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Indianapolis, IN - 06/06/15 - Tecmo Indy I

Live Tournaments 27 Feb 2015
Tecmo Indy I   It is my pleasure to announce the inaugural Tecmo Indy I!   Date: June 6, 2015 Place: Books&Brews,9402 Uptown Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46256 Time: Sign-In/Registration Begins At 11 a.m. Registration Cost: $20. Tournament Size: Aiming for 32 but can have a max of 40. Pr...
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Tecmo Bowl 2015 Graphics

Upload/Download 27 Feb 2015
This is an update to the 32-team Tecmo Bowl rom, updating the title, opening crawl, and team select screen graphics. I've also inserted various other graphics in the rom file in case an enterprising hacker would like to further change the rom.   This rom is meant to be a base for future OG T...
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What color is this dress???

Off-Topic 27 Feb 2015
I keep hearing about this darn dress!! Is it blue and black, or gold and white?     I saw blue and gold  I'm different.
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CONTROLLER: Best Classic Style NES For Home/Console Play

Off-Topic 26 Feb 2015
Hello:   I'm looking to purchase a classic-style NES controller, non-usb. Can anyone recommend an online source for responsive controllers that can handle the rigors of constant Tecmo abuse? I've purchased controllers online and none of them have worked well out of the box. Any suggestions y...
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help with SNES Tecmo Super Bowl 93

Upload/Download 25 Feb 2015
I updated the snes roster of tecmo super bowl to be more stat based of that season but after kickoff you cant pick up play if somebody could help me fix this would be great n thanks
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Live Broadcast of the Iowa Tomczak Bowl

Posted Image

Ustream of the event - http://www.ustream.t...sherwood-forest
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