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Does Madden Have a Monopoly on NFL License?

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Will Koei Tecmo ever release a new version of this game for PC, Xbox or playstation?  Or is that impossible because Madden has a monopoly on the NFL license?

One can always dream...maybe they can release a new updated game, with updated graphics and mechanics and just have an easy way to update rosters and plug in pics for the helmets?  So, people could easily put in the new NFL roster without having Koei Tecmo pay for it or deal with it?

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Wasn't Family Fun Football for the wii a scrapped TSB game?

I hate madden but there has been no decent competition since all pro 2k6, blitz the league 2 and backbreaker.

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6 hours ago, GRG said:

Wasn't Family Fun Football for the wii a scrapped TSB game?



Actually, no! I spoke to Koei Tecmo about this last year during Tecmo Madison prep. Tecmo Japan wanted to spin a new American Football franchise because Tecmo Bowl sales for the prior generations were pretty awful. They thought that a fun "family" game was the way to go because the Wii was a family console. Well, not to our surprise, the sales were even worse.


They told us this would be the last Tecmo produced football game because the American Football market is too controlled and that the fans at large are not looking for anything new or different. They said they will continue to license to the right partners but there hasn't been a good partner candidate in a long, long time.

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