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Player Statistics Weights

Tecmo Super Bowl I Yesterday, 06:01 PM
If anyone has ever been to Tecmogeek.org's website, you may have seen that they employ a percentage weight to calculate a true player rating in the original TSB. What would you place as the weights for the stats of this game?
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accuracy and quickness again

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES Yesterday, 05:59 PM
So basically, has anyone come across any stats or anomalies in the other TSB games that got overlooked like Accuracy and Quickness did in the original game?
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All Tecmo Rom

ROM Editing Discussion Yesterday, 05:55 PM
My idea for a rom is a tournament of all of the best players for each game. We see a team for each game: Tecmo Bowl, Original TSB, TSB for genesis/snes, TSBII, TSBII Special Edition, and Tecmo Super Bowl: Final Edition. Please post your picks for each position each year. In particular, I'd like t...
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If you aren't pooping rainbows, you are doing it wrong.

Off-Topic Yesterday, 02:19 PM
If you aren't pooping rainbows, you are doing it wrong.  
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TPC or League Scrimmage?

Tecmo Player's Circuit Online Lounge Yesterday, 01:49 PM
All, If anybody is ever up for TPC, please look me up at AIM:  warmachine0323, TPC: War Machine.  It's been difficult to find players to play other than chino and heardyasquash.  Maybe it has something to do with the challenge table disappearing from TPC.   For you guys in lea...
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Puretecmo.com back up

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