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Upload/Download 27 Aug 2014
Is there a rom for the usfl 84 or 85 season that had all the teams? Just curious
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Small Village Woes (Action/RPG)

Off-Topic 27 Aug 2014
Hi All,   Over the last several months, I caught an itch to bring back and old project. No, the itch wasn't crabs. In 2002-2003, I quit my job in Seattle and decided to spend roughly 13-hours a day for 10 months coding a "module" for the RPG-building game, Neverwinter Nights. Don't ask me ab...
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Madden Popcorn

Off-Topic 27 Aug 2014
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article about Cowboys-Falcons wk 17 1990 season

Tecmo Super Bowl - NES 27 Aug 2014
Here's an article from a couple years ago when the Cowboys were a week 17 win away from making the playoffs. The writer recalls a time when the Blue Stars were relying on none other than Babe Laufenberg to do the same due to a late season Troy Aikman injury. In case you forget how Babe fared... h...
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Tecmobowl.org 2015 WIP

ROM Editing Discussion 27 Aug 2014
I've had a couple of people asking...have been working on a site release for this season. This year we'll be be implementing 4-3 and 3-4 defenses which will add a nice little twist. Will release some rosters in the next couple of days or so and potentially some betas. Stay tuned.    ...
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Anti-cheat version of Nestopia

Although the majority online players are honest you never know who might be cheating. I have created a version of Nestopia where it is no longer possible for someone to cheat by reading a state file to see what play has been picked.I also made the built in turbo effectively worthless. Your grandma should be able to tap as fast as the fastest turbo setting.
You can get the file here:

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