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Kyrie Irving / Isaiah Thomas trade

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Thoughts on this trade?


To me it seems like Boston made a foolish deal.  First off I think Thomas is a more valuable player than Irving... Even though he's going into a contract year.  He was a top 3 PG in the NBA this year.  And then then also throw in Jae Crowder and a 1st round lottery pick.  I'd be pissed if I were a Celtics fan...  But thrilled if I'm a Cavs fan.  LeBron might actually stick around now.

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Big trade.


I'm fine with the trade if Kyrie is invested in Boston. If this is just a stop off for him, then I'm not okay with that. I was a fan of Kyrie until this recent departure in Cleveland. Good news is that it means he wants to take his shot at being historic. Bad news is everything else. Boston doesn't usually do well with divas. Jury's out if Boston is a home to him. That being said, dude is legit. His defense is better than Isiah's. Not having to share the spotlight with LeBron is going to easily put his season numbers higher. 


Isiah Thomas is legit. He's also a killer teammate, for the most part. He did talk of the Celtics as though they were his team to lead, and it appeared to be a role that he was comfortable with, so I'm curious how he'll do as second fiddle to LeBron. Something tells me he's going to enjoy playing with the greatest player of a generation. Does a longterm deal happen in Cleveland? No idea. But Thomas is as good a teammate as any top NBA player.


Obviously what this means is that Danny Ainge views that the window to win is now-ish. I'm not sure if the New Celtics can compete for a championship, but I see them having a better shot than last year's team.


Overall, I think this will definitely be an entertaining trade to see unfold for both teams.

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I think that it all depends on where the Brooklyn pick falls. If D'angelo Russell breaks out and the Nets get the 8th seed, then this trade is probably a Celtics win. Why is that? Well, Isaiah Thomas is a small PG who is extremely reliant on his speed and quickness. He's nearing 30 and has issues with his hip. The moment that he loses even a little bit of his juice, I predict that he's going to struggle immensely. That moment is coming sooner rather than later. Not only that, but he's due for a huge extension that will be paying him 30 mllion into his mid-30s. Would you want to be paying an injured an ineffective 32 year-old Thomas in a few years? Honestly, I'd rather take my chances with a younger and bigger Kyrie Irving. And while Mr. Flat-Earth may not be a good defensive player, he's never going to be the horror show that the 5'9 Thomas is on defense. 


As for what I think of Jae Crowder and Zizic being included, it's pretty simple to me. Crowder is a mediocre SF on a team with an all-star in Gordon Hayward. Then you need to remember that the Celtics have also drafted two young swingmen in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. There's simply no room on the roster for Crowder with all of those wings on the roster. And it's not like Crowder was that good anyways. He's just your generic 3 and D player. You can find players like him everywhere in guys like Sam Dekker, Trevor Ariza, Kent Bazemore, and Iman Shumpert. As for Zizic, he's probably going to end up being an average center who could possibly be a decent starting center. I wouldn't be losing sleep over giving up Zizic. 


So like I said at the start, it all comes down to how good that Brooklyn pick is. If it's #1 and the Cavs end up with Marvin Bagley or Luka Doncic, then that makes the trade fairly lopsided. If the pick is #16 and the Cavs come away with some random player who will probably ride the bench for 4 years, then the Celtics win the trade. 



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