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Trudeau At It Again

Off-Topic Today, 09:33 AM
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Tecmo NBA Videos

Off-Topic Yesterday, 05:30 PM
Greetings! I'm the jerk who keeps posting Let's Play/Playthrough videos for Tecmo Super Bowl. Sorry!    I had mentioned it in one of the videos and was generally curious. Would people enjoy seeing someone play Tecmo NBA Basketball (or Tecmo Super NBA Basketball)? My main problem is tha...
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How to pick off the Cap Boso slant route pass

Tecmo Bowl 25 Jul 2015
Someone always chirping about this, and how its unstoppable.  We've been picking this off since the 90's.  I put this video together to show the trick.  Get up high then come down at an angle to get the INT.  Just another ploy that doesn't work against a real Tecmo Bowl profes...
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GREAT Ed "Too Tall" Jones (and Evander Holyfield)...

Off-Topic 25 Jul 2015
Just listen.   http://www.kfan.com/...ogrum-26223874/
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Centralia, WA - 8/29/15 - Manyo's Mayhem 5: A Homage...

Live Tournaments 25 Jul 2015
~~Manyo's Mayhem 5~~   In which the historical Tragedie of Eric Dickerson's absence from Tecmo Super Bowl is finally corrected---thus enabling the ~ULTIMATE~ combo of Size, Power and Speed to unleash his full force upon the tecmo gridiron for the first time in Console history... behold, HE...
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Anti-cheat version of Nestopia

Although the majority online players are honest you never know who might be cheating. I have created a version of Nestopia where it is no longer possible for someone to cheat by reading a state file to see what play has been picked.I also made the built in turbo effectively worthless. Your grandma should be able to tap as fast as the fastest turbo setting.
You can get the file here:

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