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out of the park baseball

Off-Topic 28 Jul 2015
i have actually never played this game, but i have heard some people talk about it on this board a few times.  ootp is on the weekly humble bundle right now.  pay what you want for it.   https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly
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fumble "all the time"? nes tsb

ROM Editing Discussion 28 Jul 2015
is there a location in the rom to make every tackle result in a Fumble?  I have put all "FF" in for ball control, but there is still the occasional time where the ball carrier does not fumble.   I need all fumble, all the time.  thx.   ps - I am working on a "rugby" rom....
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Trudeau At It Again

Off-Topic 27 Jul 2015
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Tecmo NBA Videos

Off-Topic 26 Jul 2015
Greetings! I'm the jerk who keeps posting Let's Play/Playthrough videos for Tecmo Super Bowl. Sorry!    I had mentioned it in one of the videos and was generally curious. Would people enjoy seeing someone play Tecmo NBA Basketball (or Tecmo Super NBA Basketball)? My main problem is tha...
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Super Bowl 47 - Ravens vs 49ers Tecmo-zed

super bowl 47

The 49ers pull out the win by capitalizing on Joe Flacco's costly mistakes. The Ravens risky decision to try for the FG with 01:20 left in the 4th ruined the chance to hold the Lombardi trophy.

Kaepernick throws 2 TDs and runs for another. He's the MVP by a long shot.

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