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The Legend of Zelda

Other Games Today, 08:42 AM
Anyone here play the original Zelda for NES? It is amazing to think that it is a 1987 game, so large and complex , I started playing today and was surprised so good that it is.  
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Who supports dynastyphile?

Online Leagues Lounge Yesterday, 01:05 PM
I tried to submit my HSTL wk10 game against Disasta, using partial states.  First state is the partial NST of when the game cut off.  Second state is just of a 60 yard TD run so that he gets credit for that play.   But there was an error submitting that says the states have too muc...
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Cowturd gone from espn

Off-Topic Yesterday, 11:08 AM
Thank god...
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Blitz football camp (footwork drills)

Off-Topic Yesterday, 06:51 AM
This is the dude who trains Antonio Brown and DeAndre Hopkins.  Can you imagine doing these drills?  
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DIY Tecmo Cut Screens

In the past putting your name underneath a "Touchdown" picture was a bit of a pain in the ass.
You either needed to manually edit a snapshot you obtained from an emulator or perhaps hack it into a rom if you're so inclined.
Regardless we're talking about a bit of work for something that should be pretty easy.

Posted Image

Now, thanks to Tecmobowler creating such a screen takes just seconds.
This is the creation of web designer @joefritz - http://www.josephfritz.com/
From the site you can choose from
  • Touchdown!
  • QB Sack!
  • Injured
  • Interception!
  • Safety!
Posted Image

Thanks to Butt Douglas, he of thetecmobowl.com fame, for alerting the Tecmo Planet about this.

- Tecmobowler Cut Screen Generator via @thetecmobowl
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