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    Heh...yeah. The dudes kneeling? Not changing shit. The dudes "boycotting" the NFL? Not changing shit either. Spare us drama queens.
  3. How soon is too soon to talk about bringing Tony Romo back?

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  5. Tampa Bay's Underwhelming Recap Thread

    Like this....
  6. Toronto has a star running back! #CFL #Argos https://t.co/rY5WByXzHN

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  8. Random Thoughts

    Lol, I suppose it matters though bc of the growing cultural divide we're experiencing. But yeah, in the grand scheme of things who cares? It's football.
  9. Tampa Bay's Underwhelming Recap Thread

    He missed on 4 or 5 cc chances and my butt clinched tight every time. That classic pre-cc but clinch. Y'all heard?!?!
  10. TSB trivia game

    Name 2 original TSB players that played college football at Iowa State University? I'm an Iowa Hawkeye fan and know there are several Hawks in TSB (Vlassic, Harmon, Tippett, Roby, Cook, Long, Early, etc) but does anyone know the two from ISU?
  11. Tampa Bay's Underwhelming Recap Thread

    1-10 for Bills....that's...not his best day.
  12. RT @Nonsensicole: Berkeley, 1964: Birth of the Free Speech Movement Berkeley, 2017: https://t.co/KFCBhKfMon

  13. Seadragon MUGEN - Garuda #6: Before the Dark Knight (Before Injustice Week - Episode 2): https://t.co/m5OiwfUTo2 via @YouTube

  14. Random Thoughts

    Observation: people love to talk about insignificant shit like this on facebook and such, but when it comes to issues that actually matter... *crickets*
  15. Random Thoughts

    @Bodom @buck @Knobbe @bruddog @Maynard_G_Krebs @OL' Dirty Tecmo Thanks for all of the advice about movie and dinner dates. I think that I agree with Knobbe about time being an important factor; since I'm trying to go to an early-time movie around 5, then dinner afterwards would be good. But if I can only see a late movie, then maybe just a movie and no dinner is the way to go. And in regards to the girl, I would never ask a girl out to a movie for a first date. It would definitely be dinner only. Now I guess you guys can go back to talking politics again.
  16. @BSO So supporting the flag of traitors huh.... Smmfh

  17. RT @HawaiiBaseball: #HawaiiBSB Catcher @davidMnoworyta Named to Northwoods' Finest in the Field List #GoBows https://t.co/ojU7DzpOcB

  18. Random Thoughts

    These assbags have the means to take 2-weeks of the off-season and visit the scene of every major injustice of a shooting of a black man. They could stand in for 8 hours and get positive recognition. Instead, this bullshit. Could you imagine 200 pro football players doing that? That would be a true productive message (assuming being productive and not disruptive is part of the agenda.)
  19. RT @Deadspin: VIDEO: LeBron James has fun calling Donald Trump a "bum" again: https://t.co/iwNNnjU5fg https://t.co/yiMmpNLZUN

  20. Random Thoughts

    I think it should be clarified that in joining with Kaep, as this certainly seems like it is, is a bad move if there's any intent to not appear to be anti-American. Since that pos wears Fidel Castro T-Shirts, when he should probably be wearing a suit. So really, don't align yourself with such a shitbag and do something else to provoke thought, conversation, and change. This same "lumping-in" logic is also applied to Trump voters, the difference is, not all Trump voters have done exactly what Trump has done. Another double standard. I'm not buying that part of the argument. It's anti-American af.
  21. @travisyost If you really want to torture yourself... https://t.co/m3YNeAPaGe

  22. Random Thoughts

    Well one of my points that you actually made for me is about the ends justifying the means. Sort of like the attacks on 9-11, if you believe they were legitimate terrorism by Islam extremists. Boy they sure got everybody talking about muslims and their causes... same as the issue at hand, they ( or you MGK in their defense) can say "it's not about the anthem and the pregame ceremonies they're just using the venue to talk about something else". But, I do not agree that they should be using the pregame ceremony means to bring up some protest that "supposedly " has nothing to do with said ceremony. disrespecting our country and service people, for your allegedly unrelated cause, is wrong. But I actually think that the reason this got started was because of what kaep said in the interview I posted - he literally wants to disrespect the flag and what he imagines it represents in his own afro . And whether or not it still is the primary reason, it still comes off that way. Therefore, either way you look at it - about the flag, not about the flag. Like Jim brown said, It is not the right place and time to present your disrespectful protest. Even if the media ,and your ideological base, and a significant amount of people aren't offended or actually sympathize with your means. unless you do it like the redskins did. That was class. I am not even a patriotic person, I don't hold my hand over my heart at the anthem, but I get off my ass and stand still and show respect and minimally contemplate our country. I do not want to show disrespect to anyone at the venue.
  23. Random Thoughts

    I don't have kids; I don't know how do you tell an innocent-minded 10 year-old about cultural issues. Probably the same way many parents dealt with trying to explain how our current president, when he was 60 some-odd years old, told a non-friend of his in front of a live recording device that you're allowed to just grab a woman by the p*ssy: by avoiding it?
  24. Random Thoughts

    No, some of the protests this weekend were a leftist knee jerk reaction to these millionaire entertainment crybaby employees being called out by the president . Still were disrespectful. Still accomplished nothing. it's a fad, it's cool to "resist" right now. Too bad all those guys can do is essentially nothing but hurt themselves . what would you tell a 10 year old boy about why these guys disrespect the anthem? Put your self in an innocent state of mind and think about it like that. I know not everyone has kids, but how do you justify these antics when they are purely disrespectful? i liked what redskins did last night. That is what I would have done if I were on a football team yesterday.
  25. Random Thoughts

    Ohhhh, I see what you're saying. You're saying that because of Kaep's quote from 2016, it means all of this (including this past Sunday) can be directly attributed to Kaep's quote from 2016. But, that's incorrect, because this past Sunday had very little to do with Kaepernick's sentiment from 2016. If it had, we would have seen this past Sunday's protest in 2016, and not the isolated players that participated in anthem protests up until this past Sunday.
  26. Random Thoughts

    Are you so fucking arrogant that a simple sentence is impossible for you to comprehend and concede? Holy shit kaep started this bullshit, he was and still is the figurehead of it. What the heck is wrong with you? His is name comes up every time anyone talks about this, and here is a direct quote from him right after he displayed the anti flag/american protest. So he admitted to doing exactly what he was intending to do. The action fit the intention. At least for kaep.
  27. SNES punt glitch

    Anyone experienced this glitch while trying to block a punt? In a game as the Patriots v Browns, I dove and tackled the punter with Vincent Brown I believe. The punter's bar froze while the clock continued to run. The ball-carrier icon remained above the punter's head and the camera followed him as the ball-carrier, except the down never ended. My team kept pop-corning him, all the way into the Brown's defending end zone. Lol! I had to reset the game and start over.
  28. Random Thoughts

    Colin Kaepernick doesn't speak for all black people. Colin Kaepernick, last I checked, didn't major in communications, social work, or political science. I'm not saying that he needs to in order to speak about cultural issues that affect him in the US, but I'd venture to guess that had he focused on communication-based education, it would have helped him in his ability to more closely identify the root of his issue and translate that issue through public speaking to a variety of audiences.
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