns. The best of the rest include Pete Johnson of the Packers, the Jets' Curtis Dickey, and Gary Anderson of the Buccaneers. Anderson was never given a chance with Tampa Bay only carrying the ball three times in his three-year career. The 24-year-old 44 max speeder decided to hang up his cleats after a disappointing career. Johnson and Dickey had similar careers in their WTF tenure. Dickey was traded to the Jets from the Packers for four players to make room for Eric Dickerson, but the Packers later moved Dickerson in the John Elway trade, which also included Johnson. Speaking of early retirements, QB Mike Tomczak drafted in last year's draft by the Giants called it a career after one season. Sticking to offense, the Seahawks lost two WRs who have been mainstays for their franchise. John Stallworth and James Lofton are no more. Drafted in the third and fourth rounds of the original WTF draft, the duo teamed up for 78 touchdowns. Another set of players who put up similar numbers are linebackers Harry Carson of the Niners and Clay Matthews of the Bears. Both players spent all six seasons with the same franchise. Matthews, a two-time pro bowler and 1983 All-Pro, made 225 tackles and 45 sacks in his career. In his All-Pro season, he had 13 sacks for the Bears. Carson also made two Pro Bowls and was named to the 1980 All-Pro team. He made 210 tackles and 48 sacks in his six-year career. 1985 Record Watch QB Warren Moon of the Dolphins broke two single-season records previously held by.... himself. Moon completed 157 passes and threw 313 times, both WTF records. He threw for 3938 yards, good for second, behind himself again (set last year). The 49ers rookie Herschel Walker ran 321 times this season, which is 6 carries less than what Chuck Muncie did in 1984. Robb Riddick of the Seahawks returned three kickoffs for touchdowns in 1985, a WTF record. Riddick returned two in one game against the Packers in Week 5. That feat is also a single-game record. He also amassed 268 return yards in that game, another record! Dolphins DB Felix Wright had four sacks, another single-season record for the Phins. Packers DB Tom Pridemore broke his own season tackle record with 107 tackles, 13 more than the previous season. As a team the Steelers continue to shine on offense. Joe Montana and company went for 5133 yards this season, a new record. Note: If I missed one of your players, don't be mad I just didn't see them. Give them a shout out below.
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    Diaz looks like he's flashing Tecmo gang signs...
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    A few bros asked for more pics of the trophy. Here you go. Starting Lineup used for scale.
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    My "call safe" word with QB Eagles is paprika.
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    Since you're cramming, another thing to practice/discover is which plays are "blitz" proof with a hot route. Offset Flare E (the offset I play in the 2nd play slot) has a built in hot route to the RB, so you can throw to him on picked play to at least avoid a sack.
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    The Many Achievements of Tim Ubick Thread

    Joeygats arch nemesis Tim Ubick has achieved much in life. I will share what I have heard about this legendary figure. I encourage you to do the same in this thread. Regulator wears Tim Ubick pajamas Tim Ubick wins with default playbooks Tim Ubick starts Grogan George and McMahon Tim Ubick taps 18 with roundhouse kicks to the controller Tim Ubick goes back and b by pressing forward and a Bob Nelson calls lurching Tim Ubicking Tim Ubick subs out Jerry Rice and John Taylor for Harry Sydney and Dexter Carter Tim Buck is 9 feet tall and his beard smells like honeycomb Tim Ubick recovers onside kicks as player 2
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    Play pre-season game in season mode

    This hack will play a pre-season game as if it was a season game thus saving the stats to the season stats after the game is over SET(0x21288, 0x4C9492) SET(0x212C6 0xEAEAEA) This was primarily done for the PNW flash cart league
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    I think it's pretty cool that Flo's brother has continued his legacy by attending tournaments and posting to threads after Flo's untimely death at BurningMort. He's not as good at Tecmo or nearly as good looking as Flo, but you take what you can get. I didn't catch his name at Green Bay, but he seemed like a good guy.
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    Tecmo Madison has partnered with the Let's Play Gaming Expo this year. They have sponsored our field to extend the tournament payouts further but also to add a bit more to our tournament circuit. The Let’s Play Gaming Expo is one of the most interactive conventions in the land, celebrating all of gaming, be it board, card, or video. Their third year will feature all the things you loved from the previous years, only bigger and better again! #LPGE has featured 85+ vendor tables, 80+ arcade cabinets, the national Smash Bros tournament Low Tier City, the only Classic Tetris World Championship regional qualifier, a Tecmo Madison qualifier, retro game tournaments, modern game tournaments, panels, special guests, and much, much more! Yes, you read right. We, Tecmo Madison, are taking our talents to Dallas! August 5th, 2017 will be the first qualifier of the Tecmo Bowl XIV season, kicking off with our first qualifier in Dallas. More details to come. If you'd like to keep up to date with the upcoming Dallas qualifier, please sign up to the mailing list by clicking below: http://tecmo.cc/TMDallasXIV_signup
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    There are a few things I think you can work on vs the computer: Running the same pass play over and over to get comfortable cycling through receivers and timing routes. Dodging drones on long runs. Making sure that if you win a grapple or the MAN defender gets blocked or bounced that you will take every run for as far as it can go. Changing the computer's plays to reflect a tournament player's playbook and trying to defend different plays from different positions. Knowing who isn't blocked on run plays and what positions drop in coverage. You can also practice tapping. Maybe try tweaking your technique while in game vs computer. I think something that people sometimes forget about being a good tapper is having a good jump when the tap battle starts. You want your first press to be as close to the beginning of the tap-off and switching your grip from running a ballcarrier/defender to how you tap fastest might make you skip a beat. Practicing on a ROM or with Track and Field or some other game is also a good way to track how fast you are tapping. Oh, and kicking field goals. Play on a ROM and do a save state before you attempt, so you can quickly reload your save state and attempt a kick over and over. Outside of that, I don't think there is much you can work on without having a person there.
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    All this advice is good, but let me offer something that's always helped me get through the day. First I wake up on Saturday morning hung over from enjoying Friday nights festivities. I then try to eat a little breakfast along with a white Russian for a little hair of the dog remedy. I then head to the venue where I usually drink my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd beer before I play my first game. After losing my first game I'm able to drink my 4th, 5th, and 6th beer before playing, and losing my second game. After I get eliminated I usually enjoy a fat ass cheeseburger with extra grease to help soak up some of the alcohol. I usually wash that down with some Crown Royal and Dr. Pepper. It's important to get that caffeine in you to keep that energy flowing. After I finish 3 or 4 mixed drinks I switch back to beer to help finish the gauntlet. As the night comes to a close I usually find some mexican joint that serves the biggest burritos known to man, and I smash it. I hope this information helps!
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    That's pretty close to the tiers I use at Tomczak Bowl. I've only got 5 tiers on this handy graphic. I've seen numerous folks at Madison with a copy of this on hand to help them.
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    Your weekly reminder to unregister from the tournament - also, since we've received comments from people via other means about friends and relatives if you notice someone in a group that you know isn't coming, let us know too so we can reach out and confirm with them.
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    When I was at the Detroit Kumite tournament last weekend, a number of players from the Cleveland area who I had never met before attended as well and we all had a great time! Many of these guys already get together a few times a year to play casual Tecmo Super Bowl at various venues. I collected emails and some cell phone numbers for players that wanted to provide one. This post is to see who would be interested in getting together potentially quarterly to play Tecmo Super Bowl and perhaps consider doing a Fantasy Football League in the fall for anyone who enjoys both Tecmo and Fantasy Football and lives in or near Northeast Ohio. If this is something that interests you, please message me and provide your email address and cell phone number, as I will be creating a text distribution group in addition to the email distribution list once we finalize the initial details. If you could also let me know ideas for places to meet, how many systems, cartridges, controllers and TVs you would be willing to share with the group, that would also be helpful. The idea is to simply get a group of great guys together semi regularly who enjoy both Tecmo Super Bowl and NFL football. Thanks in advance for your consideration. More to follow after I collect everyone's thoughts and responses.
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    Howdy, streamers! To set your stream to being shown on all of our sites/servers/communities, you'll need to set up three things. First, go to https://www.twitch.tv/dashboard and login if you haven't. then scroll down to set your... Community - start typing tecmosuperbowl (all one word) and it click it. Game - head to Now Playing and start typing Tecmo Super Bowl. Click "Tecmo Super Bowl" - Be sure to click Update Information to save both options. See the next post for setting up Auto Hosting.
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    Upset city! My Bengals upset DT's Seahawks and then Kamp's Cowboys for the win! Highlight in the championship game was me thinking I was down 14-13 instead of up 14-13 and trying to kick a field goal with 10 seconds left. Was blocked, but my kicker Ric Flair picked it up and the game ended. I give my MVP to Henry Ellard, who JJ'd his way into my heart and into everyone else's nightmares.
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    I was almost in tears while reading this thread....................and then I read THIS^^^.......I almost died.
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    Tim Ubick handed off to Johnny Johnson and the cartridge caught on fire.
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    Detroit, MI - 03/04/17 - Detroit Tecmo Kumite V

    Louis with two raffles.... Lol. Crushed it in Columbus too. The Raffle King! Wish I could have been at this one. Lots of great players, great partiers, and WHAT A GREAT FORMAT! Toolie finally breaks through. Awesome. One of the community's greats finally takes home a BELT! Guess he's the favorite to take the most prestigious title in all of Tecmo next month! Madison? Naw... TECMO VAN CHAMP! THAT'S THE REAL SHIT! We'll be gunnin for ya!
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    Great Times Were had. Ty to @modeezie @toolie MoskaJoe and Chaz for running an great tournament. The set up was.nice. Congrats to @toolie and @diazhole for 1st and 2nd. Ty to Hendershot 4 letting me crash at his house and traveling with him. My games i went 4 and 1 in the first round. 1st game i beat the guy who won the consolation bracket sd over den. I lost the 2nd game 21 to 2o when i was up 13 in the 4th. Decided to go for 4th 1 and up 6 with 2minutes to control my own destiny rather face an Jj. He picked run and i.picked pass forced.me.to.pass to.wide.open wr (which i did). The pass was blocked.by a defensive drone. Maybe shoulda punted but after that Barry scored the game winner. He seem skilled but i still should of won and.cost me the #1 to #3 seed. I beat @Toolie in matchup i have never lossed before. Got an early Int and did not look back. Won my next 2 games got philly in draft. Even in my 1st round vs Joshua Allison i played lights out defense vs Pitt in an 17 to 0 win Qb eagles did not scramble like.normal. I need to practice that more. The next game i just had bad game vs @diazhole Chi bears. Lost a lot to liitle. Got outplayed. I threw 3 picks...2 picks on called pass plays...1 on a misread on tge matchup burn attempt off the screen. Then on defense i gave up 2oo yds rushing cuz refuse to pick run. Gg. ___<<_________________________ Things i noticed ... @odell was good at Timing Jj on Pass 2 all curls and using his Nt to Legally Grapple the Nt to contain the Run 2 Proset Dive. That craiglist guy was the real deal but reached with the pick of Was in the draft. Moska Joe Played Good and partyed good. How was his Luck at the casino? Good seeeing @Coconuts and Rico R. Oh i won 2 raffles lol. Ty guys. i am freerolling at madison.
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    Team Review: Green Bay Packers

    Green Bay Packers The 1990 Packers went 6-10 and dropped to 4-12 in 91. Thankfully for Packers fans it was the end of a long period of futility between the stand out play of the 60’s and 1993 onward. The teams best player is Sterling Sharpe. One of the best wr’s of the day but his career was cut short by injury. Never forget Sterling Sharpe is always open. His hands skills are so great that he even caught himself upon exiting the womb. Green Bay is an offensive powerhouse on the lower end of the game. Yet they have little on defense. Key Players QB Don Majkowski 25 Ms and 50 PC RB Keith Woodside 44 Ms RB Michael Haddix 94 hp WR Sterling Sharpe 50 ms, 75 rec DL Bob Nelson 69 RP, 38 ms, 56 hp LB Tim Harris 50 RP 50 MS 56 HP DB Jerry Holmes 44 MS 50 int DB Mark Murphy 44 MS 50 int Team strength running the ball, QB mobility, Sterling Sharpe. Team weaknesses lots of bad drones, weak ol and not too many good choices for manned defender. Best matchups. Vs Sea, Cle, No, Nyj Other possibilities Ne, Atl, Ind, Phx Stretching it Pitt Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Lions. View the full article
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    To paraphrase a rather un-famous quote I had in Polygon about the tournament: games are decided at the elite level in the margins: can you match up a burner WR against a low INT/slower DB? or get your high HP TE blocking a low HP DL to open a larger hole? Part of this is experience - you just have to play against the upper level guys over and over again. Part of it is knowledge - the Holzbauers and I would recite secondaries with INT ratings on long drives to compare. Part of it is opponent research - you should have a cursory understanding of how some of the top guys play, a bunch of their games are on youtube by now. And part of it is self-research - trying playing your friends without tapping, or without calling a running play, or without doing X and see how you adapt. If your friends are not as good as you, take the worst team in horrific mismatches to generate the necessary skill difference. Read mort's blog. Go to tecmogeek.com. Use bruddog's matchup generator ROM if only to see what matchups look like since it takes historically called matchups. You get one month to get your sports training montage in, make it count.
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    One of the best things to study as a newer player is the PC+REC-INT odds. For example Dan throwing to Clayton against Atwater (all in average) is 69+69-31 has nearly a 50% chance of a completion and a 0% chance of an interception. You have better odds of them catching and insta-fumbling. Atwater is extreme, but the whole secondary pretty much sucks. That's why you have to choose wisely when you decide to be a 19INT LB against a superior passing team. Especially if you called a run play on defense. EDIT: A quick way of calculating is if you are close to 100 it's a very optimal advantage for the offense. If you are lower than 50 it is a very optimal advantage for the defense. And anything inbetween 50-100 is pretty much a toss up. I will rarely take deep shots if that number is less than 80. Like Wade Wilson throwing to Anthony Carter - Louis Oliver (44+75-56=63). Off the top of my head I wouldn't throw that ball unless I had to. Looking at the spreadsheet it's a 21% catch 13% interception throw. Add in the possibility of a JJ and your odds on offense get a tad better. All and all, I'm probably not throwing that ball unless I need a quick score. PC REC INT CALCULATOR.xls
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    Hi every one!!! i just stoped by to say i really miss you all tecmoguys! long time absent with several personal matters but i never forgot about the greatest game of all time! hope some day to play one game with my past tecmo fellas! great to see tecmo still alive!! long life tecmobowl!
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    Practice and Playbook breakdown video.

    I got a great practice session in today to help get ready for Tecmo Madison. Tom Stahnke is a regular Madison entrant and is also the retro sports game. Follow him on twitter @retrosportsgmer and his YouTube feed has excellent videos of classic video games. Including in-depth Tecmo breakdowns. Watch below for our playbook breakdown today. I ramble a little but there is good tidbits of information. Follow him on YouTube at The Retro Sports Gamer. He is currently breaking down every team in Tecmo. View the full article
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    lot of noobs making some noise on Facebook about being awesome - I expect the veterans to keep the young bucks in check this year.
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    This is key - some pass plays have 2 or even 3 call safe receivers. I try to put as many call safe receivers in my playbook as possible. If you are practing alone choose to play Man vs Coa and always have the Coa player pick the same play as you. Then practice counting taps to call safe receivers to make sure you can get the pass off in time. Note: If you have QB Eagles, a lot more pass plays can become "call safe" that aren't typically...
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    The tecmo "bible" by Leif Powers has what you seek http://tecmobowl.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15044
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    Northeast Ohio Tecmo Quarterly Meetup Group

    Awesome! Count me in for sure!
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    Week 7: DAL @ NYG

    The action packed game of the season perhaps, where neither D could make much of a stop. Both teams scored on every possession. The game featured 181 yards on the ground from Marcus and 225 from Neal. Joe was 8/9 for 188 with 2 TDs to Flipper. Haddix returned a KR for a TD (popcornarific) and 155 yards before going down on an injury, while Don Warren tallied 119 KR yards of his own. In all, there were nearly 1000 yards between scrimmage and return. Giants ran out of time in the first half and play it conservative with a FG to go up 17-14 at the half. The tables flipped in the 2nd half with the Cowboys winning it 17-14, a last second FG tying it all up at 31 to send it to OT. Coin is flipped...and it goes Giants! At this point Jesus declares GG, since whoever got the kick seemed poised to win...and I say well it's Tecmo you never know. Trying to pin me deep Jesus goes for the max...and...accidental onsides..whoops. Next play Marcus takes it 45 yards in for the game winner. Doh! GG, very fun, guns blazing match. Giants clear .500 for the first time in the season, now 4-0 when not losing a fumble (0-3 when losing one.) Box: http://hstl.tecmobowl.org/box-score.html?gID=14596 Juicy!
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    Season Zero Teams MadManyo leads the Chiefs with his usual rowdy band of high falutin' on and off field escapades. The field general of the Chiefs is none other than John Elway, wheelz and dealz will be forthcoming from the Stanford man, who will be airing it out to the likes of the Black MaJJik Rabbit Stephone Paige and JJ, yes J.J. Birden. Even some matchbox 20 representation with sir Thomas of Robb. Emmitt will be doing the durty work on the tecmo gridiron for the Chiefs and when certain conditions dictate, Smith will be rotated out for High Smith. Tommie Agee looks to be in the mix too, however he has been forbidden from doing his skill set of Tight End duties. The Chiefs are no slouch when playing defense either, as James Francis looks to wreck running plays and FG attempts galore in this Season zero, all the while, the Fulchenator will be roaming the airways and blocking the runways with his unique skill set of skullduggery. DT has his high flying 'Hawks, led by Mr. Personality Steven De Berg. Emmitt Smith will be toting the rock for the Seahawks this season, and I doubt we see any High Smith carries cuz DT don't swing like that. Seattle does sport the tandem of Killah Kane and Brian Cutty Blades to haul in those sweet De Berg Dimes. On that Tight End, Give him Hell Heller and Travis "Micky" McNeal will take turns holding it down. Tim "The Tat Man" Harris will combine with Charles "THE" Mann to pucker up the running lanes while Not so Easy Eddie Anderson will channel his inner Shy Ronnie with his speed and hitting ability. The rest of the Seahawk Secondary is all Legion of Gloom, with Hard up Harden, Hands McDaniel and Hands Across Washington's speedy yet slippery ways. Looks like the special teams for the Hawks will be replete with some Waggishness as well. The Cowboys will be turbo powered for season zero in CFT, led by the Turbo Gun of Billy Joe Tolliver, who will be zippin the pigskin to the likes of the PL88MAKER and K-Mart, while all world, and not Czech Jay Novacek will add his unique dual ability to block AND catch with authority. Craig will lead the way running, Roger Craig that is, and he's got a couple of friendos able to jump in if necessary in Dexter "Us" Carter and Harry 'the Horrible" Sydney, and that other unique double threat of blocking and catching, Tom "You Will Feel My" Rathman. The Cowboys sport what should be the most sturdy of defenses in CFT season zero, with Howie "Cumma" Long and Greg "On the" Townsend joining with Bob "You Should" Golic manning the trenches, Charles "Brown and" Haley, Matt "Thanks a" Millen will aid the cause and Romanohomonowski will be wreckin things in the kicking game. On the back end, Louis "Buffalo Ridah" Oliver and Jarvis "Canes Lightning" Williams look to hold up their end of their bargain. The Elusive White Tick leads a Bengal attack helmed by Kenny O and Tony E to the most lethal WRs in the league, L-Oh- Ellard and They Call him FLIPPER! Manning the Tightest of Ends is Hot Lips Holohan. The Bengal running attack is no slouch either with Ernest "Ball Security" Byner and KB of the USFL leading a righteous attack. Safe to say White Tick's offense will be the most "Potent" in all of #Lewis County come Saturday. On D, the Bengals will be led by ALL WORLD LB Jessie "Tuggie" Tuggle, and those Miamah boys Jarvis, Oliver, McKyer and Brown LLC. The B Wagg and his XtraLargentness will be sporting a brand new dog running their show. Q Beagles cost a pretty penny, and he'll be running for his life here and there with the Grimy Tampa Hog Squad standing between him and the oncomers. Q Beagles has the Mack Attack going for him, and Eric Metcalf will chip in on the gridiron as well. Eric Martin "E" will be called upon to bring in his own Johnny Johnsian legendary hidden stats to help the Raidahs stretch the field. On D, Walter , er, William White and ALL WORLD LB Jessie Tuggle will try to plug the dyke the best they can.
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    Tim Ubick's opponents must play "cordless" so they don't hang themselves.
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    The Many Achievements of Tim Ubick Thread

    Tim Ubick's Social Security # is the Contra Code!
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    What a great tournament.. slightly different then most tournaments.. Witch is really nice.. Group Play pins people of equal Talent against each other.. I think it's awesome for all levels.. I highly suggest this tournament to it anyone and everyone.. the five and a half hour drive really did suck but it was well worth it and I will be returning next year
  38. 3 points
    I have no idea who Tim Ubick is, but I enjoy what this thread is. The reason why the jumping Tecmo cheerleader shows off her underwear is to impress Tim Ubick.
  39. 3 points

    The Many Achievements of Tim Ubick Thread

    Tim Ubick makes his opponents listen to Nickleback, and they thank him for it.
  40. 3 points
    OL' Dirty Tecmo

    The Many Achievements of Tim Ubick Thread

    I heard that Tim Ubick has an NES controller input installed in his butt cheek. When he depants and plugs one in, he controls himself IRL running around screaming "LOOK!!! I'm playing with myself... muahahahAHAHAHAHA!!" Good luck with that, gats.
  41. 3 points
    Haha love it!! Good times
  42. 3 points

    The Many Achievements of Tim Ubick Thread

    I heard that a cobra once bit Tim Ubick directly in the beard and after 5 days of excruciating pain the cobra died.
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    Team Review Detroit Lions

    Detroit Lions Part of an ongoing project to do a write up each team in Tecmo Thanks to Tom (The Retro Sports Gamer) for doing the videos. Please give me some feedback on the write up and video. Also follow Tom’s channel as we broadcast these live. Next Wednesday we will review Minn and TB if time allows us to do two again. I want to keep the write up short but have the key information. The 1990 Detroit Lions featured in TSB went 6-10 and then won the NFC Central in 1991 with a 12-4 record. They featured Barry Sanders who is in goat conversations for the RB position. Barry is the second best RB in tecmo and it’s hard to stop the Det offense when Barry, Rodney Peete and Mel Gray get in a groove. Key players QB Rodney Peete 31 Ms and 44 PC QB Andre Ware 25 Ms but 38 pc RB Barry Sanders 69 Ms RB Mel Gray 56 Ms WR Richard Johnson 75 rec but only 19 Ms DL Jerry Ball 69 hp LB Michael Cover 50 to 56 Ms, 50 hp LB Chris Spielman 44 rp, 50 ms, 56 HP DB William White 44 rp 56 Ms 56 HP 56 int Team strength running the ball, QB mobility and several usable defenders. Team weaknesses lots of bad drones, weak ol, bad kicker, low QB PC, very little HP in skill positions on offense and slow wr core. Best matchups. Vs Minn, Mia, Rams, Wash, Cin Other possibilities Den, TB, Dal, Phi Stretching it Oak, Chi, Pitt Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Lions. View the full article
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    I do this because they run to the endzone faster
  45. 3 points
    Is that enough time to have a shirt made that says "NOOBSLAYER"?
  46. 3 points
    Yeah Sega reaches a point where he just gives up on life and goes to sleep. Burritos are good but I really enjoy getting a gyro at that place across from the Plaza.
  47. 3 points
    meanwhile I'm giving out reputation points out like candy.
  48. 3 points
    Id say as a newer player you are probably better off picking the two teams you want in the match. The coin toss discussion was beaten to death and is an another thread if you want pages of opinions about it.
  49. 3 points
    Here is one person's bit of advice on some of that stuff as well - focus on your stuff. Be good at your stuff first. If you like a set of plays, use that set of plays and know them in your sleep. I am not @bruddog, my knowledge was/is deep, but not that deep. What I always did was focus on my own game play - I could never out-know a player, but I could know exactly how every single team in the game played to my strengths. I like DBs on defense, so my knowledge of DBs is high, my knowledge of LBs is low. I love burner WRs on the bottom, so my playbooks reflect that - I only used 6 total running plays and 6 total passing plays. I know who I should be to fit my style with any team, and I also have a style (some would refer to it as 'extremely effing annoying' though my man brud plays an even more annoying version of it) that I spent time cultivating that works with my mentality. As a noob, you will benefit from playing your game, because if you're going to go out, go out on your terms, not playing someone else's style. The one other thing that can help from a comfort/matchup level is to pick a "tier" of teams and know them inside and out, while leaving the other teams for cursory understanding. If you choose a matchup, you have a go-to tier, if you are forced to choose a team, you at least have a basic understanding of which teams plays to your strengths. I lived in the 5th of the 6 "traditional" tiers. I loved playing in that tier because it fit my style and matchup preferences. Others prefer a different tier, but it at least gave me a safety blanket - when in doubt, choose something from the good tier. The tiers as I remember them are below - everyone will have differences and their own rankings/groupings so treat this is the most basic of basic groupings from tournament play: Tier 0: AFC/NFC Pro Bowl, 49ers (49ers are alternatively banned or rarely used in tournament play so are put here) Tier 1: Oilers, Bills, Giants Tier 2: Eagles, Raiders, Bears Tier 3: Miami, SD, Bengals, Chiefs Tier 4: Steelers, Broncos, Rams, TB, Vikings, Lions, Skins Tier 5: Falcons, Cowboys, Jets, Cardinals, Saints Tier 6: Seahawks, Colts, Packers, Browns, Pats
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    I'm probably more risk taking than diaz and might take a shot vs oliver if its one on one coverage. Especially if i think someone is poor at covering them, or just to keep them from cheating up to the short wrs the whole game. Fast wrs are hard to stay right in front of. Speed is even bigger factor in completing deep passes then reception in most cases (dont need to hold ball as long, harder for drones and man to stay in the right position) This is why you see people putting in fast Rb's at wr for end of half bombs.