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Wild-Card Predictem

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2 hours ago, Bodom said:



”Game over...Titans have no chance in this game”. 

- Me

That’s what I said tho I knew Kelce would be a big blow but figured the D could do enough.

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The Chiefs had the biggest gimmie win you could possibly ask for on Wild Card weekend, and THEY STILL COULDN'T WIN!


Unfortunately, this pretty much is where the Titan's season's gonna end since no matter the outcome of tomorrow's game between the Bills and Jaguars, the Titans are gonna get obliterated by either the Patriots or Steelers.  Same goes for the Bills (unless they have the greatest defensive gameplan this league has ever seen in Foxborough...or Brady and Gronk are taken out of the game due to injuries, but one should never count on these things happening).

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10 hours ago, Mike Gordan said:

the Titans are gonna get obliterated by either the Patriots or Steelers.


I wouldn't count them out, anything can happen.  Jax obliterated the Steelers earlier this season, and the Titans beat Jax twice.  I agree New England will be tough for whoever faces them, but Pittsburgh especially without Antonio Brown is certainly beatable by anyone.

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On 1/5/2018 at 4:18 PM, Bolt said:

We all ready for a wild and woolly Weekend?



This just in


Kurt Warner:           5N0l1KbG1BHPyP8_S7SOXg_48x48.pngUyYc_V_6Vabrvr7ous98_A_48x48.pngHLfqVCxzVx5CUDQ07GLeWg_48x48.pngAC5-UEeN3V_fjkdFXtHWfQ_48x48.png

James Jones:        5N0l1KbG1BHPyP8_S7SOXg_48x48.pngQNdwQPxtIRYUhnMBYq-bSA_48x48.pngHLfqVCxzVx5CUDQ07GLeWg_48x48.png4BdHvKq4Iyxsp8WaAbpDuQ_48x48.png

Reggie Bush:          5N0l1KbG1BHPyP8_S7SOXg_48x48.pngQNdwQPxtIRYUhnMBYq-bSA_48x48.png_RMCkIDTISqCPcSoEvRDhg_48x48.pngAC5-UEeN3V_fjkdFXtHWfQ_48x48.png

Terrell Davis:          5N0l1KbG1BHPyP8_S7SOXg_48x48.pngUyYc_V_6Vabrvr7ous98_A_48x48.pngHLfqVCxzVx5CUDQ07GLeWg_48x48.pngAC5-UEeN3V_fjkdFXtHWfQ_48x48.png

Willard McGinest:  5N0l1KbG1BHPyP8_S7SOXg_48x48.pngQNdwQPxtIRYUhnMBYq-bSA_48x48.pngHLfqVCxzVx5CUDQ07GLeWg_48x48.pngAC5-UEeN3V_fjkdFXtHWfQ_48x48.png


Me and Reggie Bush on the same wavelength.  I think KC wins yesterday if Kelce still in there. But that's life in the NFL.  I got Steelers and Saints in the Super Bowl.

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It does look like 1976 will win this week's Pick'em's.  Fortunately, in spite last night's upsets, I will still retain a 4- and 5-game lead over buck and Bodom respectively heading into the Divisional round, which actually looks awfully predictable.


Thus far, I'm gonna go pick Patriots, Steelers, Vikings, and Falcons next week.  Especially the Patriots and Falcons--at least upset losses for the Steelers and Vikings are a tangeable thing.

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Just checked and I did in fact pick Jacksonville in the Yahoo pick'em... so... nice.  1-3, 2-2, 1.5-2.5, whatever.  I didn't see the Jacksonville/Buffalo game, but heard it was ugly offensively.  Part of me wanted Buffalo to win, but maybe Jax's defense can bang Pitt's offense up a little bit (not that the Patriots are an automatic win next week... I just really really don't want Pittsburgh to win at all). 


I was somewhat surprised by the Rams/Falcons game.  Thought the Rams D could hold them in check and wear them down with Gurley.  Saints/Panthers went somewhat how I thought it would.  And not to make excuses for KC, because up by 18 they should have been good enough to kill some clock and play tough D, but I don't think the Titans win that game if Kelce doesn't get hurt.  But that's how the game goes sometimes...

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Goes to 4-O "rmm1976", obviously


Silver-medal abundance  (3-1 Willard McGinest; you don't count)                    

@kamphuna8@Mike Gordan@buck@gojiphen malor@bruddog@Bodom

All 2-2.


NO bronze medals (not even for my - nor TecmoSuperFan/MikeMystery - 1-3 self: got JAX right, is all, this Round).



On 1/5/2018 at 6:18 PM, Bolt said:

Willard McGinest:  QNdwQPxtIRYUhnMBYq-bSA_48x48.pngHLfqVCxzVx5CUDQ07GLeWg_48x48.pngAC5-UEeN3V_fjkdFXtHWfQ_48x48.png


Edited by Bolt

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On 1/4/2018 at 11:21 PM, rmm1976 said:

TEN in an upset over KC


FALCONS in a mild upset over LA, JAGS easily over the BILLS, SAINTS barely get by PANTHERS.


Guess I get the gold star this week...  though Jags not as easy as it should have been thanks to Bortles horrible accuracy.

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