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  2. My HTC 10 bit the dust... Representing with the Google Pixel 2 XL. The wife and daughter have the small versions.

  3. @BlkNBlueShirts At this point ill take the losses

  4. RT @SportsCenter: Tied at 107. 1 second left. RUSS ... WHY NOT?!?!?! https://t.co/Ngbg2RyUqA

  5. You're saying for novelty, try playing with lurching allowed? I never heard of it being called lurching, but I remember setting up Playbooks to counter it before ever playing online. I never really saw the lurch's full potential to be fair, cuz most of my games were with Buffalo vs Dallas. Danny Noonan is no Bob Nelson. But he is pretty good on the links...
  6. RT @javieraparicio: 1. ¿Ustedes creen que Rosario Robles es corrupta o no? 2. En caso afirmativo, ¿lo era desde antes, cuando fue Jefa de…

  7. Poor MetroCenter. https://t.co/cALdkDvNHm

  8. RT @rodimusprime: Lmao https://t.co/w99VoQXB2C

  9. @Bin_Hamin Disregard that Twitter handle I linked. Not sure if that’s for the channel. https://t.co/ZLUqlQU9SO is the homepage.

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  11. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    I'm sorry I was late for Valentine's day
  12. I'd have to concur with this though @rmm1976 is probably the guy who has been around the longest who is still here. I know that years before we were playing online we wouldn't nose tackle dive because it was considered bush league. Something novel like this is probably a nice change up for guys that have done it all playing Tecmo and want to switch it up.
  13. Hollywood TSB Rom

    You should be able to upload files in this forum. There is a "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." area when you add a reply (at least there is for me). Package up that stuff in a zip file and add it as an attachment to your post.
  14. 19 and counting Monday was fun though and got my "having a beer while playing Tecmo" out of the way as having a beer, playing Tecmo, and running a tourney is way too much
  15. Hall of Fame *inagural class

    Thinking aloud here: I think Brazille is a sure fire hof'er. Yeah he only played 5 years but the fact that he is the all time sack leader and holds the top 3 seasons for sacks speaks volumes. Throw in the fact that he defensive mvp seals it for me. Muncie is another who I feel is deserving. Three 2,000 yard seasons and over 100 total td's is an impressive resume. Franco I'm on the fence. His ypc is impressive but compared to Muncie's career stats it's hard to put him in. I'm on the fence on this one, but his 2 super bowl rings can only help his cause. White to me is the hardest to determine since he is a dl. Never had double digit sacks but his consistency deserves merit. If a player only plays 7 seasons, but played at an all pro and pro bowl level for most of that time compared to his peers what more could he have really done?
  16. Hollywood TSB Rom

    I have edited all but about 7 of the large helmets in the past week and will try an attempt to get some more of the rosters done this weekend and next week. Here is the list of the teams that are in the photos below that I have completed so far. Dallas Carter Cowboys (Friday Night Lights Movie) - BUFFALO BILLS Miami Bucks (Semi-Tough) - MIAMI DOLPHINS Washington Sentinels (The Replacements) - NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS Taft High Rockets (Best of Times) - NEW YORK JETS Maiden Browns (The Longshots) - CINCINNATI BENGALS The Unbeatables (All-Star Team that basically is a mixture of some of the best players on other teams and some players that are not on any team in the rom such as Forrest Gump (KR/RB4), Al Bundy (2TE), Rod Tidwell (WR4) and others. CLEVELAND BROWNS Ampipe Bulldogs (All the Right Moves) - BALTIMORE RAVENS Eastern St. Timberwolves (The Program) - PITTSBURGH STEELERS The Guards (The Longest Yard) - INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Univ. of Louisiana Cougars (The Waterboy) - HOUSTON TEXANS Kilpatrick Mustangs (The Gridiron Gang) - JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS Shiloh Christian Acad. Eagles (Facing the Giants) - TENNESSEE TITANS Adams College Atoms (Revenge of the Nerds) - KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Dillon Panthers (Friday Night Lights TV Show) - LOS ANGELES CHARGERS The Little Giants (Little Giants) - NY GIANTS Texas State Armadillos (Unnecessary Roughness) - PHILADELPHIA EAGLES Ridgemont Wolves (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) - DALLAS COWBOYS Minnesota St. Screaming Eagles (COACH TV Show) - MINNESOTA VIKINGS Miami Sharks (Any Given Sunday) - CHICAGO BEARS Bayside Tigers (Saved By the Bell) - DETROIT LIONS East Mississippi CC Lions (Last Chance U) - TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS Permian Panthers (Friday Night Lights Movie) - NEW ORLEANS SAINTS TC Williams Titans (Remember the Titans) - SAN FRANSISCO 49ERS Dallas Knights (Any Given Sunday) - LOS ANGELES RAMS Like I've said before, this is my first time attempting to edit ANY rom before so it's taking me a little bit to figure things out but I'm starting to get the hang of it. Still gonna tweak some of these helmets some more but all in all, I'm fairly pleased with the result for my first attempt at this. Here is the list of remaining large helmets I have left to do: - North Dallas Bulls (North Dallas Forty) - Blue Mountain State Goats (Blue Mt St) - The Muddogs (The Waterboy) - Marshall Thundering Herd (We Are Marshall) - Mean Machine (The Longest Yard) - West Canaan Coyotes (Varsity Blues) - Park City Pirates (Lucas) BAD_AL Where are you wanting me to upload the rom so you can troubleshoot the rosters and what do you mean by text format? Just a word document with the player names, numbers and positions on it?
  17. @iAmLynn81 damn you not playin around.

  18. RT @seanmdav: Spending billions to arm Islamic rebels whose loyalties are a mystery is fine, but merely allowing licensed and trained Ameri…

  19. RT @MLBNetwork: #SpringTraining games are underway! RETWEET for a chance at this @sluggernation bat and catch nearly 200 games this Spring…

  20. RT @RealCandaceO: Bar none, @realDonaldTrump is the greatest President in the history of the United States. I am so proud to be an America…

  21. @RobertWest_21 @wjcollege I spent 3.5 years on that campus in a blue Ford Taurus. What a disgrace to the rest of us honest parkers. 😂

  22. @RobMixer Yeah but what’s the plan? I don’t feel like there’s a future for this club sometimes.

  23. Yes! I forget to use the wayback machine for that stuff. So many good names in there.
  24. Glad you can make it! Here's the list that he was speaking of...names for days.
  25. @gingedogg44 @BasebaIILegend 2,4,8 are better

  26. https://t.co/x2it3wJMia

  27. Bills next backup https://t.co/U8LeR10e5v

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