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Big fan of Fentry, mahself

WEEK 1 Predictions

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I think I'm 9-6 on the year if memory serves.  I missed mostly the difficult (on paper, anyways) picks, like New Orleans over Minnesota, Tennessee over Oakland, and Cincinnati over Baltimore.  Upset losses like the Chiefs over the Patriots and Jaguars over the Texans have also cost me as well.  The other game that I got wrong was the Giants and Cowboys, and even then, I didn't even know that OBJ was out for that game.  Had I known he would be, I would have switched my picks on that game, especially given the free time that I had.


On the plus side, I did get to witness just how dominant the Jaguars, Rams, and Ravens looked in their week 1 opener, so there is definitely some points for optimism.  Granted, it's equally possible that the Texans, Colts, and Bengals are simply atrocious as well, but still.  To my knowledge Jared Goff didn't throw a single interception, and the Rams dominated in every single phase of the game.  The Jaguars' defense looked brutal as well, as did the Ravens.  I bumped them all up a little bit, but I chose not to keep them terribly above their collective tiers because, again, it was the teams they've beaten and given the circumstances; got to wait and see.


Also, without Andrew Luck, it looks like the Colts could possibly rival the 49ers and Jets for being the most atrocious teams in the entire league.  And it's possible that Luck might be out until October!?  At least in defeat, the Browns and Bears actually looked like they gave a crap about winning and did everything in their power to pull away with major upsets that week.  THOSE three teams look like they have next to no talent on any level this season.  Well, okay, maybe a little bit of defense for the 49ers as well as a running back.  And no, the Jets scoring 12 points against the Bills doesn't cut it, either; the Bills kind of sucked, too, and they are expected to suck.


It's getting a bit more clearer which teams look good and which teams are not.  But, since it is Week 1, don't expect teams like the Rams or Jaguars to skyrocket in the rankings.  Though where the teams in the current top 20 reside is a bit tricky to pinpoint.

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To quick-recap WEEK 1 Predictions


1. @TecmoSuperFan  14-1

2. @bruddog  10-5

3. @Mike Gordan / @Bolt  9-6



So the rest of you didn't even medal... (but better-luck next Wk).


Big props to TSF, who completely bushwhacked us all on Opening-Day/Weekend !!!


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