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    • By bruddog
      THe win%'s and lines account for home field advantage although if I had to guess the only real home field edge is the fact that some people are more comfortable playing as player 1. 
      The win%'s and lines don't account for team strength estimates but is there for informational purposes
      HW% = home teams 3 yr average win%
      AW% = away teams 3 yr average win%
      TSCH = team score for home team (scored based on players drafted)
      TSCH = team score for away team (scored based on players drafted)
      DIH = home team - away team score differential.
      PW% = home team predicted win % 
      line = estimated home team line (TB vs DET -11 = TB favored by 11). 
      highlighted line = average home team spread for the week
      highlighted percent on far right = expected prediction win rate of all favored teams 

    • By Tecmo Psycho



      Colts have a solid first drive that ends with a Brad Muster TD reception (7-0).  Bengals keep a drive alive with a long Mark Super Duper JJ, which ended with a chip shot for 3 (7-3).  Colts go deep on a JJ to Drew Hill (14-3).  Bengals go for it in their own territory with 50 ticks left in the half and TOD.  Colts miss a WIDE OPEN Ferrell Edmunds and throw to Drew Hill on a called play, but had 2 seconds for Lowery to tack on a FG (17-3 at half).


      Third quarter starts with 81 MS Bo, and after several shorter gains he is able to bust a big one to the benefit of his OL (17-10).  After 2 straight called plays, and being backed up 16 yards, Drew Hill scores on a wide open dive TD (24-10).  At he beginning of the 4th quarter Bo takes a reception about 70 yards and scores on a run the following play (24-17).  On the ensuing kick return the Bengals narrowly escape a Brad Muster KR TD by the MAN player showing off his "up-downs" ability from practice.  Colts are brought to a 4th and 3 around mid-field and elect to keep the ball out of Bo's hands.  A good Steve Walsh misses a wide open Rueben Mayes (like no one within 15 yards open).  TOD for the Colts.  Bengals capitalize and score a TD with 43 seconds left (24-24).  The Colts final hail mary ends with an auto locked Drew Hill with no chance for escape.




      Colts win the toss.  This time Muster was a poppin that collar and returns the overtime kick off 106 yards to give the horseshoes the W.


      GG Brad and GLRW.
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