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Tecmo Bowl Arcade Style Tournament?

Live Tournaments 14 Sep 2014
I was asked to have a Tecmo Bowl Arcade Style Tournament next time. That is to stay true to the Arcade version of Tecmo. Has anyone ever tried this before? What do u guys think? This would require using all NES Advantage controllers. ..
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Hardy Nickerson commercial

Off-Topic 12 Sep 2014
I always wished Nickerson was better on the original rom, but it was a little before he became a pro bowl beast.  Loved this commercial.  
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So I created a Tecmo instructional video

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES 12 Sep 2014
Hey guys... I've had the idea of posting something Tecmo related to YouTube for awhile, and decided that rather than just posting another useless video of a random game being played, I would attempt to provide some commentary and an instructional element to make it more watchable for viewers. I'm...
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Southington CT - 12/6/14 Cuban Tecmo Bowl VII

Live Tournaments 12 Sep 2014
The 1st Saturday of December tradition continues..     can also find us on NE TECMO dot COM www.northeasttecmo.com   Same venue as past 2 years -   Same location as last year's tournament & everyone that was there was extremely impressed w/ the venue as well as the tourne...
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Offline Screenshot league any takers?

Online Leagues Lounge 11 Sep 2014
U take a pic of 1 qb 2rbs 2wrs 1te 1dl 1Lb 1Db and ur kicker and punter and a pic of ur divison standings...We will be using Techmonsters nes rom... hmu if interested or if u have questions...
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21 Years, Two Buttons, & One Video Game - Documentary - Tecmo Super Bowl

Recently, Joe Jenkins, a freelance reporter from New York, decided to revisit his youth by exploring the subculture of the game he loved so much as a kid: Tecmo Super Bowl. This mini-documentary chronicles what he found and why many people still play Tecmo to this day.

The filming took place from October through December 2012.
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Great documentary!

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