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Tecmo Texas II - Sun Jan 25 (Dallas TX area)

Live Tournaments 22 Dec 2014
I thought I might post this for them so people can make plans if they want to attend! They haven't mentioned a time or venue yet.. more to come.. but Sunday Jan 25th is a firm date!
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MGK's 2nd Annual NFL Season Wrap-up (2014)

Off-Topic 21 Dec 2014
[As I did last year, below is my Bostonian review of all 32 NFL 2014 teams! Good luck in the playoffs, assholes!] AFC EASTBuffalo Bills - Not much to say. Injuries. Kyle Orton strikes luke warm. Good defense. Fred Jackson keeps on keepin' on--although playing second fiddle to Marshawn Lynch early...
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What's your favorite thing to do when defending field...

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES 21 Dec 2014
Obviously there's no chance of blocking it, so I just control one of my guys and run straight backwards, or run straight out of bounds.
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Running Game

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES 21 Dec 2014
I'm having some trouble getting a good running game going. I'm using San Francisco. Does anybody have any tips? I keep trying to run the ball, but I only seem to get 2-3 yards at the most each time.
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Problems Editing Pro Bowl Rosters

ROM Editing Discussion 20 Dec 2014
I've been working on a 24 team rom and all has been going well...until now.  I noticed that changing the pro bowl roster in TSBTool or TSBGM does nothing in game.    I checked the hex code for the pro bowl rosters (x32853 for AFC and x328FF for NFC) and it reflects the changes...
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More Tebow! Tecmo Tebow leads the Broncos in OT

One thing that can bring Tecmo Video star Mr. NFL out of retirement?  Tebow Time.  Enjoy.

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