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  3. Jeremiah (RR) Johnson... Johnny's cousin from back in the day...
  4. @TurdFurguson80 @PetrosAndMoney @Theoldp @mattmoneysmith Horses don't walk their bikes!! https://t.co/70njR7RgPf

  5. @khannar95 ur supposed to slide into my dm’s not just tweet conversations out into the world

  6. @FlemingSport https://t.co/LfBZi45lfz

  7. Gifs are failing me, but here's a video of the North American territories changing color! https://t.co/l1rqHDh88F

  8. Some of us did a little 12 team mock draft last night.... CFT2 Mock Draft
  9. @TheLincoln Congrats @MeekinOnMovies!

  10. Now you've got my attention.
  11. The most TDs w/ no INTs?

    Everett to Flipper Anderson and Henry Ellard, all day long.... It's a shame he's only ever remembered for the incident with Jim Rome. Everett was a good quarterback who probably would've been amazing had he been on better teams.
  12. RT @LouisFarrakhan: Where are the awakened Black men who refuse to bow down to the enemy? https://t.co/9GhWqLODfT

  13. @Ed_OBannon @KingJames Then don’t f ing play.... go find a job and bust your ass 40+ hours a week.... no normal stu… https://t.co/T61qeDmR2q

  14. RT @SenFeinstein: Special Counsel Mueller is a lifelong Republican. He's universally respected and will follow the facts. His investigation…

  15. The cool thing of the format that it does two things better. The 3 man groups with a Gold, Silver and bronze bracket give everyone 3 guaranteed games. Also since the seeds lock in ( Correct me if I am wrong @QB Browns @davefmurray ) from each respective group to each single elim. bracket that should speed up the seeding of elimination games. I am assuming For instance if the Projected group winner Joeygats wins his group he is the #1 seed in gold, then if the B player is 2nd he is the #1 seed in the silver and the 3rd place is #1 seed in bronze bracket For years it was just an big delay in time from when the group play games end from time the single elimination bracket starts ( which is not an complaint but just an fact of dealing with an huge bracket) . Doing it this way really could save you ample time with point differential not mattering. Some may want settle for the silver bracket. Also the sober players would not have that big advantage over the drinkers in this format because of the delay waiting for bracket to come out ( A lot guys play better buzzed but some bottom out).
  16. My first tweet this morning was similar. These guys are the best. Grateful that they are the kind of people our the… https://t.co/yywGCJEslF

  17. @Real_Heel @RealityTSpiller @the_korpze 100% on this! I’ve never watch Teen Mom, nor will I ever... but, I’ve list… https://t.co/yX6y6ZG3Lk

  18. Great opportunity to stock up on the best hydration product around!! #nuunlife https://t.co/42VkkLMtIi

  19. RT @ProductionsW7: Our followers are going to be VERY happy when they hear this! Our website has been updated and now includes a CALENDAR…

  20. The latest The Sockymon Metro! https://t.co/YTT86mwjFY Thanks to @strictmachine86 @OfficialWRC @mattforde #repost #ps4

  21. RT @dog_rates: This is Chief. He’s hype as h*ck for the game. Claims he’s been a fan forever. 13/10 really hopes both teams have fun https:…

  22. @MickieJames That needs to be on a t-shirt

  23. @katyperry Dreamboat

  24. @KyleKringus https://t.co/NELqHhBKyQ

  25. Me gustó un video de @YouTube https://t.co/bBLBxhrmfu 10 Memes Songs

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