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"Dropped" JJ?

Online Leagues Lounge Today, 08:06 PM
I totally blanked on recording the game (wk 8 HSRL vs ted), though this is what I recall happening - Ted picks my pass play, I try to dump to WR2, ball goes into JJ position and my WR goes up for the ball as normal - but bats it up instead of catching it. Is this a thing or am I smoking something...
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Screw it, I've decided to also retire.

Online Leagues Lounge Today, 04:23 PM
Made ya click! Just kidding.                        Just kidding. How could I leave all the dick pics around here? I can't quit you.               
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My Official Retirement from Online Tecmo

Online Leagues Lounge Yesterday, 03:45 PM
Lag issues and other downsides to online Tecmo, have killed the love of the game for me.   Please accept my resignation from each and every online league, effective immediately.   See you guys at the tournaments!
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Mac version that isn't Nestopia

Editors/Emulation 22 May 2015
Nestopia stopped working for me. When I load it (with or without a ROM), I just get a blank screen and have to force quit. I have Yosemite so I can't use an older emulator like FCEUX. And it's a work computer so I can't be too creative. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Nestopia, but I get...
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CULT s7 signups!

Online Leagues Lounge 21 May 2015
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Puretecmo.com back up

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