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High Noon Honeycutt

LB4 Lurch Best Linebackers

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Thanks for the LB post @High Noon Honeycutt!!


Not sure about ranking, but I've found that a minimum Running Speed (RS) of 38 is necessary to consistently pull off the lurch. Remember that a player's RS is essentially their starting speed from a dead stop. Having 31 RS just doesn't work on a reliable basis (unless they go into good condition of course). Even if the LB has decent RP, it won't help much for lurching if the RS is below 38 in my experience.


So for the OG rom, someone like the Giants' LB4 Carl Banks would be the floor minimum for the LB4 lurch. So anyone with his stats or better will be consistently good at it (i.e. Haley, Greene, Childress, Bennett, Fletcher, etc.). Meanwhile, someone like Philly's Seth Joyner, who is a solid LB4 very similar to Banks, only has 31rs despite other decent stats - hence cannot be relied upon unless in good condition or better IMO. If they have only 25rs, just forget about it.


Keep in mind that only LT and DT have a RS of 44 in the game. Everyone else is 38rs or less. So if you're playing with the Rams and Kevin Greene goes into bad, he's no longer a reliable lurcher from his LB4 spot.

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