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      21 Apr

    いつものネコに猫声アプリを使って挨拶してみた。「にゃーん」と音声を聞かせると「にゃーん」と返事をして、こちらへやって来た。いつもと変わらぬリアクション。アプリ削除。 #cat 🐾

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Tourney Signup!

Online Leagues Lounge Yesterday, 10:15 PM
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Interception or reception on tipped balls?

Hacking Documentation Yesterday, 10:05 PM
Possible? Every time I play and a ball gets tipped up, I keep thinking tsb needs it. Given how much you all here have accomplished, thought it was worth an ask.
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Conditions always in average

Hacking Documentation Yesterday, 08:43 PM
Someone asked me for this hack so I figured I'd post it since its not one I'd probably use. This NOP's the jump to the condition routines so that conditions don't change and stay in average. SKP MODE? SET(0x21E25, 0xEAEAEA) QTR 1->2 SET(0x220FE, 0xEAEAEA)QTR 2->3 SET(0x2211A, 0xEAEAEA)QT...
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Tecmo Minor League TSB ROM, by buck and rewhawl

Upload/Download 17 Apr 2015
Tecmo Minor League Football 2015- Highspeed with new plays, modified physics engine, hacks, graphics, etc. -   ***This is Buck and Rewhawl's follow-up to their legendary TSB Semi-Pro.  Work on this rom started in '12 and was recently revived/finished in here in 1st quarter '15.  It...
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Yak Molester's Mobile Games Thread

Off-Topic 17 Apr 2015
I've started a bunch of threads talking about the mobile games I play. Essentially, I only play mobile games these days. I don't view video game as an 'event' to sit down and experience anymore (except for a TSB Tournament or something, which is clearly an awesome event). Maybe I've gotten too ol...
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21 Years, Two Buttons, & One Video Game - Documentary - Tecmo Super Bowl

Recently, Joe Jenkins, a freelance reporter from New York, decided to revisit his youth by exploring the subculture of the game he loved so much as a kid: Tecmo Super Bowl. This mini-documentary chronicles what he found and why many people still play Tecmo to this day.

The filming took place from October through December 2012.
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Bob Sacamano
Feb 09 2013 10:43 AM

Great documentary!

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