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      04 Oct

    Bitch Dependency is no laughing matter. Addiction to a bitch can fuck with your friends, your health, and, scary enough, even your money.

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      03 Oct

    "The most motivational speeches I have ever heard came from people who said I couldn't do something."

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HOU. or GIA.

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES 03 Oct 2015
Let's try this again. I would like to run a series of polls to see how all the teams rank according to the members of this forum. S.F. is commonly regarded as the best team in the game, so I am starting with the Oilers and Giants and will go down from there. Who would you pick in a MAN vs MAN mat...
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RS... weird idea... old one

ROM Editing Discussion 03 Oct 2015
OK ... multi part idea and question and request. Is there any way to hack it so that any reference to RS instead pulls up the number 69 instead? If so, we could use RS for something else like jumping or slightly crazier "clutch play", instead of pulling up arbitrary boost bonuses, a player could...
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Week 5 college football best bets

Off-Topic 02 Oct 2015
Finished 2-3 last week with a couple tough losses from Arkansas and Tennessee, which makes me 10-11 on the season for my picks.  Tennessee and Arizona State have firmly landed on my "no-bet" list for the rest of the season.       1. ) Bama (ML +105) at Georgia   I don't...
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Historical facts, assumptions, and observations for the o...

Tecmo Bowl 02 Oct 2015
Reading through a lot of old threads, I noticed people often make incorrect assumptions about the original Tecmo Bowl, and year its based on, or why the teams were chosen   I have addressed some of Tecmo's beginnings here and there in other threads.     I recently listened to this...
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Tecmo NCAA Basketball - Next Project!

ROM Editing Discussion 02 Oct 2015
This promises to be my biggest, most ambitious project to date.  Here's a preview:  
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Puretecmo Online Leagues move to TB-org


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Before this site existed, Puretecmo was around allowing people to connect via 56k modems to play Tecmo Super Bowl over the internet.
In the following decade the site as helped many players, both offline and online, become better Tecmo players by honing and fine tuning their strategy over the years.

For the last several years I've been running both sites to a point and the various disconnects between the online playing leagues and the producers of hacked roms has always confused me a bit. Finally we have the capability to marry these two sites and I've scheduled it for this weekend.

This has been something that the members of Puretecmo have known about for a while but I wanted to wait until I finalized a moving date to announce on this site. Be prepared for downtime all Saturday and to welcome the new and old members of Puretecmo.
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