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  2. TecmoBowl.org Commentator Series

    Yes, send them to via the form in the first post --> https://goo.gl/forms/xkzP5GtvPpvRDldI3
  3. Did you decide on making/releasing and end of the year 2018 NCAA rom?  I considered doing one but was waiting to see if you were.  I'd love one of yours and would buy a cart too if that's an option. :wink: 

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  5. Thats actually why I sign up for tourneys, I love being eliminated. And man im good at it.
  6. RT @WORLDSTAR: Today we remember the life of Aaliyah on her 39th birthday. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with her and her family.…

  7. RT @tos2019: 90年代のテクノを相変わらず愛聴 今は808stateとか聴いている 名曲「pacific」とかたまんねえ https://t.co/WYTxJJbGVE

  8. RT @royceyoung: Clint Capela was sent for a diversion while the others tried to break in the back door. The NBA is the best. https://t.co/e…

  9. Divisional Round PredictFest

    Quote of the Weekend: "Heck of a game, wasn't it? And the good guys won." - Mike Zimmer "And the good guys won"!! - was what really stood out to me. Because, prior to taking the Saints, I felt like that was a pick for the "evil empire" (sean payton, broom-sweep, whatevs)... And yet, had to make it, because I'd been craving a Saints-Vikes rematch ever since, like, when:
  10. @ImSoTSU Or 31-31 I should say.

  11. @son_of_pat_beach better to be the first champion to be eliminated then to never be a champion at all 😆😆😆
  12. >ラプターズ111-11776ERS 76ERSが「11776点」に空目。 いつも何点なのかわかりずらい。 #NBA

  13. RT @jaboukie: white people's MLK: where_is_the_love_black_eyed_peas.mp3 black people's MLK: knuck_if_you_buck_crime_mob.mp3

  14. RT @Super70sSports: The smartest thing ever said on a playground was "We got the guy in the yellow shirt." The second-smartest thing ever s…

  15. RT @OwenBenjamin: The funniest part of #metoo is it literally says “pound me too.” Did no one put that together? Hahahahahaha

  16. RT @MichaelBorkey: The same Alabama fans that have been calling Hugh Freeze a dirty rotten cheater since October 2014 are absolutely thrill…

  17. RT @Captsully: Nine years ago today, a routine flight turned into a life-changing moment for 155 people. While I reflect today on #Flight15…

  18. RT @TonyAndersonTV: @ROB_WIZLE @KennethJack14 @katelinbyrd @jemelehill MLK was HATED when he was alive and considered anti america & on the…

  19. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    No, no! Finger prints!
  20. Sometimes the love for a sports team is developed because of what they do off the field. Atlanta does it the right… https://t.co/BiSLvN3fWT

  21. @HeyItsStacyL Maybe if you replace kitchen with living room and making cookies with watching netflix....

  22. RT @TwSpot: 🚨Rosaforte says TW went back to Butch Harmon learning centre Saturday at Floridian, Claude Harmon says he was blown away how go…

  23. @DanZangrilli They’re at a disadvantage because they have a cheap ass owner who neither understands nor cares about… https://t.co/5yLgTYdUES

  24. RT @DeeepThreat: Record vs Common Opponents (including postseason) Jaguars 6-3 Patriots 8-0

  25. @UPROXXSports He would be giving his message in a venue were his message is all that can focused on. Not the whole… https://t.co/UVdgGeKwDw

  26. @Joel_Searby I'm reading through the Bible in 90 days. First thing I notice with such big sections is that Dr. Perk… https://t.co/jPXflaU2Li

  27. RT @mombot: GOOD MORNING https://t.co/kdZGWGyvob

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