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Week 6 college football best bets

Off-Topic 09 Oct 2015
3-2 last week puts me at 13-13 on the season. On to this week's picks.   1.) Lock : Western Michigan (-6) vs Central Michigan   I said before the season that Western Michigan was the best team in the MAC but their schedule would undo them. Playing Mich St, Ohio State and Georgia Souther...
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CoD: Black ops zombies

Other Games 09 Oct 2015
Anyone play this on 360 at all? Looking for some guys to help out with stuff - namely 4 player achievements.
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Just got a PS4.... any others on PSN?

Other Games 09 Oct 2015
I already added SirTed....   Looking for others who are on PS4 to add to my buddy list and maybe find some games to jam online to.   My PSN is:  Rizzle_81    
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Offensive player placement SOS Noob

ROM Editing Discussion 08 Oct 2015
OK... what I want to do is move the qb back 1/2 yard relative to the line. Now I have read the defensive locations document(most excellent) and I downloaded the tecmogrid.xls document.... I know the D6A1 pointer or whatever sets up where the qb goes, but I'm lost, changing it to anything else oth...
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Tecmo draft rom 32 team?

ROM Editing Discussion 08 Oct 2015
Has anybody ever made a tecmo super bowl fantasy draft rom? kinda like madden where you draft player by player round by round. I think if someone could make one i'd be willing to pay for it if you have to make it. Draft and then start your season and play how cool would that be that it would brin...
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Luck to Avery Game Winner, Tecmo Style

Yes, believe it or not, I am still alive. Working six days a week doesn't leave much time for Tecmo-ing. But, as a Colts fan, this play was too perfect not to get Tecmo-ed.

(Also, I have no idea how to get embedding to work on this new forum. Sue me.)
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