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HSTL S41 Draft

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1 hour ago, toolie said:


Is a comeback in the works?!?

Sadly no, at least not in the foreseeable future.  Haven't played a game since Madison 16.  I can't host anymore and unfortunately I've lost that love and feeling.  I'll try to check the boards more often, sorry I've been a bit of a tecmo hermit.


If we can ever play TSB on console, I'll be back.  Hoping the Nintendo switch stuff can make that happen sooner rather than later.   Can you imagine a world with lobbies of hundreds or a few thousand people looking for tecmo games at any one time online?  Leagues, stats, ranked matches, no stupid discord or AIM, your phone buzzing 16 times/day at work cuz Gats wants to play.  #IWantToBelieve

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8 hours ago, Jebigred said:

Since Prime already has his QB1.


The Denver Broncos are estatic to announce that John Elway will be coming home to Denver!


Quote from Elway

"I have been waiting for this moment for a LONG time.  The chance to lead my Broncos back to the playoffs is a dream come true"


10 min later...."Wait, the owner is who?"

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