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If ported, this IS possible

ROM Editing Discussion 30 Jan 2015
I know I've made MANY posts such as this before, BUT these are possible if ported to either PC or SNES. I'd keep the 8-bit designs though...   If not please give some suggestions as to how to make TSB as similar to this as possible.
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Pete Carroll and Brandon Browner face their old teams in...

Off-Topic 30 Jan 2015
Much talk about Deflategate but one of my favorite subplots in Super Bowls is when guys face their old teams like Dan Reeves against the Broncos in SB 33 and best of all, Jon Gruden against the Raiders in SB 37.   We have that in this year's Super Bowl. Bill Belichick, the current longest se...
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Super Bowl 49 According to Tecmo

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES 30 Jan 2015
  Here is the full thing...might cut it down more if I get time but just didn't happen very quickly this year.   Here is the outcome if you want to check quickly   Spoiler  
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Onsides kick fix

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES 29 Jan 2015
See post here. for making onsides kicks more recoverable for p2.      http://tecmobowl.org...ry-rate-for-p2/
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Onsides kick hack...better recovery rate for P2

Hacking Documentation 29 Jan 2015
This hack makes recovering an onsides much more possible for player 2. This hack gives the ball a 20% chance of bouncing back towards the side that kicked it. I could make a better one but this fits without having to jump anywhere.    SET (0x2D9EA,0xA53CC933B006A98065AA85AA)  ...
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21 Years, Two Buttons, & One Video Game - Documentary - Tecmo Super Bowl

Recently, Joe Jenkins, a freelance reporter from New York, decided to revisit his youth by exploring the subculture of the game he loved so much as a kid: Tecmo Super Bowl. This mini-documentary chronicles what he found and why many people still play Tecmo to this day.

The filming took place from October through December 2012.
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Bob Sacamano
Feb 09 2013 10:43 AM

Great documentary!

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