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Darth RockMan

TTLM1 Playoffs

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TTLM playoff bracket has been posted and games can begin!  .  http://challonge.com/TTLM1     Schedule your game with your opponent soon.  


Called matchups now reset.  However, you can only call a matchup once in the playoffs.


The game must be streamed on Twitch and announced ahead of time if at all possible.  The lists tab on the google docs has everyones discord tag that can be copy and pasted into discord.   If you can not stream you MUST record the game and we will have one of the streamers replay the game.   


The winner should send me a PM with the following information.  


1) Matchup

2) Who called the matchup

3) Score

4) NSV file


Do not post recaps in the discord room or give away the winner until the game has been streamed.  


Good luck gents!  

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