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  2. Thunderdome X (12/3/17): General Info and Sign ups!

    Red98sethuthut Can Host only Thru Connecting to Servers Time Zone: Eastern Best time 2 play: Weekdays 4pm to.9pm.
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  4. WEEK 11 Pickem

    I'm just glad I remembered to make my Thursday pick after shifting on the Seahawk gimme last week. Ben at home >>>>> Ben on road. For support of that vanilla claim, I point you to how quiet Heinz field was when Pitt was on O. 4 more home games in the final 6...
  5. Best Running Plays Against Great Corners

    Well Vs Db1 only teams Like Tb, Atl run3 T-Cross Run L is excellent play vs Db1. But i don't run it lot cuz one can shoot the gap in the "A Gap" with an good Lb2.3. So i only run if i know the opponent only good defender is the db1. Vs Teams Like Wash sd with 2 great cb's i Like to run 2 Sweeps to attack both corners but i need 2 rb's to make it work. Maybe run 3 T-cross Run L and Run 1 Power Sweep R or Run 2 T-Sweep Strong. Of course both of these runs can be stopped by Lb shooting the A-gap. So don’t run em vs teams with Good backers. R+s run Toss Up is very good play vs Lb1 ( double team block) and Db1. A savvy defender may man up the Lb1 trying to bait u to pick the play. The r+s sweep Run3 Right probably is best running play as has two pulling guards ( only 1 pulls when ur the defender picks run ). Also the Lb1 is not blocked. Now you would think it's a strong vs db2 man player. But one manning up Db2 can stop this play 4 a loss using the db 2 move @Nosis very good at it. What u do is move the db2 on sorta of 45degree angle and funnell the rb towards the Lb4 drone to trap the rb b4 the pulling guards get there.
  6. Just saw a white man in grocery store with a UCLA shirt on and almost proceeded to whoop his ass #FightOn Fuck the team down the street!!!

  7. TUNDRA BOWL REVEAL #4 - EXPANDED CONSOLATION AND TOURNAMENT BRACKETS: This year, we are expanding our Consolation and Tournament Brackets to include more players than ever before! On top of the already guaranteed four games, the Top 32 players will make our Tournament Bracket, and the next 16 players will qualify for our Consolation Bracket, each with prizes to be announced at a later date! With 48 players getting at least FIVE guaranteed games, this will be our most exciting Tundra Bowl yet!! You aren't going to want to miss this tournament - register today (www.tundrabowl.com/registration) to secure your spot at TBV in Green Bay on January 27th! Stay tuned for more reveals to come!!
  8. Fishkill, NY - 11/18/2017 - The King's Cup

    Good luck everyone! Hope the tournament goes well.
  9. What are your thoughts on the best running playbook to use against the best CB1s including the likes of Haddix and Woodson. What about running plays against teams with good CB2s like San Diego? I know that the Run and Shoot sweeps work well, but what are the other most effective runs?
  10. Prime Can Host CST Weekdays after 6 pm Weekends anytime
  11. Thunderdome X (12/3/17): General Info and Sign ups!

    As per discord communication: For those yet to join the party, once I reach 48 sign ups, anyone beyond that may not be guaranteed a spot (at 41 now). Since I need groups of 4, anything beyond 48 will need 4 more to lock your spot in. You would be guaranteed once we get to 52, 56, 60, 64 etc. So if there are 48 and two more people sign up making it 50, they will make up a wait list or have to play a play-in game, until 2 more sign up to get to 52. First post updated
  12. @Zistory @thebuxtonblog Giving a capable racer a drive and the tools so she reaches a podium in her series debut se… https://t.co/zKULuOXKN4

  13. @TheAlucinaut No it's way more upsetting than like, Penis Landscape, because I'm picturing someone's holiday being ruined

  14. RT @allinwithchris: A reminder that at least 15 women have accused Donald Trump on the record of unwanted physical contact. Listen for the…

  15. Thunderdome X (12/3/17): General Info and Sign ups!

    Well, I need to get back on the horse sometime... Discord Handle: Vikingmoe02 Can you host?: Yes Your time zone: Central Best time for you to play: Weekday evenings after 8 PM. Weekends need to be scheduled.
  16. NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Jameis Winston is not very smart.
  17. RT @judekilgour: If you’d told me at the beginning of 2017 that by years end Okada and Chuck Taylor would be on a collision course, l’d nev…

  18. *Hello weekend my old friend...* BBC News - A very British weekend https://t.co/PbGaZohwdM

  19. FortniteBR w/ racer9phillips - TheeAgentSmith - A.C.E.S. https://t.co/WU5ofYn8L9

  20. @germanrlopez scab

  21. RT @dedbutdrmng: Oh man, if you're upset about brown people in UK Christmas ads then I have some news about Jesus that you may want to sit…

  22. Perhaps the rebuttal to "fake news!" should be "you're Russian!"

  23. @FastFoodMaven #instacartsteals #instacartstrike https://t.co/AZrrdcQ69v

  24. @johncanzanobft 56-28

  25. @atteberry23 @ByBerkowitz @csaddler5 Precisely.

  26. @BattoKai344 @blizzard_wuffy https://t.co/1Bp31O4HV5

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