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      25 Jul

    Added an indoor developmental league (for another rom I made) to the list of stuff I'm working on.

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Admin help

Off-Topic 25 Jul 2014
How does one access uploaded files? Some reason I no longer can find my uploads. 
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Sport hats on Amazon for $5

Off-Topic 25 Jul 2014
Link   Basically these are add-on items, which means you can add them on to any other amazon order for $5.
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The 1992 Season - My Ratings

Tecmo Super Bowl II 24 Jul 2014
I know no one ever plays this game, but I wrote this up for the hell of it. Maybe over time someone else will find it useful.     This is my evaluations and overall ratings of all the teams in the 1992 season.   I ranked all the teams of their divisions in the order I believe they...
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Famicon version?

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES 23 Jul 2014
I recently came across Famicon version of super Tecmo Bowl and I try to google search to see if this is valid or if there's any difference in the game and I'm coming up short. I have next generation NES that was made in the 2000 that plays both versions Famicon and cartridges what I was just curi...
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Money plays/Unstoppable tactics

Other Games 22 Jul 2014
Saw this article from 2008.    http://www.operation...o-game-history/   Mentions 3 money plays from TB/TSB.  While I disagree with his top 5. (The corner 3 in double dribble is the most unstoppable play on his list, while the Tom Chambers double pump slam in Lakers vs Celtics...
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Happy Holidays from Tecmobowl.org

I can imagine that if you're dusting off the old Nintendo to play some Tecmo Super Bowl this weekend, it's possible it could go a little something like this.  In case you're wondering, this version of the game doesn't display QB Eagles as a "white guy"...it's just a little creative editing by drunken idiots.  Isn't that what X-mas is all about?

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