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So who wants to help me with connectivity issues (lag)?

Online Leagues Lounge 16 Apr 2014
I've played about 4 games or so this week, and each and every one of them, I seem to have some pretty severe lag issues.  Every 5 seconds or so, there is about a full second delay, or pause of the game.  This obviously can effect gameplay vastly.  So very annoying.  I may just...
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The Book of Tecmo...

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES 15 Apr 2014
(sorry if this is in the wrong forum section, ModeratorGods, feel free to move if needed)   https://www.createspace.com/4671646   Butt Douglas, you my friend, are a genius!   I bought the book about a month ago.  Kept it in my briefcase.  I opened it twice, just reading a...
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Tecmo Ohio Meet-up: A Marv Cookout 5/17/14

Live Tournaments 15 Apr 2014
Jimsocks and I are going to host a Tecmo cookout on 5/17/14 in Jackson, OH for anyone who would like to participate. I'll be grilling out Mecklenburgers, Howie Footlongs and some corn on the Reggie Cobb, Merriweather permitting. Anyone who wants to play can crash at my house if need be, because I...
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Better COM vs COM Coverage??

ROM Editing Discussion 15 Apr 2014
Hey all;   I run a COM vs COM league and one thing Im looking to add is better Coverage for defenses against the pass. I notice that alot of the hacks that give better coverage are just for MAN vs COM games. I was wondering if there is a way I can make the COM Coverage better esp during COM...
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gonick, sammiesmith, kweh, bobwothe

Online Leagues Lounge 14 Apr 2014
Games with you guys!   All times EST, and by appt ONLY!   MON:  Sometime after midnight TUE:  Sometime after midnight WED:  11am - 3pm, then sometime after midnight THU:  am - 6pm, then sometime after midnight FRI:  am - 4pm SAT:  am (the earlier the better...
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21 Years, Two Buttons, & One Video Game - Documentary - Tecmo Super Bowl

Recently, Joe Jenkins, a freelance reporter from New York, decided to revisit his youth by exploring the subculture of the game he loved so much as a kid: Tecmo Super Bowl. This mini-documentary chronicles what he found and why many people still play Tecmo to this day.

The filming took place from October through December 2012.
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Great documentary!

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