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Introducing the High Speed Retro League

Online Leagues Lounge 27 Jan 2015
The High Speed Retro League, a combination of ideas from the HSTL and WTF:Retro, has officially been launched.  Follow the link attached to read about the league and sign up if interested.    High Speed Retro League
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text files

ROM Editing Discussion 27 Jan 2015
Can someone tell me how to apply text and data files PLEASE!!! Bare with me i'm just starting out!!!
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Gary Anderson Tampa Bay

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES 27 Jan 2015
He's a really good RB. He seems to catch the ball well, and he's got good speed. I'd say he's just as good as Johnny Johnson.   .   PS: They should bring back the orange uniforms. They look nice.
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NFTGL season 13 - live streaming Feb 6-8 2015

Tecmo Super Bowl III 27 Jan 2015
For those of you that like following the NFTGL and watching our games.   We are again live streaming our entire season/weekend and we start in 10 days.   Streaming kicks off at 12pm on Friday Feb 6th and will continue non-stop until we complete the season on Sunday evening.   Come...
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Marshawn Lynch Speak MODE

Off-Topic 27 Jan 2015
http://speaksmo.de/   You will be amused  
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Happy Holidays from Tecmobowl.org

I can imagine that if you're dusting off the old Nintendo to play some Tecmo Super Bowl this weekend, it's possible it could go a little something like this.  In case you're wondering, this version of the game doesn't display QB Eagles as a "white guy"...it's just a little creative editing by drunken idiots.  Isn't that what X-mas is all about?

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