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      07 Oct

    Broadcast classic TV channels have quickly moved on from reverse mortgage commercials to parent steerage and burial commercials.

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Achievement Unlocked: NFL Strategy

Off-Topic Yesterday, 06:13 PM
1970s/1980s NFL Strategy game acquired!   My new no-deadline-fun-time-project is to create a digital version of this board game. If anyone has any advice for pre-fab digital card game coding/creation templates, I'm all ears. I have a few ideas of how this could be achieved with the skillz I...
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Good review of Original Tecmo Bowl

Tecmo Bowl 28 Oct 2014
http://www.gamefaqs....s/review-109599   Review by Eric43 "Get ready for some FOOTBALL!!" Tecmo Bowl is a pretty old football game, released back in 1989. There's only twelve teams, nine players per team on the field at a time, four plays per team, and the action scrolls left to right...
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Editing Tecmo Bowl with something other than Tecmo Bowl M...

Editors/Emulation 27 Oct 2014
Hi guys, I've been wanting to edit Tecmo Bowl and in the past I used Tecmo Bowl Manager with great results.  However, since I started editing with TBM again lately, I keep getting an error message stating the "file is already open" when I attempt to save or save as. This has been frustrating...
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"Tecmo Mud Bowl VIII" (Texas) December 13th, 2014

Live Tournaments 25 Oct 2014
"Tecmo Mud Bowl VIII" Saturday December 13th, 2014 at 10am! Tecmo Super Bowl NES 8-Bit Console Double Elimination with Robin round! Detailed rules shall be posted. Location: Carthage Twin Cinema 1120 W. Panola St. Carthage, TX 75633 More details to come later...
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Updated version of TB 80s Superbowls and More with Player...

Tecmo Bowl 25 Oct 2014
All, Just uploaded new vesion of TB 80s Super Bowl and more ROM. Fixed some aesthetic things, updated a few players, changed some play books and also added a Downloadable spreadsheet with the player ratings. Here is the link below.http://tecmobowl.org...bowls-and-more/ Thanks Let me know if you...
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Anti-cheat version of Nestopia

Although the majority online players are honest you never know who might be cheating. I have created a version of Nestopia where it is no longer possible for someone to cheat by reading a state file to see what play has been picked.I also made the built in turbo effectively worthless. Your grandma should be able to tap as fast as the fastest turbo setting.
You can get the file here:

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