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Chicago, IL - 09/22/2018 - Tecmo Players Championship

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Saturday September 22, 2018

Start time 10 am

Entry fee 150 (100% of prize money goes to prize pool. 

1st place 1700. Plus pimp outfit as an official Tecmo Super Player Champion.

2nd place 800

3rd place 500


Pool play winners 300 each.




Max participants 36. Goal 24. All prizes based on 24.  



Group Play.  With 24 we will form two groups of 12.  The 12 best players in attendance will form group 1.  The next 12 will form group 2.  Each attendee will be asked to rank the players coming 1-23.  this will determine group placement.

You will play each person in your group once. The winners of each group will get there entry fee back.  With 36 we will form 3 groups. 4 to 6 hours.


24 to 36 single elimination tournament. 

All rounds a best of 3 series.  Byes will be based upon performance in group play. 4 to 6 hours.


Standard Madison rules except one tweak to the one matchup once rule.  A player can only play in a matchup once during the tournament.  It doesn't matter if he calls it or his opponent.


Now I am looking for the best 24 to 36 players I can find.  Right now I am trying to gauge interest.  If demand is high I will have to put together a selection committee to narrow the field.  Otherwise I will start officially signing people up once the date is set.


If interested in playing please Email me at fbuennagel@gmail.com



Interested list.




Louis Buennagel


Rsg Tom

Joseph Moore



Tecmobo (chi)

Hank the tank


Retro Nate


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As per Tom's announcement the day before the hardcore tourney will be the players championship satellite.  I'm offering a free entry into the players championship for the winner of this tourney.  

I need at least 10 people by 7pm at dmen tap.  Tourney will be group format using player championship format.

Tourney will be just group play of at least 10 players.  I can do as many as 24 depending on equipment and time.  

This will be a nice trial run for the players championship specific matchup picking rules and the change in the use only once rule.

 Standard Madison rules for gameplay.  Only those that sign up and play in hardcore tourney are eligible to play in the satellite and to receive the prize.

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After the success of the hardcore tourney this event will be at dmen tap as well.  Based on a suggestion by Tom I've edited the prize structure.  Official sign ups will start in two weeks.  I need at least 12 sign ups to hold the event.


Also there will be a satellite event for a free entry.  Date to be determined in august.  

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