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What's up East Coast? I recently moved to the Charlotte area from Phoenix (where I helped run the last 3-4 tournaments). I didn't see any posts from this area, but am hoping I just missed them or folks in this area are just quiet ... Any Charlotte area folks interested in a tournament? I would be thinking maybe Fall to try to line everything up (hell my gear is all in cold storage until I'm in my house), any interest?

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    • By Knobbe
      If you're in the area and you're looking to play some Tecmo Super Bowl before the actual Super Bowl, here is the 411:
      Waterloo, Iowa - Not only a Tecmo Super Bowl tournament, Spicolies will also be hosting a Chili cook off as in this bar known for it's musical acts
      Greensboro, NC - This tourney will be held at the Lost Arcade Video store and you won't just be playing for pride....you'll be playing for store credit.
      Harlon, Iowa - Just found out there is another second annual Iowa tourney the day before the Super Bowl...whaaaaattt?

      As always, you can find out about all the tournaments we here about by visiting our Tourney section up top (or link here)
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