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CONTROLLER: Best Classic Style NES For Home/Console Play

Off-Topic Yesterday, 09:55 PM
Hello:   I'm looking to purchase a classic-style NES controller, non-usb. Can anyone recommend an online source for responsive controllers that can handle the rigors of constant Tecmo abuse? I've purchased controllers online and none of them have worked well out of the box. Any suggestions y...
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help with SNES Tecmo Super Bowl 93

Upload/Download 25 Feb 2015
I updated the snes roster of tecmo super bowl to be more stat based of that season but after kickoff you cant pick up play if somebody could help me fix this would be great n thanks
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Nes tecmo super bowl ( based on stats)

Upload/Download 25 Feb 2015
I created a lil bit more fairness n more stat based of the original version  still fun n a lil more depth in backs ups named players n a couple added enjoy.
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bills unknown wr

Tecmo Super Bowl III 25 Feb 2015
Hey guys just curious I have figured out just about who every player on tsb3 is even if I've had to check on pro football reference but for the life of me I can't figure out who bills wr #18 T.Williams is The only guy I can get to come up is Tyrone williams but it never mentioned the bills in his...
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Kickoff and Punts: Who is on the field?

Hacking Documentation 25 Feb 2015
I know I saw this somewhere, but I can't find it.   In the NES TSB:   Who is on the field during Kickoffs for the Kicking Team? I know the Kicker is replacing someone but it ain't the QB Who is on the field during Kickoffs for the Returning Team? I know the KR is replacing someone, I th...
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Puretecmo Online Leagues move to TB-org


Posted Image

Before this site existed, Puretecmo was around allowing people to connect via 56k modems to play Tecmo Super Bowl over the internet.
In the following decade the site as helped many players, both offline and online, become better Tecmo players by honing and fine tuning their strategy over the years.

For the last several years I've been running both sites to a point and the various disconnects between the online playing leagues and the producers of hacked roms has always confused me a bit. Finally we have the capability to marry these two sites and I've scheduled it for this weekend.

This has been something that the members of Puretecmo have known about for a while but I wanted to wait until I finalized a moving date to announce on this site. Be prepared for downtime all Saturday and to welcome the new and old members of Puretecmo.
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