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Mike Gordan

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So Charles Woodson texted Reggie McKenzie and insisted his son retire instead of playing for the Chiefs, quoted as saying "No young man with the Silver and Black in his blood should wear the red helmet."  Yet he fails to realize, several players before have played for the Chiefs in their careers, including one of his own teammates. 

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So kneeling is going to get fined, and so far, we know that Carson Wentz is going to the White House.  We don't yet know if any of the other Super Bowl Champion Eagles will be making the trek, but I reckon that they probably will.


I'd say things are also looking bad for the Patriots--Tom Brady is becoming a bit of a narcissist, but perhaps that's what happens when you're 41, and no QB has ever lit it up that old.  Still, I'd hold off before I make any bold predictions.

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Now that the schedules have been released, we all have a better outlook on predictions. 


Ingram's suspension for the Saints makes those first 4 games a bit harder, unless Kamara makes us completely forget about him all together. I won't complain if that happens cause it took Ingram until the last two years to finally start living up to all that hype and the trade to get him in the 2011 draft. Kamara is the first Saints player in a few years that makes me want to run out and spend a ridiculous amount of money on a new jersey. 


Funny note, did you know the Saints are 4-1 all time vs the new Browns? That's right, since 1999 the Browns have posted a winning record vs the Saints. Of those games include the gut wrenching Tim Couch hail mary in '99, the beat down game in 2010 and the Brian Hoyer last minute drive hail mary in 2014. The Saints lone win vs the expansion Browns is from 2006 which was Drew Brees' first game in a Saints uniform. 


I can almost guarantee us fucking around and losing to the Browns in week 2 while everyone is hyping us up as a SB team. It would be the most Saints thing ever.  

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