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Changing the differential for popcorning/ dl busting through

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After reading this thread again, I realized that I've been using the old code in my roms, so I tested the new vs. the old code.


I've never noticed a problem with the old code (not saying there isn't one . . . just never noticed it) but I did notice a problem with the new one.


I was testing with JJ Watt (88 HP) vs. the Seahawks abysmal o-line (31-38 HP guards and tackles) and when I called the computer's pass play, everyone BUT JJ Watt swarmed the QB.  Instead, he got rapidly pushed pushed downfield (into the Texans secondary).  This doesn't happen with the old code.


Bruddog, I think you said that the original bug had something to do with adding OL's HP vs. loading it.  What erroneous impact effect does that have on grapples?

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