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16 years ago... Can we talk?

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This is serious.


If you're scared to talk, that's fine.  If you want to talk, that's fine.


I'm serious.



Where were you / what were you doing / share your experience/s,


Before? / during? / after?...



Free and open to all

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Driving to Topeka, arrived at destination to work the first time at this site, walked in and had no idea what'd happened, everyone was solemn and finally I was told what'd happened. Ended up working like 14 hours that day/night and drove home to my wife and 2 month old daughter.


believe it or not, had a good day of work and we still have that account.


sad day, amazing how much the world has changed since that day.


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I was actually at my mother's memorial service when the planes hit. My brother and I were walking through a mall and all the tv's were showing the video of the towers... I honestly thought it was a movie or something. When someone explained what had happened all of the kids (my two sisters and my brother and I) were on the phone. Having lost my mother so recently, the world was going insane... I still think something snapped that day... the world changed...


As a south african who lived through a small portion of the apartheid era, I remember as a child all the bomb drills and bomb scares we went through. Now the whole world is like that. Paranoia , anger and fear.


I pray for those who lost loved ones in the attacks. My family and I suffered tremendously with the loss of one member, to imagine that pain multiplied thousands of times over, is almost unimaginable.

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1997:  I was living in NYC one summer, had been to WTC - the Twin Towers - (to the base, at least; I don't think I ever went up) and didn't think much of it.



2001:  In the weeks, Months?, in any case DAYS leading up to 9/11, Bolt kept seeing 9:11 and 11:11 seemingly everytime he looked at the clock, and kept wondering why ...

(It's like, my attention was just DRAWN to actually look at the clock, many-a-time it was almost-exclusively either one of those times...)


Jumpto: morning of, and I was awoken out of my dream, BY my dream.  Ever seen that movie, 'Pearl Harbor'?  Me too;  in the movie theatre, as well (apparently it was released that spring).

Well, in my dream - that hotted up TOO MUCH before awaking, especially - I was like alongside/in the place of that character, "Rafe McCawley;" up in a B-2 bomber (or some WWII plane), manning the gunner... Except, instead of Pearl Harbor, it was over Manhattan.  And there was all this fire and brimstone...  TOO MUCH - it felt so real - I had to wake-up!!  And go take a short walk.  To the second floor balcony (just outside my apartment-door), to get some fresh Air...


At the time, I was living in SW Colorado.  A Puebloan nextdoor neighbor - who I had never spoken to before - was already out there, looking forlorn as she gazed over the railing...  I looked to the same mountainous horizon.

Before long she asked me if I heard what happened.

That it was all over t.v....



Judge me if you want, but - I had just had this dream, and - immediately I thought, "The Government".

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