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Why did they make the 49ers so good in this game?

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I know that this game was based largely off of the 1990 season and though the '9ers ended up being one of the better teams in the season they by no means were practically unbeatable like they are in this game. Now if they were basing the ratings off of the '89 season I could see them making the 49ers as good as they were. But in 1990 arguably the Giants and the Bills were better (I think the Bills would have smoked San Francisco if they played them in the Super Bowl given that the 1990 49ers didn't have much of a running game and wouldn't have been able to control the clock the way the Giants did).


Was making the 49ers as good as they were in the first TSB game done largely for fan service (as they were one of the more popular teams in the league at the time because they had been good for so long at that point) or do you think they tried to give a fair assessment of how good they thought the '9ers really were. I know most of the older sports video games often did have a particular team that was head and shoulders better than most everyone else (largely I think done as a way to give even bad players a win).

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