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Name change

Online Leagues Lounge Yesterday, 08:06 PM
Trying to centralize all my game accounts to one name. AIM and etc will still be the same.
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Play as the same teams hack

Hacking Documentation Yesterday, 03:50 PM
This might have some limited use. This lets you play as MIN vs MIN, CHI, v CHI, etc. You're gonna want to fix the jersey 1 and 2 colors for every team for this and also use teh home and away uniform back but if you want to play as the same team      @22B16    20 D6 BF...
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The Official Tecmo challenge thread

Tecmo Player's Circuit Online Lounge Yesterday, 02:06 PM
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Spam accounts

Website Feedback Yesterday, 01:18 PM
A semi recent site update seemed to invite more than typical spam accounts after what had been quite the run of cleanliness. After seeing if generally ignoring the problem would work, I switched up the Captcha which seems to have done the trick.   These things like to register and then lay l...
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FCEUX Question

ROM Editing Discussion Yesterday, 10:54 AM
Hey guys, I'm still making baby steps. About all I've accomplished thus far is the End Zone tutorial and using USBToolSupreme to edit players and ratings.   My next goal is just to see changes in the game itself, like renaming a team or removing a team which led me to these two threads:...
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DIY Tecmo Cut Screens

In the past putting your name underneath a "Touchdown" picture was a bit of a pain in the ass.
You either needed to manually edit a snapshot you obtained from an emulator or perhaps hack it into a rom if you're so inclined.
Regardless we're talking about a bit of work for something that should be pretty easy.

Posted Image

Now, thanks to Tecmobowler creating such a screen takes just seconds.
This is the creation of web designer @joefritz - http://www.josephfritz.com/
From the site you can choose from
  • Touchdown!
  • QB Sack!
  • Injured
  • Interception!
  • Safety!
Posted Image

Thanks to Butt Douglas, he of thetecmobowl.com fame, for alerting the Tecmo Planet about this.

- Tecmobowler Cut Screen Generator via @thetecmobowl
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