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Dallas Cowboys HSTL S41 Recaps

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kicker sucks.. onsides doh..

Boys d plays tough on 3 downs
then barry bust a 1st down.. 

rinse n repeat.. 
Boys d plays tough on 3 downs
then barry gets another 1st

barry takes it in 2 plays

Boys dink and dunk down the
field and get a td to ingram..

ITS A RADE!!! ahhh Rade scoops
up a fumble and runs it in.. 

rinse n repeat..
kicker sucks.. onsides doh..
barry gets it and returns it to
the 18 ugh.. 

1 play later barry td..

johnson gets injured on the
kickoff return.. its ok we have
plenty of cox..

hump goes to work getting the
boys in scoring position before
the half.. 

fg attempt.. kicker sucks off
the uprights ahhhh..

eagles kicker returns the favor
with onside kick.. 

hump locks up for a grapple..
tosses defender and scampers for
50 yard td run..

boys d comes up big forcing a

hump gets wild again for 60.. 2
plays later he takes it to the

picked play but barry says uh
uh.. nice run to pick up first.. 

follows up the next run with a
60 yard run up the gut.. 1 play
later its 7 point game.. 

boys look to run out the clock
but fail to do so.. great diving
tackle to force turnover on
downs by eagles.. 

barry gets loose again and we
have a tie.. 


boys get the rock.. hump get in
a grapple again and bust a huge
run to win the game.. 

hell of a game Bo.. could have
gone either way.. flip of a
coin.. gltrw.. 

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Accidental onsides (4th of game bt both teams) in OT, PHI shuts down their drive quickly, 4th and about 7 from say the 48 and out comes the bread and butter run 2 motion out tap play ftw.. can't say I didn't see it coming.. w/ 2 missed fg's I should have been sitting on that one.. GG man B Hump racking them up

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this game was insane.. as in it was 60.5 and it had a insane delay the whole game.. 


around 10 onside kicks.. some insane jukes by the 2 beast rbs.. ahhhh


most of the game was back and forth scoring.. couldnt stop each others offenses.. 






gg gltrw jp


Players of the game..



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Boys d shows up early and gets a fumble i think.. G-men get tough and hold em to a fg..


then the offense get going.. back and forth back and forth.. 


then Giants get it together on a nice stop.. 


Cowboys would get an early turnover in the 2nd half and take it to the house.. 


Giants would come right back and score.. 


Late the Gmen are driving and and chopping up the Cowboys D.. but fumbled as time ran out..


got some lucky passes right past Rod Gods mitts.. got lucky to win for sure..


Drake played good enough to win and should have.. 


gg bud gltrw..





Players of the game..



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Turnovers definitely sunk the Giants. The opening drive fumble from Verdin and then the picked play on BJ in the 3rd. Walsh's INT was end of half garbage time, so really didn't help. Good battle.

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