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    (Speaking of which,) Don't you love it when a Kickoff Return TD is capped off with a Moonwalk?
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  4. Some SNES TSB1 ROMS play but are just a little different than the one that this program is expecting. Try the one found here: https://github.com/BAD-AL/tsbtools/blob/master/TSBProjects/TSBTool/bin/Debug/TSB1.smc Which is the ROM that I wrote the tool against.
  5. Will there be a tecmo super bowl 2018 for snes.

  6. Deviled Greg

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Congratulations to the first ever champion of the Jersey Cup, Brian Rausse!
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  8. All set up boys...got my dance shoes on...ready for a little informal playing tonight...come join if you can...New Bohemia Northeast Minneapolis.
  9. ok lets run these guys past the BO-ometer: ATL: more like HARDLY Nickerson CIN: more like Jessi TuGGle RAI: more like Lickey Slackson #unstoppaBO
  10. Let's continue with the capsule previews Next up. Mount Rainier Division 1. Atlanta Falcons : Owner : DT aka DTfromBtown - QB Dave Krieg is a high percentage passer who does a fine job of finding his receivers. Stephone Paige is a reliable possession receiver, while Robb Thomas is an elusive deep threat. When Krieg is not passing to his receivers, he's handing off to running backs Roger Craig and Tom Rathman. Linebackers David Little and Bryan Hinkle are the catalyst of Atlanta's young "Grits Blitz" defense. Strong safety Nesby Glasgow is a smart, hustling player who wants in on every play. 2. Cincinnati Bengals : Owner : Tick aka White Tick - Quarterback Steve DeBerg is one of the toughest competitors in the league. The running of Mike Rozier and Steve Broussard complements the long-ball passing of DeBerg, who's favorite target is sticky-fingered receiver Andre Reed. The hustling pursuit of veteran defensive end Charles Mann makes it difficult to gain yards against the Bengals' defense. Linebackers Jessie Tuggle, Michael Reid, and Darion Conner lead Cincinnati's "SWAT Team" Defense. 3. Los Angeles Raiders : Owner : XtraLargent - Wide Receiver John Taylor takes some of the receiving burden off Jerry Rice and gives quarterback Ken O'Brien another deep throat. With the emergence of running back Sammie Smith and fullback Tony Paige, the Raiders have a more balanced offensive attack. Double-teaming Reggie White will only free up defensive end Clyde Simmons and give him a clear path to the quarterback. The Saints' linebackers are the strength of their defense. Outside linebackers Pat Swilling and Rickey Jackson excel as pass rushers and inside linebackers Sam Mills and Vaughan Johnson are solid against the run and in pass coverage. Unsung cornerback Terry McDaniel will make quarterbacks regret trying to throw at him.
  11. Deviled Greg

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Gl to you and everyone at Tupa Bowl! Hope you guys have a great tournament and gl defending your crown lol
  12. red98sethuthut

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Gl to everyone. Sorry i could not attend. The logistics of getting to columbus worked better plus i won it the last year and mort is going from chicago. I will be checking in on stream. P.s. Don't Let Matty D. win Lol!!!!
  13. Bolt


    I think that Weird Al should do a parody of August Greene's "Black Kennedy": If I had a lab It would be a black lab Black lab Black puppy dog And dressed like this for music video purposes would be just fine, too.
  14. gojiphen malor

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (BETA 0.6)

    Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (Beta 0.6) is up! *Graphics -Uniform usage adjustments *Rosters 5/18/18 -Jersey number corrections -Player rating adjustments -More accurate depth charts -Players added : Dolphins - LB, s. ANTHONY Patriots - RB, rex BURKHEAD, T, l. WADDLE, T, marcus CANNON Jets - TE, clive WALFORD, WR, ardarius STEWART, DE, henry ANDERSON Bengals - LB, nick VIGIL Browns - CB, e.j. GAINES Colts - TE, d. DANIELS Texans - G, senio KELEMETE, LB, z. CUNNNINGHAM, *CB, j. BADEMOSI Titans - G, quinton SPAIN Lions - RB, ameer ABDULLAH, *CB, jalen TABOR Saints - WR, austin CARR, WR, tomylee LEWIS, G, larry WARFORD Falcons - RB, ito SMITH Panthers - WR, jarius WRIGHT Cardinals - CB, jamar TAYLOR *Holding off on some players who haven't been assigned a true jersey number yet. *Changes to defensive alignments (LB's swapped on some teams to keep true MLBs)
  15. ~Tailback King~

    Tacoma, WA - 07/28/18 - Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 2

    @manYo720.......#unstoppaBO??????? Please. You can't tackle, what you can't see........stride like an antelope, and slice through the 'D'. #JohnnysmackaBO
  16. let's run the numbers here and see: CHI: nope DET: nope MIA: nope SEA: nope #unstoppaBO
  17. WOW!!!... them is sum BOLD words, cottonmouth... esp. when you KNOW you have no possible way to stop rufus porter from entering your backfield at WILL and fucking! johnnys! world! UP! SCARED??!!! chortle chortle chortle... quit frontin', gomez... u know whats in store for U!!!!!! at CFT2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #unstoppaBO
  18. js560000

    (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl 1970-1994 seasons

    I was hoping someday that someone will do one for like 1961 and 1963-1965, 1950s or before.
  19. ~Tailback King~

    Tacoma, WA - 07/28/18 - Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 2

    ^^^ @kamphuna8 I not too sure you should post my team on here........just the visual realization of what you guy's are gonna have to face in July might make people quit before this tournament even begins!!! .......and I wouldn't blame um'. I just looked at the piece of paper my team was written down on and scared myself!!!
  20. Deviled Greg

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Tomorrow Tecmo returns to the Northeast! Just a reminder we will be downstairs in the "private party room". Registration is from 11-12 with the action starting at 12. When you get there you can register with Schoe, more than likely the only girl there haha She will get you checked in and set up with your t-shirt, raffle, etc. Venue has a great new menu and over 50 beers on tap, as well as 100 HD TV's, not including our CRT's. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.
  21. My 1st stab at some Season 2 Season Previews. Here's the first one. I'll go division by division. First up some Capsule Previews, then later we'll get into some more detailed analysis taking into account owner history and ability, style of team and how that matches the strengths of the owner, and other aspects. SInce today is the 38th anniversary of Mt. St. Helens Violent Eruption, we'll start with that division. 1. Chicago Bears : Owner : Stu aka BoogieWithStu - Opposing defenses should be aware of quarterback Timm Rosenbach's mobility. He throws just as well on the run as he does in the pocket. The running and receiving skills of running back Neal Anderson keep the defense off balance. Wide receiver Clarence Verdin is a dangerous kick returner. The hustling pursuit of veteran linebacker Andre Collins makes it difficult to gain yards against the Bears' defense. 2. Detroit Lions : Owner : theprofessor - The Lions believe in the magic of quarterback Don Majkowski. The confident passer does an excellent job of locating tight end Marv Cook downfield. Wide receivers Irving Fryar and Greg McMurtry are a pair of gamebreakers. Defensive ends Chris Doleman and Al Noga are quick off the ball. Scott Davis helps them compose one of the most formidable defensive lines in the CFT. 3. Miami Dolphins : Owner: larrybird33 - Dan Marino still has the quickest release in the league. Ricky Proehl and Roy Green are a pair of sure handed receivers with deceptive speed. Gerald Riggs and Earnest Byner are a pair of thick-thighed runners who'll trample over any defenders in their path. Fiery linebacker Tim Harris talks a good game, and plays an even better one. Linebackers Brian Noble and Johnny Holland are solid against the run and the pass. Cornerbacks Albert Lewis and Kevin Ross and safeties Kevin Porter and Deron Cherry make up one of the best secondaries in the league and are the leaders of the "Miami Pound Machine" defense. 4. Seattle Seahawks : Owner : invader aka invaderstar64 - Quarterback Vinny Testaverde times his throws well and has good anticipation of his receivers. Wide Receiver Rob Moore takes some of the receiving burden off Al Toon and gives quarterback Vinny Testaverde another deep threat. Running back Cleveland Gary is a multi-purpose workhorse who likes to touch the football 20-25 times per game. Linebackers Jeff Herrod, Duane Bickett, and Chip Banks are the nucleus of an up-and-coming defensive unit that loves to blitz the quarterback. Quarterbacks should be aware of ballhawking cornerback Wayne Haddix. Punter Bobby Boucher (REMEMBER THE NORTH!) is one of the best in the league.
  22. Johnny Johnson is far from the best on the list of the 4 I would rank him above Ronald Moore because he had more longevity than 5 pretty good seasons as compared to Moores 2 good season while Moore had the best individual season in 1993 his numbers from 95-98 were crap. However Adrian Murrell and his 95-99 seasons were more impressive than Johnson's numbers including 3 consecutive 1000 yard seasons. The top guy by far is Garrison Hearst who came into his own in 1995 with a 1070 yard season then played for Cincinnati in 96 and had 847 yards rushing. Then he went to San Francisco becoming the back that they had hoped Johnny Johnson could be. Rushing for 1019 in 97 and in 98 he had 1570 rushing and 535 receiving breaking Roger Craigs team records for most yards rushing and most yards from scrimmage. After helping the team make the playoffs he ran for 128 and caught 3 passes to beat the Packers. He then had an ankle break on the first play from scrimmage and SF lost to ATL 18-20 San Francisco could have been in the Superbowl that year if he hadn't gotten hurt. He had a complication with surgery that resulted in him getting Avascular Necrosis which is what caused Bo Jackson to retire from football. Instead of giving up he spent the 99 and 2000 years rehabbing and got back into the game and turned the 49ers who were 10-22 while he was gone into a 12-4 team with his 1206 yards rushing being named NFL Comeback player of the year. He also had 972 rushing yards in 2002 and 768 in 2003 then in 2004 the Broncos squeezed the last ounces of Football they could out of him and that was it. Now what would you rather have a player who sits out because of a fake injury or a player that battles a real one and comes back and leads you to the playoffs? Not only that Hearst even had the time to be quoted making anti-gay slurs in 2002 in a San Francisco newspaper. I don't recall Johnny Johnson ever spewing out anti-gay slurs in the gayest town in america.
  23. ~Tailback King~

    Tacoma, WA - 07/28/18 - Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 2

    UHHHHHH......Lets just be real man.........Ask any one of the members of this site...the whole Tecmobowl.org, and out of those 5 players you just named, even YOU would have Johnny Johnson as the player you would build your team around outta any of them........the difference between 1st and 4th is one big run from Johnny Johnson........Johnson made a career outta long runs.....just check the stats.....not one of the players you listed had the stride, north ta south speed, the elite WR hands, or power that Johnson possessed. The bull$#!t list you just made of players you rank higher than Johnson, you don't even believe...are you kidding me???.........your argument is gettin' weak, and now I think you're just graspin' for straws dude.
  24. 1990-1992 Tim McDonald Best Player on the Cardinals 1993-1994 Boomer Esiason Best Player on the Jets 1996 I'd say Jerry Rice was the best player on the 49ers but Johnny Johnson never actually played Also it should be pointed out that in 1993 The Cardinals Replaced Johnny Johnson with a historically insignificant (much like Johnny Johnson) rookie named Ronald Moore who scored more touchdowns in his first season and rushed for more yards than Johnny ran for in any single season. Let's Look at the top 5 Cardinals Single Season Rushers of the 90's 1 95 Garrison Heart 1070 Yards 2 98 Adrian Murrell 1042 Yards 3 93 Ronald Moore 1018 Yards 4 90 Johnny Johnson 926 Yards 5 94 Ronald Moore 780 Yards
  25. HalHawkins

    Oaks, PA - 6/23/2018 - Tecmo Philly

    Registration is now open! http://retroworldseries.com/2018-19-season/toomanygames2018/
  26. fatcheerleader

    Championship Of Football - Season 1

    WEEK 8 Nighthawks vs Freddie Otaku vs Snipers Spartans vs Assassins Pitbulls vs Massacre
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