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  2. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    But is joe flacoo elite? 😆
  3. Des Moines, IA - 11/11/2017 - Iowa Tecmo 4

    I'll split a hotel with you and whoever.
  4. RT @jamilahking: Jerry Jones is worth $5 billion. His team, the Dallas Cowboys: $4 billion. He’s not kneeling in unity. He’s protecting an…

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  6. Milwaukee, WI - 11/04/17 - Tecmo Milwaukee: Who's Next? 11/4

    "Your discretion is legendary"
  7. The group play should be really competitive! My guess is the top two would look something like this: GROUP OF DEATH: Gats Reg Mort Flo GROUP OF COMA: Lou TecmoBo Hank Tom/Joe/Shark/Immortal (haven't played some of these guys so not sure) GROUP OF OVERSLEEPING: Not sure about the rest of the field GROUP OF A LIGHT NAP: Same GROUP OF INSOMNIA: TBD
  8. WEEK 3 Predictions

    The Patriots and I are still on the same page. Both shit our pants week 1. Came back with a vengeance week 2. Barely snuck by week 3, but things are looking optimistic.
  9. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    @Mike Gordan I like your rankings. I don't see any major variances from where I would rank each team. I also like that your comments are "on edge" this week. General anger, when directed at no one in particular, amuses me. Let's hope the Broncos keep losing so we can have more of it! And you're spot on with the Patriots. Their defense is abysmal. They also can't run the ball when it counts. The one problem that everyone thought they would have this year (the 40-year old QB) is the one problem they DON'T have.
  10. RT @fridamiceli: Digo, equis no lo odio pero tampoco soy tan fan de que respire...

  11. @cdeuce33 @Deadspin Price you pay for poor clock management

  12. The Supplemental Draft shaped Tecmo as we know it. When we think of how our favorite players ended up in Tecmo Super Bowl, we think of the regular NFL Draft. We see bright-eyed college kids mounting the stage at Radio City Music Hall. We see the NFL Commissioner at the podium. We hear Philly fans booing. We see newly-minted NFL players taking their jersey, putting on their cap. We see the inevitable Commissioner Bro Hug. Not all players arrive in the NFL through the draft. Some, such as former Browns Kick Returner Josh Cribbs and journeyman LB Jerome Harrison, went undrafted and signed to their clubs as free agents[1]. Still others arrive via a tertiary, more mysterious method: The Supplemental Draft. The NFL and NFLPA negotiated a regular Supplemental Draft in addition to the regular college player draft in the spring of 1977[2]. The Supplemental Draft allows players ineligible for both college play and the regular NFL draft to turn pro. Usually, this means players suspended or dismissed from their college teams. To illustrate: in 1977, Notre Dame suspended Senior RB Al Hunter for having a woman in his dorm room after hours, then a violation of the university’s conduct policy. This wouldn’t have been a major issue except Hunter was already on probation for a 1974 incident where Lawson was caught with a woman in his dorm room[3]. The Supplemental Draft process is fairly simple. Excepting 1984, which we’ll discuss shortly, teams place a draft pick “bid” on players. The team with the highest bid wins said player. However, any successful bid in the Supplemental Draft is lost in the next years’ NFL Draft. So, in the first year of the Supplemental Draft, Seattle bid a 4th round pick on the troubled Notre Dame RB. Their bid was the highest and they won the rights to Hunter. As a result, the Seahawks forfeited their 4th round pick in the 1978 NFL Draft[4]. The Supplemental Draft shaped Tecmo Super Bowl’s landscape perhaps more than any single year’s NFL Draft. 1984 – The USFL Supplemental Draft As we’ve mentioned, the early 1980’s saw the startup United States Football League challenge the NFL. The USFL held their annual player draft in January, a full three months before the NFL. As such, they were able to lure stars such as Herschel Walker and Nebraska RB Mike Rozier. It soon became clear, however, the USFL’s heavy spending and declining revenues spelled disaster. Heading into the 1984 NFL Draft, some NFL owners their less scrupulous peers would bet on the USFL’s implosion and use mid-to-late round draft picks on USFL stars. A 5th round pick for Steve Young? Yes, please. Others worried, that should the USFL fold sooner rather than later, there would be massive bidding wars for USFL stars. To solve both problems, NFL owners and the NFLPA agreed to a special Supplemental Draft in 1984[5]. Owners promised not to select USFL players in their regular April Draft. In exchange, the NFLPA bargained for expanded rosters—from 45 to 49. The 1984 Supplemental Draft of USFL (and Canadian Football League) players, held in June, would eschew the bidding process and instead use the regular draft rules for a three-round affair. The 1984 Supplemental Draft brought in a number of Tecmo Legends. Tampa took Brigham Young University/LA Express Quarterback Steve Young. The New York Giants selected Hall of Fame Offensive Tackle Gary Zimmerman. Neither Zimmerman nor Young would hit TSB cartridges with the team that drafted them. Tampa, perhaps foolishly, gave up on Young in 1989 and shipped him to San Francisco. Zimmerman, who had no desire to play in New York, sued the NFL. Zimmerman and his lawyers argued the NFLPA had zero rights to bargain a special draft of players who, by virtue of playing in the USFL and CFL, did not belong to their union[6]. The USFL’s Philadelphia Stars also brought suit, arguing the Supplemental Draft constituted collusion among NFL owners to meddle in the USFL’s affairs. The Supplemental Draft also formed a major argument in the USFL’s 1985 antitrust suit against the NFL. In all three cases, the lawsuits fell the NFL’s way. Zimmerman eventually agreed to be traded to Minnesota. The USFL folded. The Chicago Bears, on the other hand, wanted no part of the 1984 Supplemental Draft. They traded all of their 1984 Supplemental picks to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for a few late-round regular draft picks[7]. Instead of 3, the Browns selected 6 players in the 1984 Supplemental Draft. Among them: Clemson/LA Express RB Kevin Mack, Virginia Tech/Philadelphia Stars LB Mike Johnson and Baylor/Houston Gamblers WR Gerald McNeil. Without the 1984 Supplemental Draft, the Tecmo and TSB Browns squads would be very different indeed. 1985 – “QB Browns” Games the System The following year, the 1985 Supplemental Draft further cemented our beloved Tecmo Browns[8]. Consensus agreed, that should Miami University’s Bernie Kosar leave college, he would be the best QB available. Prior to the draft, the Buffalo Bills, holder of the #1 pick but committed to Jim Kelly, signed Virginia Tech DE Bruce Smith. Days later, Kosar decided to forgo his 2 remaining years of college eligibility and enter the NFL. Warren Moon’s Houston Oilers, not needing a QB, traded their #2 pick to the QB-thirsty Minnesota Vikings. QB Browns had other ideas. Kosar, born and raised in Northeast Ohio, wanted to play for his hometown Browns. So in a bit of cloak-and-dagger subterfuge, Cleveland traded for Buffalo’s 1986 1st round pick. The 1986 1st rounder, coupled with Buffalo’s worst overall record in 1984, gave Cleveland the most bidding power in the 1985 Supplemental Draft. Bernie Kosar, though he had announced his desire to enter the NFL draft, had not formally filed his paperwork with the NFL. So Bernie accidentally-on-purpose submitted his papers after the April 15 NFL Draft deadline. This made Bernie eligible for the 1985 Supplemental Draft. Houston and Minnesota, begged NFL Commissioner Rozelle to intercede on their behalf. Rozelle refused, saying neither Kosar nor the Browns had broken any rules[9]. Cleveland bid Buffalo’s 1986 1st Round pick in the 1985 Supplemental Draft and won QB Browns. In October of 1985, the NFL instituted what it called the Kosar Rule. Instead of Supplemental Draft order being based solely on a team’s previous season W-L record, the league instituted an NBA-style Supplemental Draft Lottery. Teams received lottery entries in proportion to their losses. The Supplemental Draft order was then drawn minutes before the regular draft[10]. This meant to guard the Supplemental Draft system against gamesmanship. Which isn’t to say some didn’t try anyway. 1987 – CC & The Boz Brian Bosworth tried to replicate Kosar’s gambit in 1987. Tampa had already agreed to terms with Vinnie Testarverde at #1 overall. Not wanting to play for sad-sack teams like Indianapolis, Buffalo or Green Bay, “The Boz” intentionally withheld his paperwork for the 1987 NFL Draft. Bosworth wanted to play for a big-market, win-now team. He stated he would only play for the Rams, Raiders, Jets, Giants or Eagles. New Supplemental Draft rules made it so Buffalo, Indy and GB still had a shot at the Boz. Instead, the lottery among losing teams awarded the #1 Overall Supplemental Pick to the Seahawks. Despite Boz’s warnings, Seattle selected him wits 1st round Supplemental Draft. He played only two years, and is most famous for being absolutely trucked by Bo Jackson. His play, though, is one of the few bright spots for a sluggish Seattle (Knights?) squad in OG Tecmo[11]. The 1987 Supplemental Draft also saw the Philadelphia Eagles bid a 4th rounder on suspended Ohio State WR Cris Carter. 1991’s TSB saw Carter struggling to catch Wade Wilson ducks with the Vikings. It wouldn’t be until subsequent SNES iterations of Tecmo that Carter would rise to Hall of Fame greatness. 1989 – Arizona Stumbles, Denver & Dallas Steal Stars Building on the Kosar/Boz template, the 1989 Supplemental Draft is perhaps the most important in NFL and TSB history[12]. The 1989 Supplemental Draft saw 5 players taken, three of them with 1st round picks. Arizona snagged Washington State QB Timm Rosenbach. Denver bid a 1st round pick and won Alabama RB Bobby Humphry. For Arizona, their first-ever Supplemental Draft pick busted. Rosenbach is a bad QB on a bad TSB Cardinals Team. For the Broncos, their Supplemental pick hit triple 7’s. Humphry is a TSB beast, with elite 63 Max Speed. The most important pick in the 1989 Supplemental Draft, both for Tecmo and the NFL, came when Dallas took Miami QB Steve Walsh with a 1st round pick. Walsh busted in the Big D. However, when Troy Aikman won the Cowboys’ starting QB job in September of 1990, Dallas exchanged Walsh for 3 New Orleans draft picks. One of those picks ended up being 1991’s #1 overall. Together with picks pried from Minnesota in the Herschel Walker trade, Dallas built an NFL and Tecmo Juggernaut. By the time TSB hit Sega and Super Nintendo, picking Dallas basically amounted to cheating. Walsh, for his part, played middling ball with New Orleans. Though the Saints’ TSB starter, backup QB John Fourcade actually possesses better stats. The Supplemental Draft has since changed again. Now teams are grouped into three tiers–losing teams, winning teams, and playoff teams. Supplemental Draft order is chosen randomly among those tiers. Any losing team can win the #1 supplemental pick. Teams with winning records then slot in randomly after the losing teams and playoff teams randomly fill out the rest. The Supplemental Draft is a strange bit of NFL ephemera, a back door into The Shield. Though instituted as a way to give a chance for troubled collegiate players, for a brief period in the 80’s, players used this secondary entrance to, ironically, “choose” their teams. 25 years later, we remember that handful of players who, determined to make their own way, made Tecmo Bowl and TSB as we know it. NOTES: [1] Both of whom attended Kent State University, aka, Undrafted Free Agent U. [2] Though most sources cite a spring 1977 NFL owners’ meeting as the genesis of the NFL Supplemental Draft, there seemed to be some mechanism for a supplemental draft dating back to the first NFL/NFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement in July 1968. A June 16, 1970 article in the Baltimore Sun describes Notre Dame player Tom Lawson being chosen in a “supplemental draft” on June 15, 1970 for six players who became NFL-eligible after the regular draft. (“Notre Dame End Picked.” Baltimore Sun; Baltimore, MD. p.C5). However, I could find no other mention of the other five players being drafted and no mention of an organized “Supplemental Draft” prior to 1977. Until I can get the full text of the 1968 or 1970 NFL CBA to verify, we will say the “Supplemental Draft” as described in this article was instituted by NFL owners in 1977. [3] Irish’s Hunter Faces Suspension. Condon, David. The Chicago Tribune, 4 June 1977, Sec.2, p.1:1 [4] Seattle, Hunter Reach Terms. Chicago Tribune . 07 Sep 1977: c3. [5] “Players Agree to let NFL Hold USFL Draft.” Stellino, Vito. The Sun; Baltimore, MD. 21 Apr 1984: D1. [6] “Court Grants Giants Rights to USFL Offensive Lineman: Pro Football.” The Hartford Courant; Hartford, CT. 29 Mar 1986: D2 [7] “USFL Demise Hurts Bears.” Hewitt, Brian. Chicago Sun–Times. 08 Sep 1985: 12 [8] “Beloved” by me, anyway. [9] “Rozelle: Kosar Free To Choose…” Brennan, Christine. The Washington Post; Washington, D.C. 24 Apr 1985: D1 [10] “NFL Rejects Use of TV Replays in ’85 Playoffs.” Toronto Star; Toronto, ON. 17 Oct 1985: E10. [11] “Seahawks Defy Odds, Select Bosworth.” Wilbon, Michael, The Washington Post; Washington, D.C. 13 June 1987: c01 [12] “Walsh a Cowboy Too…” Cotton, Anthony. The Washington Post; Washington, D.C. 08 July 1989: D1 The post Tecmo’s Supplemental Draft appeared first on TECMO BOWLERS. View the full article
  13. @novonordisk will continue to sponsor the most inspirational team in the world!! #diabetes #changingdiabetes… https://t.co/oYQPEoXYRP

  14. RT @JasonKander: Patriotism isn't about making everyone stand and salute the flag. Patriotism is about making this a country where everyon…

  15. WEEK 3 Predictions

    Pressure's on, ya'll: Bodom just won for the 2nd week in a row!... Cheers, Bodom. You might've had a losing record this week (you did...unless you're Bodom), but at least NONE of us had a winning record: To quick-recap WEEK 3 Predictions 1. @Bodom 8-8 2. @Mike Gordan / Bolt / buck 7-9 {If I hadn't been such an anti-Cowboyist dirty Red tonite, I might've picked against the birds - and ultimately tied Bodom - but I just couldn't bring myself to do it} Now rockin' the Overall helm is, Bodom - at 28-19 - to 27-20 Bolt / Mike Gordan; & TecmoSuperFan
  16. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    There's gotta be a funkin' conspiracy against Detroit. (Can't wait for this-Sunday's game against vikings, though: Lions. Roar. Will. Be. Restored!!!)
  17. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    New Power Rankings. Boy, did Week 3 suck, or what!? Let's get this over with: 32. Indianapolis Colts (1-2): You beat the Browns. Expecting a major upgrade? Win more games with Jacoby Brissett, and then I'll consider increasing your rank. 31. New York Jets (1-2): As I suspected, the Dolphins fumbled about, and the Jets clobbered them. I doubt they actually wanted to even win. 30. San Francisco 49ers (0-3): The Rams gave them as much ammo as possible to pull away with an upset win thanks to their special teams, and you still lost. 29. Cleveland Browns (0-3): You had a piss-easy opponent in the Colts, and YOU STILL CAN'T WIN!? Fuck! 28. Chicago Bears (1-2): As I suspected, the Bears won. Too bad nobody had the guts to pick them to win that week--not even me, who actually thought they would. 27. Cincinnati Bengals (0-3): One of the few winless teams left in the NFL. And that's in spite dominating the Packers for most of 60 minutes only to choke against Aaron Rodgers and lost in overtime. 26. New York Giants (0-3): As brutal as that ending was--as it all but killed the Giants' playoff hopes--at least it wasn't the most brutally unfair loss of the week. THEY ACTUALLY SCORED POINTS IN THAT GAME! 25. LA Chargers (0-3): They rate this high because of how razer thin close they were to 2-1. Unfortunately, their the fifth and final winless team. And it's all thanks to that kicker. That, and they haven't a trace of a home crowd to be found. 24. Arizona Cardinals (1-2): Considering how bad they've been playing, it's amazing they've escaped the basement. Two reasons--the teams rated below them are either objectively worse or have yet to win a game. The Cardinals at least beaten somebody....it was the Colts in overtime. 23. LA Rams (2-1): The Rams have yet to beat anybody of note all year long--just the Colts and 49ers (or more specifically, Scott Toltzien and Brian Hoyer). But considering how piss-easy their schedule appears to be (the AFC South, NFC East, and maybe the Saints and Vikings), and every team in their division is winnable, the Rams can actually snatch this division away for the first time since 2003. But goddamn! It says a lot when the best game of the week came on Thursday Night Football. God, yesterday sucked! 22. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1): They won two games. It was against the Texans with Tom Savage under center, and the Ravens, who are plagued with injury and with Joe Flacco playing his worst football you can possibly imagine. Still, they're second place in their division, and face mostly basement dwellers and the piss-easy AFC North, and one or two winnable games against the NFC West. Unfortunately, they share the division with the Titans, who utterly clobbered them and now currently hold the divisional tie-breaker. 21. Buffalo Bills (2-1): The refs did everything in their power to help the Bills win and shatter the Broncos' confidence on offense, but it still goes without saying just how brutal that defense is, and just how difficult it is to cover Tyrod Taylor. Of the former bottom-feeders, they are the only squad to soundly beat a quality football team. All things considered, if they can play this kind of game consistently and against quality football teams, they're making the playoffs. 20. Houston Texans (1-2): Man, the easiest pick of the game didn't come all that easy. The Texans under stud rookie QB Deshaun Wattson really pushed the Patriots to the wall for 4 quarters, did they? This is far more concerning of their defensive woes than it is of the Texans prowess. Still, even in defeat, Wattson was admirable in his own right. One of the only bright spots to have come out of this season so far. Hopefully, the Texans can help him and his team win a Super Bowl before the NFL bursts into flames due to their National Anthem protests (which are against the rules, btw...which aren't even being enforced). 19. New Orleans Saints (1-2): Drew Brees tore up a Carolina Panthers team that no longer even has the capacity to score now that everybody worth a damn on the Panthers' offense is gone outside of Cam Newton. 18. Miami Dolphins (1-1): They derped around against the lowly Jets of all teams right after just barely escaping the LA Chargers with a win. Unfortunately, the quality of games were such shit this week that they ultimately didn't drop that far down in the power rankings. 17. Baltimore Ravens (2-1): Utterly ravaged by injuries, Joe Flacco was benched, and the Ravens found only mere satisfaction in scoring a single touchdown against the Jaguars--just like the Dolphins when they played the Jets. Still, given the fact that these two teams still have to play each other this year, at this time, the Ravens are still a more reliable pick over them. 16. Carolina Panthers (2-1): Also utterly ravaged by injuries on offense, it is easier than ever to give Cam Newton a brutal beating on a weekly basis. Combined with the fact now that his only reliable receiving threat is Devin Funchess, and they have no idea how to utilize Christian McCaffrey, their season could very well be in jeopardy. 15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1): One week after utterly embarrassing the Bears for 4 quarters, the Buccaneers find themselves hitting a brick wall, and Case Keenum torching their defense for 34 points. If this is how the Buccaneers are gonna play against a defense who are forced to nurse the injuries of QB's Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater, how do YOU think they're gonna handle teams like the Lions, Falcons, Bills or Giants when they do face them? But look on the bright side--they might actually beat Tom Brady this year! 14. Washington Redskins (2-1): I must admit; I was greatly impressed with this team. Sure, they got beaten by two scores by a really good Eagles team, but given the early schedule, they beaten an originally prospected bottomfeeder Rams team, but most importantly, they utterly steamrolled the Oakland Raiders--a team many experts were projecting as major Super Bowl contenders. I have no idea where that defense is coming from--not the greatest, but efficient at what it does all the same--but Kirk Cousins might actually look like the future of the Redskins franchise. Another rare bright spot for this week in football! 13. Minnesota Vikings (2-1): I guess all it really took for the Vikings to become a playoff darkhorse again was an extra week of preparation for Case Keenum. I honestly have no idea what to expect out of this Vikings squad at this point. They still look better than most other teams this week. 12. Seattle Seahawks (1-2): God, I hate the Seahawks. And the Titans gave them exactly what they deserved, too! Maybe instead of making political statements and throwing temper tantrums at the referees, maybe the Seahawks ought to learn how to do their jobs and actually practice! I personally am looking forward for the day to come where Jared Goff makes the Seahawks his bitch and the Rams finally usurp the Legion of Boom from power. 11. Dallas Cowboys (2-1): A win is a win. That's all there is to it. Plus, they beaten the Cardinals and Giants, so there's that.... 10. Philadelphia Eagles (2-1): Admittedly, this wasn't a pick of total confidence last week since I knew that Carson Wentz struggled against good defenses, so this was an overall solid team win all around. The Eagles continue to keep this up, they're making the playoffs. For once, I actually find the Eagle franchise to seem a tad bit respectable, unlike the Seahawks....but who knows? For all I know, Wentz may finally win this organization a Super Bowl title....Someday....boy, is the NFC East weird. 9. Tennessee Titans (2-1): After a pedestrian home showing against the Raiders, the Titans utterly steamrolled the Jaguars and made the Legion of Boom their bitch. It took a half of defensive stymying, but then they finally got their results, and all the Seahawks could do is try and play catch-up during garbage time. Seriously, they probably don't need to play that many teams worth a damn to win this division, but a quality win like this is still worthy consideration. 8. Denver Broncos (2-1): I have to dock them this low after that pisspoor team showing against a projected lowly Buffalo Bills squad. Then again, I have to shift some of the blame to the referees, who seemed hell-bent on making sure the Broncos got penalized or a big play got overturned. As a result, the Broncos found themselves constantly having to overcompensate for this horrendous excuse for an officiating crew, and the whole team collapsed because of the constant shifting of the goal post in Buffalo's favor. Unfortunately, even as a lifelong Bronco fan, this wasn't the worst excuse for NFL officiating this week--at least the Bills actually won by two scores and had the ball last when the game came to an end. 7. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1): YOU LOST TO THE BEARS! THE FUCKING BEARS! How can I not dock you down out of the top five for that!? 6. Oakland Raiders (2-1): On Sunday Night football, we got to witness just how far an offensive juggernaut can possibly go without a defense to back him up (ironic since Jack Del Rio is supposed to be a defensive-minded head coach), and what happens when said team not only runs into another team that can actually score points, but can also stop the other guy from scoring as well. But look at the bright side--it increases QB Derrick Carr's chances of being named League MVP this season...as well as doom this team's Super Bowl aspirations as well. 5. Green Bay Packers (2-1): You had no excuse struggling as much as you did against a shitty Bengals team, but at least Aaron Rodgers helped lead a vigorous comeback victory against them. So long as Aaron Rodgers is their QB, it's hard to picture this team not making the playoffs. This clearly doesn't bode well for the next team on our list.... 4. Detroit Lions (2-1): THIS was the most atrocious, inexcusable officiating I have ever seen. Not only did they seem hellbent on keeping the Lions from scoring the game-winning touchdown, but they literally overturned a touchdown catch and did the 10-second runoff to end the game in Atlanta's favor. Hopefully, the Lions will use this as fuel to motivate them into a vicious 13-game streak where they steamroll everybody else on their way to a Super Bowl victory. I know that they know they can beat the Falcons and should have beaten them. And I know how much they would like to see them again in the postseason. But, knowing the Lions, they'll probably end up falling apart in December, fail to win their division for the umpteenth time against the Packers, and if they do qualify for a playoff spot, will get one-and-done in yet again. But for now, the Lions look more like a complete team than the Packers do. 3. Atlanta Falcons (3-0): Everything I said with the Lions applies here to the Falcons. Unfortunately, they are one of only two undefeated teams left in the National Football League. 2. New England Patriots (2-1): Even though they won, I am still docking this team. Why? Because their defense is abysmal. And they nearly allowed a rookie QB to storm into Foxborough and pull away with a major upset. Even worse is to remind people that Tom Brady is still 40, and they're forcing him to carry this team on his shoulders. Considering how bad an idea this is, I imagine a late season collapse for the Patriots will be imminent as Brady's strength begins to fade and their defense decides to remain a no-show. Oh, and did I mention they got beaten badly in the 4th quarter by the number 1 team in the NFL? 1. Kansas City Chiefs (3-0): Of all the football teams so far this year, it goes without saying at this point that the Chiefs are the only football club that has played mostly flawless football. And against some quality opponents. They never gave up big leads; they had beaten the Patriots in Foxborough, during the Opening Kickoff ceremony of all places and times; and they've shown themselves to be the most complete team in all of football, with an excellent and balanced offense, with a dual threat rookie runningback, who looks like the runaway Rookie-of-the-Year candidate (the closest thing to matching his play at this point might be QB Deshaun Wattson), and a solid defense, in spite of the loss of Eric Berry for the year. At this point, their likely first loss of the season might actually come from an AFC West rival if anything. For now, they are the best the NFL has indisputably.
  18. TSB trivia game

    I wish I did: my mom went to ISU. But I'm sure NOBODY knows about that (unless they're from Iowa)
  19. the boos make it pretty clear it's not about disrespecting the flag, but about the message. https://t.co/ry7CSEF4Px

  20. @DomAnselmo Racist, right? I deal in FACTS. You're simply spitting typical left-wing ignorance and assumptions. https://t.co/7d3PUxpNVi

  21. Tell'em Dale. Always the articulate pro https://t.co/VaNQA2kOQx

  22. @KrystalBarbara @WWENeville @MegaTJP Good Night buddy sweet dreams 🤗

  23. Random Thoughts

    yeah, I had a feeling flames would be involved. ironic, ins't it?
  24. Random Thoughts

    I googled this because my wife is sleeping. One reason is that you'd need a small burst of energy and we're talking about a flammable and combustible element. There are easier way of getting water than blowing up a lab.
  25. Random Thoughts

    I think a plant based food with similar mouth feel and taste for sure. Growing actual animal cells would be ideal but I don't know how feasible that would be cost wise. A lot of the big food companies are already sinking money into companies trying to develop these products.
  26. Random Thoughts

    I've wondered about that for a long time. so, like test tube meat? another wonder of mine: if water is just a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen, why can't we just make water in a lab?
  27. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Afterwards you could list Blake Bortels on craiglist under the free section
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