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The slant glitch

Tecmo Super Bowl III 19 Aug 2014
Today I encountered the most funky glitch I have ever seen!!!!   Was playing around with the Rams, week 1, in GB. Packers are going down the field, near the red zone at the 7 yard line, then Favre throws a pass for Brooks with what would have been a TD but it's incomplete , and then the scre...
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Best birthday present ever

Off-Topic 19 Aug 2014
So here we are, after a hellish year of going through bad luck health wise with my back and heart problems, i got the best birthday present of all tonight, a cartridge of Tecmo Super Bowl III on the SNES. Finally completing my collection. Marinovich getting sacked on the sticker FTW!!!!
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NCAA 14-15 Season Discussion

Off-Topic 17 Aug 2014
FSU is the preseason #1. 8 SEC teams in the top 25. I know you're mad.   http://espn.go.com/college-football/rankings/_/poll/1   I know my Gators are going to be terribad again. I have just accepted it. I think FSU's offense won't get stopped in the ACC all over again.  ...
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Best TSB Player Cameos on Screen

Off-Topic 17 Aug 2014
What are your favorite Tecmo Super Bowl player appearances/cameos on television or the big screen?   The first random one that comes to my mind is Howie Long acting along side John Travolta and Christen Slater in "Broken Arrow".  Apparently Howie's death scream has become a widely used...
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To my leagues

Online Leagues Lounge 16 Aug 2014
I bitch too much during league games... I will stop now.   Sorry about that.  I play guys that bitch all game long, and I won't be part of that.  From here on out, I'll deal with the negative.     Again, sorry fellas.
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New York City Tecmo Tournament expanded to 48 participants!

Hit up the forums for the details.

Check out the excellent promo video
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Sep 17 2012 10:24 AM
This video was highly entertaining.
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Sep 23 2012 12:52 AM
I just found this site today! I wish I knew it sooner cause, Im a #1 tecmobowl fan in the world and this is the only football game I will play. I rebougt NES and Regular Nintendo and Im gonna start playing it again. I played a lot in my childhood days playing this game. I would of love to make it to the tournament too, maybe I still will.
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Not sure if you're in NYC but if not there are tourneys in other parts of the country as well
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Sep 27 2012 02:28 AM
Dude I want to play in this tournament. If we're using NES I'd be the 49ers (duh!). If we're using the 2013 mod i'd be the EAGLES. I could do serious damage in this tourney either way. Oh and check out this NFL REFEREE TRIBUTE VIDEO
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