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      28 May

    最近、ぴちょなんとかや、ケロケロうんたらとか、広告と企画のセンスを疑う。年間パスあるけど、しばらく行くのやめる。 🐟🐸

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All-time kick coverage stars

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES 28 May 2015
In week 4 of an "All Defense + Special Teams" season with the Oilers Dick Johnson was lights out in kick coverage: he shared a safety on kick coverage and gained two more by himself. I've gotten safeties on kick-offs before, but never more than one in a game. I think my first experience with this...
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NBA Finals Cavs vs. Golden State

Off-Topic 28 May 2015
Who you got? Cleveland or Golden State? You know I got my Cavs. It's been a long time since Cleveland has had a taste of a championship. I think it C-Town's time.    
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RBI Baseball 2012

Other Games 28 May 2015
This ROM is based on the 2012 Major League Baseball season and features the top 10 teams of the year:  Washington Nationals, Cincinnati Reds, New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics, Atlanta Braves, Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays, and the Detroit Tigers....
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"Dropped" JJ?

Online Leagues Lounge 27 May 2015
I totally blanked on recording the game (wk 8 HSRL vs ted), though this is what I recall happening - Ted picks my pass play, I try to dump to WR2, ball goes into JJ position and my WR goes up for the ball as normal - but bats it up instead of catching it. Is this a thing or am I smoking something...
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Screw it, I've decided to also retire.

Online Leagues Lounge 27 May 2015
Made ya click! Just kidding.                        Just kidding. How could I leave all the dick pics around here? I can't quit you.               
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New York City Tecmo Tournament expanded to 48 participants!

Hit up the forums for the details.

Check out the excellent promo video
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Sep 17 2012 10:24 AM
This video was highly entertaining.
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Sep 23 2012 12:52 AM
I just found this site today! I wish I knew it sooner cause, Im a #1 tecmobowl fan in the world and this is the only football game I will play. I rebougt NES and Regular Nintendo and Im gonna start playing it again. I played a lot in my childhood days playing this game. I would of love to make it to the tournament too, maybe I still will.
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Not sure if you're in NYC but if not there are tourneys in other parts of the country as well
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Sep 27 2012 02:28 AM
Dude I want to play in this tournament. If we're using NES I'd be the 49ers (duh!). If we're using the 2013 mod i'd be the EAGLES. I could do serious damage in this tourney either way. Oh and check out this NFL REFEREE TRIBUTE VIDEO
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