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Next month I meet up with my TSB arch nemesis in Texas. It's for a work conference, but that doesn't mean there won't be TSB matchups late into the night. Work, life and family means we only get to meet up to play about once a year and last year is beat me silly with Houston (seriously, FUCK drew Hill) in about 4 different games. Anyway, this year I am seeking my revenge and I could tips from y'all.


1) What team do you think would match up best with Houston and why? (Better team, strong defense, better offensive options, I'd love to hear your rationale)

2) Favorite defensive play/strategy.


Any other tips?


Thanks in advance.


And I'll be sure to report of my (hopeful) dominance in the match-up next month.

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Ya SF and  NYG should be your only two choices in that order. 


Remember even when the HOU WRs are covered by the CPU deep you really need to go back deep very often manning Waymer on SF or Walls/Reasons on GIA. 


Also you should be calling pass on defense 90+% of the time. 

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Great tips from you both. I haven't played with Giants much so I'll give them a shot. And great suggestion on how to defend. My opponent defintinetly takes advantage of the HOU passing game. I need to do better at mixing up rushing the QB and covering the receivers.

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