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  2. WEEK 3 Predictions

    Man, these games suck! Fuck this! I'm watching Toy Story.
  3. WEEK 3 Predictions

    Wacky week
  4. ¿En serio la @NFL espera que pensemos que los refs son TAAAAAN PENDEJOS? ¿En serio? ¿Todos son así de imbéciles? A mí me suena a corrupción

  5. Sim test USA

    Goji's 11.1 (Juiced) SEAHAWKS SBlueman (pre-1.01) TITANS T-Borg 2018 SEAHAWKS Tecmonster's 2018 TITANS
  6. Today
  7. @_PeteSmith_ 🙁

  8. Qué oso... https://t.co/HTcF0EuHya

  9. 41 wk2 GIA PHI

  10. @TheGhostofMarv que?

  11. Sim test USA

    ^v Irony of ironies, I'm gonna go ahead and say - after JAGS actually Won, 44-7 (point-differential = 37) - that Goji's 11.1 & SBlueman's pre-1.01 (point-differential = 21) were most-accurate. {Although all 4 OG Roms got JAX>bal right!}
  12. @patrickwinegar But getting drunk and reciting the Hail Mary in an attempt to own a leftist podcast? That's trad baby!

  13. WEEK 3 Predictions

    ravens, you damn morons. beaten by bortles. buttfaces
  14. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    You can't come out low-energy/giving more weight to trump than your actual on-field opponent, Baltimore. Or this is what happens (ie., you might even lose to the Jaguars). Idiots
  15. 41 wk2 GIA PHI

    Barry in excellent. GG Drake
  16. @Chrisksaint I don’t know if they’ve ever wrestled before. I doubt it. But man would that be awesome.

  17. RT @ChildsWalker: Notable to see Ray Lewis kneeling during the anthem after he was in the middle of Kaepernick story.

  18. RT @matt_slotnick: you know what's actually pretty disrespectful to the american flag? the confederate flag

  19. TTL Wait List

    War Machine yes can host
  20. Sim test USA

    Full-disclosure: T-Borg 2018 - OT... T-Borg 2018 - Re-SIM JAGS. JAGS. Tecmonster's 2018 JAGS. SBlueman (pre-1.01) JAGS. Goji's 2018 11.1 (Juiced) JAGS. ================================== SBlueman (v1.08) RAVENS. ================================== Goji's 2018 11.8 (Juiced) RAVENS.
  21. RT @FluffSociety: "Big Yawn, Little Bunny" https://t.co/FoE03u3Qa6

  22. @davemark Interesting note on the games icon in the App Store. https://t.co/FA8IWfWrvZ

  23. Fred McNair, get you a signature win. https://t.co/MW356sFgKl

  24. RT @Franklinaire: This gif is so Miami it hurts https://t.co/WjbKQZjCAe

  25. RT @barry: The nerds are complaining about women in tech and the jocks are the face of social change, what a world

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