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      29 Jan

    Hm. It’s come to my attention that my glasses are over three years old. I should probably remedy that.

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Looking to start a Fund Raiser Tournament in Chicago, IL

Live Tournaments 29 Jan 2015
Hello all,   My name is Steven and I live in Chicago, IL and I came up with an idea:   I want to organize a tournament in Chicago, IL, at a bar called Beercade and the idea is that the proceedings would go to a charity. I already contacted them and they liked the idea.   The reason...
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Key and Peele Pro Bowl Rosters

Off-Topic 29 Jan 2015
If you haven't seen the clips from Key and Peele where they parody player introductions, you're in for a treat.     They have a couple other ones out there worth checking out though it's basically the same formula If someone is looking to make a rom and needs name, I'd suggest grabbing...
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Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball (SNES) Next Hack

Other Games 28 Jan 2015
Hey guys,   I eventually want to make hacks for each of the eligible seasons of this game (1994, 1995, and 1997...I've already made a 1996 version as you know...the original is based on 1993 stats) as the MLB only had 28 teams from 1993-1997, as Arizona and Tampa Bay joined in 1998.  Bu...
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I have never seen this stretch before..

Tecmo Player's Circuit Online Lounge 28 Jan 2015
Finally broke my streak of 12 games in a row having a fumble returned for a TD. Only to lose a QB in the same game. Next game down 14-7, huge run, but tried to run out some clock before end of half, get caught at the 1, fumble.    I swear 90% of the time I lose it's due to fumbles/Tecmo...
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Partial video of bruddog vs disasta la tourney game 1

Live Tournaments 28 Jan 2015
Nail biter...only have a partial video of the game as they switch between games   CIN (disasta) vs MIA (brud)   http://youtu.be/pXvM2f01_Jg?t=16m9s
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Official All-Time WTF Rankings

The World Tecmo Federation has been a groundbreaking league since its inception in 2007. Maybe more than it's innovations to the dynasty tecmo league arena was its popularity among tecmoers. Its fast pace combined with an intuitive aging and gaining scheme have made it so hot that it has been cloned twice already with plans to have yet another incarnation. While WTF boasts probably one of the biggest original owner base in its current ownership, many owners have graced the WTF field. WTFs's very own TecmoMig has put together an all-time owner ranking list for WTF. It seems to echo the list that bruddog posted not too long ago based on PT leagues in general. By no means is this list meant to be a comprehensive ranking of tecmo player since it only takes into account those who have played in WTF that met a certain minimum game requirement. Thanks, Miggy.
I only figured out the numbers for past players that have played a minimum of 150 games. I figured a lot of this league is keeping up with the pace so those players who couldn't reach a 150 games didn't fit the bill when it came to the WTF. The formula remained the same and each final score was multiplied by 100. Where do you stand ALL-TIME in the best tecmo league ever...

1. Opus12 - 72pts (412 games)(8 WTF Super Bowls)

2. Canesrforeal - 65pts (324 games)(4 WTF Super Bowls)

3. Lordsummerisle64 - 61pts (266 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

4. Lillefty021 - 44pts (221 games)(2 WTF Super Bowls)

5. Brookstonfowler - 29pts (390 games)(2 WTF Super Bowls)

6. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL - 28PTS (340 games)

7. Discdolo - 26pts (320 games)

8. Tecmodell42 - 22pts (195 games)

9. Berger2313 - 12pts (147 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

10. BigFatPaulie5 - 7pts (237 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

11. Arncoem - 5.5pts (383 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

12. Tadoas - 4.2pts (231 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

13. Sowa1291 - 1.1pts (368 games)

14. Chiefsjr83 - -2.0pts (364 games)

15. Kidpro84 - -2.1pts (215 games)

16. Tecmomig - -7.5pts (197 games)

17. Cubsfan5150 - -14pts (264 games)

18. Swampc1 - -20pts (360 games)

19. AHake21 - -21pts (376 games)

20. Tecmopsycho - -25pts (143 games)

21. Kamphuna8 - -35pts (96 games)

22. Jesusluvsme4ever - -39pts (113 games)

23. Altony14 - -41pts (195 games)

24. Redskinsfan1124 - -67pts (206 games)
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