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Green Majik

Mark Lee induction

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The Tecmo Packers are abysmal and understandably hide ZERO NFL Hall of Famers on their roster. 


But there are four players who have been inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame: QB Don Majkowski, WR Sterling Sharpe, LB Johnny Holland and K Chris Jackie.


* gasp * *no Bob Nelson?!?!?!?*


Congratulations to Mark Lee, fifth member of the Tecmo Packers to make his team's Hall of Fame! 




May your 31rp and staggering 31 INT be immortalized fondly !!!



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    • By theMajikMan


      I've been having a lot of fun cruising around this website (I'm new) and checking out all the cool forums and player discussions.

      As you can tell from my user name and avatar, my favorite player in the history of TSB is "The Majik Man" Don Majkowski. 

      I actually hate the Packers in real life and always have, but Majkowski will always be one of my favorite players of all time period.


      I'm presently involved in a Packers season, which I started to record for the sake of fun.


      Just won a big divisional playoff against the Redskins, and now Im heading to NFC title game to face the Niners.


      My main goal for this fun little Tumblr is to have people SUBMIT their own Majkowski seasons and performances, as I have, with stat sheets, league leader boards, etc.


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      I always loved this Andre Reed on the football field, back in the early 90s...all those catches across the middle - turned into big gains.  I always thought he was under-rated in TSB, too.


      Anyways, the man is finally getting what he deserves - inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

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