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What's your most memorable play?

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES 23 Aug 2014
I've played TSB since literally the day it came out, and I've obviously played in some epic games. However, I believe that my most memorable play is probably about 20 years ago, the first time I ever had a pick 6. We all know how difficult it is to run back interceptions. I had a 50 yard pick 6 w...
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twitch to youtube conversion

Online Leagues Lounge 22 Aug 2014
since twitch announced it isn't going to save games forever, i figured i'd have them upload all my vids to youtube.  when i select that option it tells me that it's uploading and that i will get an email when the upload is complete.  i selected that option with every one of my videos ma...
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Tecmo Bowl game footage with commentary

Tecmo Bowl 22 Aug 2014
We recorded these videos a few years ago, and there's some great stuff in here.  Recorded from my phone so the angle and quality aint great, but the commentary is solid.   1st up is a Colts/Broncos match-up.  This video is great at illustrating just how dominant the Colts offense c...
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Miami Dolphins NES

Off-Topic 22 Aug 2014
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Updated Pro Bowl team selections

Hacking Documentation 21 Aug 2014
Just curious if anyone has implemented the fantasy draft system that the Pro Bowl currently uses. Instead of picking per conference you can pick from any teams.
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Yearly Tecmo Releases

Behind the Scenes with Tecmo Super Bowl 2013

Oct 01 2012 09:24 PM | Retrosportsgamer in Yearly Tecmo Releases

Posted Image

Knobbe, Devon and Dave talk about their passion for Tecmo Super Bowl, what goes into making the new TSB rom every year as well as their favorite mods and hacks. Great story and really appreciated them taking the time to share.


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TecmoBowl.org Presents Tecmo Super Bowl 2013

Sep 03 2012 10:25 PM | Knobbe in Yearly Tecmo Releases

** Update 9/12/2012 ** - Tecmo Super Bowl Preseason version is now Finalized

Posted Image


Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 Released With Cover Athlete Rob Gronkowski—and it's Free!
We, TecmoBowl.org, are no way affiliated with Tecmo so please don't sue, and are also celebrating the 21st birthday of Tecmo Super Bowl in a way that would make even Bo Jackson proud—by releasing a fully up-to-date version of the NES classic, fully for free.

Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 enhances the original 90s cult-classic with a fully up-to-date roster (as of 9/2/12), giving players the same great gameplay experience they've loved for years and years, with the added bonus of players who haven't actually been retired for years.

Other key features include:
· 32 Teams
· Adjustable quarter length
· In-game playbook editing
· Half-time stats
· Enhanced passing accuracy and control
· Other various bug fixes from the 2012 version

Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 is available for free; you won't even need a Kickstarter account to get THIS reward.

Press:Thanks to all these awesome sites!

Click "Read story' to see the screenshots!

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Update: Tecmo Super Bowl 2012 with QB Colts

Sep 11 2011 06:54 PM | Knobbe in Yearly Tecmo Releases

** Download Tecmo Super Bowl 2012 - Full ** ** Download Tecmo Super Bowl 2012 - Roms only ** See original release here Were you aware that Peyton Manning had his neck fused with a bone from his own hip, which is a bit more painful, than the us...

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