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List of active online tecmoers [may 2014 - april 2015]

Tecmo Player's Circuit Online Lounge Yesterday, 02:10 PM
must of been in least 1 league from this time frame or played in a major tourney, this is all data from may 2014 to present only...     daboy - won wtfg 1995 sb, won wtfg 1994 sb, won 1996 wtfg sb, lost wtfg 1993 sb, lost wtfc 2002 sb, won wtfc 2001 sb, lost rnd 3 in 2014 thunderdome, l...
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WTF announcement #-1: dispute resolution and enforcement...

Online Leagues Lounge Yesterday, 10:06 AM
Inevitably, when playing games online, there will be technical difficulties. This can be anything from the dreaded CPU jam, desyncs, disconnections, you name it. There are also specific rule debates that may come into play, such as whether or not a player ran outside the tackle box with their DL...
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How to perform an auction or sealed bid draft?

Online Leagues Lounge Yesterday, 09:46 AM
Is there an auction tool out there where you can plug players into the system (and other information like team budgets, roster positions, etc) and then launch a live auction draft in a chat room?   Also, how would a sealed bid draft function?  Would you have every team submit a full ros...
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My Review of the Game

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES 31 Mar 2015
I just got a microphone and a video editor for my birthday this week, and I've decided to make a TSB review. Some of the points that I'll address are:   Gameplay simplicity compared to Madden. Graphics. The rosters and the amount of stars on the game. The season mode. The actual gameplay....
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Madden 2001 - psx modding?

Other Games 31 Mar 2015
Hi there friends, Lately I've been playing two football games in my spare time: tecmo superbowl (couple different roms) and madden 2001 for psx, both on my phone. I snagged a moga controller and its an amazing experience.   Well, once I got over the weird PSX-era graphics I felt that the gam...
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21 Years, Two Buttons, & One Video Game - Documentary - Tecmo Super Bowl

Recently, Joe Jenkins, a freelance reporter from New York, decided to revisit his youth by exploring the subculture of the game he loved so much as a kid: Tecmo Super Bowl. This mini-documentary chronicles what he found and why many people still play Tecmo to this day.

The filming took place from October through December 2012.
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Bob Sacamano
Feb 09 2013 10:43 AM

Great documentary!

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