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Madison, WI - 04/07/18 - Tecmo Madison XIV: In The Ware Tonight

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10 hours ago, DionBoespflug said:

Much if not all that ND knows about playing Tecmo without articles of clothing was learned from you sir. 


The students have become the teachers.

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4 hours ago, segathonsov said:


Yeah- I'm with Rodney (or whoever that was):  no man-boobs / Shout-Out to Gats, on the 3Peete



Two things:


1. Somebody needs to do a movie about Joey Gats

2. NFL Network needs to start broadcasting these Madison events (instead of replaying that 2016 cowboys/steelers game all the time).

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On 4/9/2018 at 11:06 AM, Knobbe said:

As a person who has run many (albeit smaller) tournaments I was asked if I would help to run this tournament.  I reluctantly accepted because the price I had to pay was not being able to compete.  However, having been to enough of these run by the Holtzs and now Dave I know the manpower required to run this and knew Dave needed another body and he has done a lot for this community. 


As an old man who travels for work and has three kids now it's unfortunately not feasible for me to travel to all of your tournaments without being a substandard father and husband.  Thus I'm very thankful that we still have Tecmo Madison for my one chance a year to attempt to see and meet the people of this scene/community I've come to know for the last 15+ years. Congratulations to everyone who competed.


I'm not going to name names here because I will forget your name and feel bad about it or generally not  know about your personal contributions.  Thus, thank you to everyone who brought a TV, cart, Nintendo, controller, or other item necessary to run 70+ Tecmo Super Bowl games at once.  Thanks to everyone who runs a tourney in your neck of the woods and tells people about Tecmo Madison. Thank you to everyone who was patient as we attempted to run 3 tournaments at once so we could get people more games. Thank you to everyone who came to the storage locker that Dave rents to store a bunch of old-ass CRT TVs. Thanks to everyone that showed up early to help set up or stayed late to help tear down. Thanks to everyone who came up and said hi to me (despite how much I pretend it's certainly hard for me). 


Thanks to JD for bringing his very expensive equipment into an environment full of large drunk clumsy men and running a top notch video stream.  I was absolutely amazed once I had time to raise my head and see that the main stream was being broadcast throughout the bar in addition to be broadcast via Twitch, youtube, and facebook. I personally inadvertently pulled the power on a camera and tripped over a cord.  As a true professional, he didn't chew me out...he just rolled with the punches.


Thanks to Bailey for putting together the seeds by following everyone's play over the last year which includes having to adjust groups and players on the fly as guys do or do not show up in the middle of 200+ people worth of chaos. Thanks for calmly putting together the brackets in the chaos of having our scoring system software glitch on rolling out the brackets for tourney play.  I will let you know if I will thank you and Jimmy for your velvet smooth commentary on the stream when I have the chance to watch the stream.


Thank you to Heather, Ms Disasta, and Tucker for helping to run the brackets, the  raffle, herd all the cats, and all the dirty work. Your ability to handle issues from the intoxicated is a level of patience I wouldn't be able to hold up for that long.


Last but certainly not least, let's get to Dave.  Before I get to the platitudes let me get something off my chest.  I hear the whispers about the finances of this tournament...and they're the same whispers I heard when the Holtzs ran this thing.....why isn't more money paid out. The answer is not because this tournament is run at some sort of profit....it wasn't then and it isn't now.  I know that in addition to his time, that it costs Dave to run this tournament.  He's the one who rents a TV locker...rents a u-haul to move those TVs...rents the tables to hold the TVs. He's the one who flew up on his own dime to find a better location for the tourney. He's the same guy who was flying up on his own dime before all of this to just run the stream when the Holtzs ran the tourney. He's the one who organized the money and covered the rest to fly Gats out his first time. He's the guy that has taken the time to attend other people's tourneys. He's the guy who has been contributing to the community for years. He's the guy took the time with your DMs, emails, phone calls, and texts even though this last month he was able to realize his dream of owning his own business and was juggling both. 


Thank you Dave for making all of this happen.

Congratulations to everyone involved! David your the man! Congratulations to mr three time in a row champ Joey gats! Hoping next year I can attend this amazing event! Here’s to another great tecmo super bowl Madison tournament 🍻

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Just look at that picturesque form running; the man is an unstoppable machine. The separation he created from Gibson, an inside linebacker? Please...who's going to cover that man? Certainly not two of the Dolphins DB's when throwing to him in the endzone...

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Post-Madison Syndrome is real. Wow. By far one of my Top 5 “times” away from home. I’m putting together a weekend roundup that I’ll post in the near future. I’m at 1,000 words so far, and that’s only the event writeup about Friday night. But in short, at this moment, thank you all who are involved with Tecmo Madison. Congrats to @joeygats for the unthinkable. You truly are Tecmo’s best. Amazing to watch what you were 10 years ago, and see what you now. ESPN or NFL Films or Tecmo Films, whatever, should get your story and publish a video feature, because your story has been awesome to follow. @bigmv54 I don’t know what else to say. You continue to amaze me with your ability to play Tecmo without a consistent, long-term focus. You’re the epitome of Tecmo skill. You were a third-and-2 offensive play away from taking it all. @davefmurray and company. We all love you. The time, effort and love you put into taking over this event, I hope, doesn’t go unnoticed. You create memories for a lot of people who look forward to this weekend every year. Like I said, a weekend wrap and more mentions will be hit in that once I’m finished. Long live Tec.

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