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      17 Apr
    Baron von Lector

    Didi Gregorious is a throwback to the days when guys like Espinoza and Stankiewicz played shortstop for the #Yankees. Just filling a spot.

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Tecmo Minor League TSB ROM, by buck and rewhawl

Upload/Download 17 Apr 2015
Tecmo Minor League Football 2015- Highspeed with new plays, modified physics engine, hacks, graphics, etc. -   ***This is Buck and Rewhawl's follow-up to their legendary TSB Semi-Pro.  Work on this rom started in '12 and was recently revived/finished in here in 1st quarter '15.  It...
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Yak Molester's Mobile Games Thread

Off-Topic 17 Apr 2015
I've started a bunch of threads talking about the mobile games I play. Essentially, I only play mobile games these days. I don't view video game as an 'event' to sit down and experience anymore (except for a TSB Tournament or something, which is clearly an awesome event). Maybe I've gotten too ol...
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Uniform Edit

ROM Editing Discussion 15 Apr 2015
In the past i've been able to modify my 32 team rom with TSBM to edit uniforms.  I don't think i've done it with a hex editor.  Now i'm getting the error of "rom not valid" in TSBM when i try to import.  I understand that orignally TSBM was not compatiable with the 32 team rom, but...
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The Miracle of RBI Baseball 1969

Other Games 15 Apr 2015
This ROM is based on the 1969 baseball season in which the World Series was won by the “Miracle” New York Mets.  The teams included with the ROM are the Baltimore Orioles, New York Mets, Minnesota Twins, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, San Francisco Giants, Cincinnati Reds, Oak...
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MVP Baseball 2015 Article

Off-Topic 15 Apr 2015
Cool article I found on Grantland. http://grantland.com...lb-video-games/   Now Grantland needs to write an article on TecmoBowl.org and the great stuff people do on here.
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DIY Tecmo Cut Screens

In the past putting your name underneath a "Touchdown" picture was a bit of a pain in the ass.
You either needed to manually edit a snapshot you obtained from an emulator or perhaps hack it into a rom if you're so inclined.
Regardless we're talking about a bit of work for something that should be pretty easy.

Posted Image

Now, thanks to Tecmobowler creating such a screen takes just seconds.
This is the creation of web designer @joefritz - http://www.josephfritz.com/
From the site you can choose from
  • Touchdown!
  • QB Sack!
  • Injured
  • Interception!
  • Safety!
Posted Image

Thanks to Butt Douglas, he of thetecmobowl.com fame, for alerting the Tecmo Planet about this.

- Tecmobowler Cut Screen Generator via @thetecmobowl
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